Sep 10th, 2009

The HTC Tattoo has shown up a lot in the news lately, and that news has been a bit of a mixed bag. On the positive size, we have an affordable, reasonably attractive, fully featured Android phone. On the other hand, we have somewhat cheap materials and, cringe, a resistive touch screen.

For those not familiar with resistive screens, it is normally the type we see on WinMo phones. Resistives can be more accurate, but they aren’t nearly as nice to use and usually work best with a stylus rather than fingers.


So why has HTC blessed us with a resistive screen? Cost no doubt played into it, but according to them it was size of the device. The company Tweeted earlier yesterday that “Capacitive screens at small sizes are hard to be accurate with. Resistive ends up registering fewer miss-clicks.” This may be true, and I’m sure we can trust that the company has done its research. But still, its a shame to be missing something that makes the Android experience so enjoyable.

What do you think? Would the normal consumer notice the difference?

[Via AndroidCentral]

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