Motorola CLIQ Demo and Simulator!


These people work FAST! In addition to all the other Motorola CLIQ/BLUR information that has been pleasurably monsooning upon us comes a full video intro, product demo and CLIQ simulator directly from T-Mobile. First visit this link and then click on MOTOBLUR Demo on the right:


Alternatively you can open up the link directly, but it looks like a link that may change in the future so I wanted to provide the long-route alternative. Once you open it up you’ll get to see a pretty slickly produced video and get an interactive tour/guide/demo/simulator that should answer a lot of your questions:


Great job Motorola and T-Mobile on getting out all this info immediately following the event. Doing a GREAT job keeping the fans and followers happy, but making my job incredibly difficult trying to keep up! Good thing I love my job :)

For more info and to share your findings with others, visit the forums we just set up:

Stay tuned for more coverage throughout the <kid cudo>day and night</kid cudo>!

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Motorola CLIQ: Specs & Details Galore!

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  1. SHOOLLLEESSSS…seriously, they know thats wall we want to hear about hah

  2. I have been “waiting in the wings” trying to decide whether to pull the trigger on this or an iphone 3gs (thanks for all the great info on your site, a great help in the research process). I hope a side-by-side comparison of the two phones comes out soon. The slide out keyboard may be the tipping point to make me choose the Cliq (love the idea of this feature…want to test…did not like the virtual keyboard on the iphone).

    Would love to know your thoughts on the pros and cons of each since you have seen it first hand. I do like what I see in their marketing materials (nice job MOTO and T-Mo teams).

    Timing? After all the hype, I had hoped that the Cliq would be available immediately. Not sure how much longer I can wait ~ my Sprint contract is up and I’m ready to buy. I want to see the Cliq in person before making the final choice.

    Thanks for great coverage today!

  3. OK, now I am so bummed about having the HTC Hero on TMO I was ready to jump ship and head to Sprint.

  4. I seen the CLIQ in person at my local tmo store, and its really fast and responsive. one thing i loved about it was the compass rotating feature (turning your phone upside down or any direction would make the screen rotate), unlike any other phone, it would rotate 2 directions. phones great, just wished it was thinner -_-

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