LIVE BLOG: Motorola Android Event at Mobilize 2009!



11:18 – Alright kids. Live blog over. Time to get up some more info in post form!

11:07 They just asked Andy Rubin what was invented first, the iPhone or Android. He dodged the questions brilliantly and Om Malik called him out.

10:53 – Here comes head android ANDY RUBIN and Om Malik founder of GigaOM (who put on this conference)

10:52 – Click will be called the Motorola Dext elsewhere in the world and be available on Orange, Telefonica and America Movil

10:51 – Motorola Blur will go global in 2010 and the Motorola Click includes:

  • 3G
  • WiFi
  • 3.5mm headset jack
  • Google Browser for HTML
  • Access to lots of Google services

10:50 – They complimented each other a bunch just short of hugging it out.

10:48 – Coming in 2 colors, black and titanium white.

10:47 – Cole gives Sanjay credit for their innovation. Something they are RECENTLY known for in terms of mobile devices but I hope this changes that drastically.

10:46 – This is looking good for both Motorola and T-Mobile. I mean, T-Mo is going to have THREE Android phones already. Exciting stuff. BTW I guess “Portfolio” bundles in the Motorola Blur and all the stuff it brings.

10:45  – MOTOROLA CLICK! Looks like we know why HTC dropped that Click name!

10:44 – MotoBlur helps you find your lost phone. Set it up once and you’re good to go. Ballin’

10:43 – When someone calls you see their LATEST profile picture AND their most recent status update – pretty cool on the status thing. He said he wouldn’t visit the guy who the demo was calling because he looked HEATED lol

10:43 – Connects all your accounts into 1 address book and saves to SIM card. BTW the phone looks like the Morrison but a black, sexier version. Less “kiddish” as many of you were hoping.

10:42 – Thrid widget is the messages widget. See ALL of the messages in ONE stream. Get up to speed fast and focus on WHAT they have to say instead of what MEDIUM they used.

10:41 – Widget called “happenings” allows you to see what people are up to and connect to them in all the various ways you interact whether Twitter, Facebook, SMS or anything else

10:40 – He is showing moto blur with its features. Social networking is the first – you can send your status update to ALL YOUR social networks at ONCE or each separately. Pretty cool.

10:38 – recording moto blur video

10:37 – multiple email accounts, multiple address books, multiple this and that and a lot to manage. What would the solution be? I’m guessing what they’re about to announce.

10:36 – Talking social networking. We’ve heard this… big numbers

10:35 – He will be sharing A device today. In coming weeks a 2nd device available in holiday season. So there you have it we’ll see ONE phone today it sounds like. 2nd one soon after.

10:34 – They have taken a leadership role with Android as founding members of the OHA and have supported it throughout. Oh please Mr. Jha tell us how! PORTFOLIO HE SAID PORTFOLIO YAY

10:31 – Different people have different definition of smartphones but Jha says it means

  • Large high res display
  • Internet anywhere
  • HTML browsing
  • OTA updates
  • Messaging
  • Good voice
  • Last but not least, multi-threaded, multi-tasking, graphical OS
  • Oh can i haz android?

10:30 – He is talking about wireless broadband and as we speak my wireless broadband has slowed down due to the number of people accessing WiFi!

10:28 – Sanjay Jha on stage!

10:26 – Kevin Tofel rom JKontheRun on the stage tellings not to clog the Emergency exit. Fun stuff.

10:25 – They are supposed to be starting this very instant. Uhohz! Still waiting…

10:20 – @John V – my very first Live Blog for Phandroid was done with Cover It Live and it was a complete and utter Live Blog Failure!

10:16 – @comments – I DO have a tripod with me, but it is semi-busted and would be hard to set up in the 2nd row. Hmmmmm… what will inevitably end up happening is I try to get a little of everything and end up with a lot of nothing! LOL jk have some faith. As long as the web connection holds up I’ll get you guys whatever I can.

10:13 – in my quest to release anxiety over the next 10-15 minutes… I want to remind you folks that people from Phandroid and AndroidForums hang out on IRC (freenode) at #androidforums. If you’re looking to chat it up about the event and announcements afterward that would be a great place to go in addition to the forum itself. If you sign up as a member you can launch chat direct from your browser via the “IRC Chat” link in the navbar :)

10:11 – in related news, Phandroid is now hiring a video guy, photographer guy, and live blogger guy. Or girl. Or robot. Whatever. This. Is. Complicated.

10:08 – Watch it LIVE on LIVESTREAM – thanks to Chris in comments for the tip! So I guess we’ll just do information for folks who can’t stream it (maybe at work?) and the occasional picture to be posted afterwards?

10:06 – We already have a couple votes for information 1st, pictures 2nd and video LAST. Is this what you think? Video last means no video at all LOL because I only have 2 hands.

