Motorola CLIQ: Official Specs From Motorola


cliq-coverThere were a few missing pieces of the spec puzzle based on the Press Release that was published by Motorola and T-Mobile. Things like processor, RAM, ROM… you know – stuff that we need to know in order to accurately compare the CLIQ to its rivals. Well the good old MOTODEV site has the specs lying right out in the open:


From a spec standpoint, the Motorola CLIQ is like a sexified G1 form factor with MyTouch 3G specs plus a little bump like 3.5mm headset jack. A lot of how this device is perceived in the long run will depend on how successfully Motorola BLUR integrates Android will all the sweet features they claim.

Of course we’ll have all this information in the Android Phone Guide by tonight so don’t you worry!

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Motorola CLIQ Demo and Simulator!

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  1. Where are the specs on the battery?

  2. so same, internally, as any 1st gen android? When are the true 2nd gens coming out? I’m so tired of seeing the same specs over and over

  3. cant believe it. same spec as G1. I am so sick of this. I just don’t understand why big names like Motorola will make a phone with 256MB?!!!!

  4. @ehab

    technically the G1 has less user memory…. not by much though, what is more important is the price this phone will come in…

  5. Not multitouch huh?

  6. soooo… basically it’ll be like me g1 except with a better camera. hmmm… i guess i can wait a little longer for the 2nd generation of the android phones.

  7. Does the battery last any longer? And will it run faster than my G1. If so this might just be my new phone.

  8. Looks pretty, and it has some nice features but I think i ‘ll stick with my g1 till something really amazing running android comes out…. till then the g1 running cyanogens latest will outperform damn near anything

  9. people!!! 256mb internal memory…that’s excatly what the G1 has…this phone is DOA (probably will launch with donut,,,,but are we to understand no eclair in the future, much like the g1?)

  10. It may be DOA, but if the prices that were breifly on T-Mo’s site are right and were yanked for that reason it will probably still be a successful device.
    You can’t argue with free. http://www.engadget.com/2009/09/10/motorola-cliq-listed-for-free-on-contract-at-t-mobile-400-stra/

  11. G1 VS CLIQ

    -3.5mm jack
    -No Chin/non-sliding part (for me anyway)
    -5MP Cam
    -32G SD (vs 16G of HTC G1)
    -No Trackball
    -D-pad on left not right
    -Why am I comparing to G1 it should be comparing to the hero gheeshhhh! I hope this is your discount modle Moto.

  12. What am I missing…it shows 512 ROM, 256MB RAM, and 256 MB internal user storage. G1 has 256MB ROM and 192 MB Internal Memory. How are these the same as a G1?

  13. Cliq has 512mb internal memory, and half of it’s space for apps.

  14. I’m sorry I love Android but this blows … This is comparable to MyTouch the only ups it has on it is the Cam, 3.5mm jack and Blur. So if you didn’t like the MyTouch for the lack of a keyboard this is the phone for you… in the mean time I’ll wait for the real Galaxy or my lady Rachael to show up.

  15. Screen size?

  16. So 160 dpi means 3.6″ screen instead of the 3.1″ that would have the previously mentioned 187 dpi?

  17. @G

    G1 VS CLIQ
    -3.5mm jack
    -No Chin/non-sliding part (for me anyway)
    -5MP Cam
    -32G SD (vs 16G of HTC G1)
    -No Trackball
    -D-pad on left not right

    The d-pad on the left is NOT a con. Any serious gamer is gonna be more familiar with the d-pad on the left, just like every game console controller that has existed since NES back in the 80’s. This set up is great for the true gamer!!

  18. so what the screen size is exactly ? 3.5 or 3.2 (like the g1) ?
    And isn’t 25fps a bit low for video recording !!!
    Lastly, im disappointed with the fact that its going to come with cupcake (especially that the release date is beyond Q4 according to you guys), it seems like “Donut” is going to take longer than i was hoping for

  19. @Maj, it may be that Motorola is just not tipping Google’s hand. Since Donut’s release hasn’t been announced they won’t say that the Cliq will be running it.