10:04 – I should have used one of those Contest Winners as my multimedia assistant! LOL

10:00 – I know the comment form is messed up… apologies. But I’ll approve your comments until this thing starts. Then it’s all about the live blog, baby… so while I’m still approving coents what would you prefer? The info now or the video immediately after?

9:58 – the success of this will be dependent on how well the internet is working. And as usual, I’m torn between updating this thing live or getting some good video to put up immediately after… hmmm choices choices.

9:51 – Alright folks I’ve been here all morning long for a bunch of awesome sessions at Mobilize 2009 but the one we are waiting for starts in about 35 minutes… the Motorola Android event! It is scheduled to start at 10:25am so stay tuned and cure your boredom with me.

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. Why can’t you update live and get video? I want the best of both worlds. :)

  2. Info now!

  3. my vote is liveblogging and maybe pictures. however video can wait a bit.

  4. I agree with dan.

  5. I say live and post video or pics later.

  6. I vote that if the Sholes comes out, you run up to the stage, grab it, and make it an exclusive for Phandroid readers!

  7. or a more direct link to the live stream

  8. *internet high five*

  9. On 10:08am post:

    Totally agree. Currently at work so cant watch live video (blocked).

  10. you should bring tripod to take picture/record video.
    Then use android wordpress to update

  11. I cast my vote for video. Would be great if Motorola posted a live video stream of this event (then you wouldn’t have to juggle both)!

  12. thanks for the stream link chris …. and i would love to come to the next event and juggle cameras!!!

  13. Very Nice! all the choices at once. Thanx a lot. I’m watching GigaOM TV right now.

  14. should’ve used coveritlive.com … it’s free and pretty spiffy

  15. Thanks for the video link…now looking forward to watching and reading your live updates.

  16. I say liveblog and photos, some of us are tuning in on our G1s’ so flash-based video isn’t an option ;)

  17. It’s probably sad that I’m this excited over this. I just can’t help myself.

  18. Im watching the live stream for the video:)!!! thanks for the links guys

  19. oh, well nevermind, I just watched the apple event on that at ARS yesterday and thought it was pretty ok… didn’t know it had issues.

  20. ONE DEVICE? F.

  21. A “portfolio” of one?!? They go the day after an Apple event and they have one phone to announce?

  22. Rob this is F’n AWESOME! Thanks For doing this!

  23. This phone better be impressive. If it has the same Qualcomm 528MHz i’m stopping the stream. He even mentions targeting “High-End” customers.

  24. Where is the announcement for Android on Verizon?

  25. I’m excited of what I’ve heard so far, but waiting to hear the final specs of the phone…. please something Specworthy please I Beg You God of the Droids!!! … lol ok a little overboard, just really hoping for something good

  26. digg this page everyone :)

  27. Motorola’s on the spot advertising crew already has the product link up: http://www.motorola.com/Consumers/US-EN/Consumer-Product-and-Services/MOTOBLUR/Meet-MOTOBLUR

    Enjoy! MB @ Frugalinfortworth.wordpress.com

  28. Looks good this is the morrison then i guess

    weird trackball placement i guess thats going to be moto’s thing considering the pics of the sholes

  29. Motorola blur ROCKS !! :) and sets the stage for the NextGen access to mobile Internet experiences. It makes it very easy to stay connected and communicate with your people from anywhere without having to bother about the platforms and applications.

    I will love to have such smart phone and maybe the next time I will be using such a smart phone to watch a live streaming launch event and share my experiences with everyone :)

    Way to go Moto !!

  30. So…where the f*ck is the Sholes?

    Or any Verizon chatter?

    This is stupid.

  31. Processor?

    (insert cricket sounds)

  32. STILL no Android on Verizon? :(

  33. We don’t care about this POS phone.

    Where is the verizon Sholes?

  34. Blur specs: http://blogs.zdnet.com/gadgetreviews/?p=7346

    For the hype this was disappointing (Motorola not Phandroid)

  35. Bad T-mobile BAD and Motorola too! For creating yet another T-mobile Google Android phone. Where is the one that works with Verizon?

  36. Is this it or is there more coming?

  37. Extremely disappointing announcement. I was hoping for something exciting, but Motorola’s announcements was weak. T-Mobile again for Android? What about Verizon? Lame!

  38. This entire thing is BULL*$()@. Yet ANOTHER Android phone on T-Mobile?!?!? Big F’ing deal. Now Moto can compete with the pile of other Android phones on a crappy network that nobody will use. WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Unless/until some manufacturer grows a pair and offers an Android phone on either AT&T or Verizon, it’s not a viable option for the 90% of the business world that simply can’t use T-Mobile or Sprint because of coverage issues.

    I’m VERY VERY VERY disappointed to see one phone, on T-Mobile. Completely bogus.

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