  20. but maybe I’m just too optimistic

  21. Wait – what about UMA wasn’t this phone supossed to have it?
    No mention in specs. That would be HUGE plus over G1 – anyone know for sure?

  22. It has more RAM (256) than the G1 or the myTouch (192 or less), 512 ROM (better than the G1), better camera and more sensors. It’s the best first gen Android phone in the US market so far. I’m just waiting to get the screen dimensions (3.2″? 3.5″?) and the battery information now. This is what I have been waiting for in a first gen phone, and it will likely be the one I get since my old “dumb” phone is at the end of it’s life lol.

  23. According to Androinica’s blog it has 3.1″ screen and 1420 mAh battery good for 6 hours (though it doesn’t specify if that is on 2G or 3G). Here is the link


  24. Guys…

    The G1 has 256 ROM Capacity leaving approximately 90mb for USER Storage versus the CLIQ that has 512 ROM and 256mb for user storage. Also the G1 has only 192MB RAM versus 256 RAM of the CLIQ.

    The only difference between the CLIQ and the HTC Hero is that the hero has 288 MB RAM versus 256 MB RAM of the CLIQ.

    In a nutshell, the CLIQ has far better specs than the HTC Dream (G1), the HTC Sapphire (MyTouch 3g) and a little lower than the Hero.

  25. The important part of all this is that it has more rom and ram then the damn Mytouch and HERO! Mytouch has less rom or ram I forget which one BUT the best part is you cna most likely load a HERO rom on here with no freakken problems because it has more then the real hero and My touch put together!! GRRRR

  26. @Gracjan

    Wrong it doesnt have more than the HTC hero.
    Hero has 288mb ram while this is only at 256mb.
    Rom is the same.

  27. so, according to the wonderful folks at engadget, the cliq was listed on t-mo’s website for $0.00 with contract, $400 without. shortly after it was taken down though. here’s the article with picture.


    if it’s free, i’m there. NO question.

  28. @Gracjan
    u might have be misinformed, according to htc site, hero has 288mb ram/512mb rom, which is more than cliq’s 256mb ram/512mb rom (according to the spec above).

  29. 320 x 480 pixels, 187 PPI; 3.1 inch HVGA screen according to the moto mini site (motorola)

    i think the 3.5 is coming from the black part of the screen that isnt actually used like the black edges of the G1’s screen

  30. If you have your G1 rooted and your apps running off your SD card (like me), the bump in RAM and ROM are fairly inconsequential.
    For me, i will not be upgrading until we FINALLY get an android phone with a better processor. That’s what it comes down to for me.

  31. Can we not get something better than a qualcomm 528? I’ve been waiting for this phone, think I’ll stick with my G1 dev.

  32. no UMA, fuggetaboutit.

    i can get a half dozen crackberries with UMA but, no androids.

    what’s wrong with this picture?

    i aint spendin’ another nickle on hardware ’til i get a UMA android.

  33. Do yall think these phones are worth leaving RIM??

  34. The battery should be 1300mAh~1400mAh

  35. It looks great!!! I’ve been waiting this for a long time.

  36. all i have to say is i was hands on with the cliq today, i am a die hard bb user and i have to give it up to motorola, this phone is tight…i will be buring a free upgrade forsure…fit and finsh it beautiful, size is just right, keybord both slide and on screen were great and was super responsive…super excited for mine and for launch

  37. This phone is retard compare to Nokia N900!! This phone has 5MP cam?? The video recording 320×240 QVGA?? That is the worst shyt ever (N900 is 850×480 recording?). 528Mhz? N900 is 600Mhz!! 256ram + 512 rom? N900 is 1Gig!!

  38. @G
    the g1 is fast and you can add more apps and you root it a big must for me. all you have to do is partition your sdcard to add more rom and app space :) i love my G1

  39. my g1 is starting to go to shit, t mobile said they will send me a free motorola ciq titanium for free! i just ant to know if it is better than the g1 and what does the G1 have that the Cliq dont or other way around! what does the cliq have that the G1 dont!! please help me make my dession!!!

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