Oprah To Launch $100 MyTouch 3G Promo!


oprahRUMOR MILL: We’ve already seen Whoopi, Phil and Jesse promoting the MyTouch 3G and T-Mobile is about to up the ante with a celebrity endorsement that ALWAYS changes the game – Oprah Winfrey. According to an anonymous tip we just received, Oprah will kick off the 24th season of her show with a HUGE promotion on the MyTouch 3G that will offer customers $100 off instantly. Those upgrading and adding lines will also be able to take advantage of the deal.

The rumor adds up – according to the Chicago Tribune, Winfrey’s show is closing down a section of Michican Avenue in Chicago for the live filming of the event which occurs on September 8th. The show will air on September 10th and the promotion will last until September 24th through a “Special Web Offers” link on Oprah.com – according to our source.

The timing would be impeccable… just as women around the nation are tuning into Oprah, hearing the MyTouch promotion and rushing to take advantage of the offer, T-Mobile SHOULD be announcing the upcoming launch of their 3rd Android Phone – the Motorola Morrison – at the Mobilize 2009 Conference. We all know that existing products/phones tend to get discounted as newer, more desirable alternatives arrive.

I want to reiterate that this can ONLY be considered a RUMOR but it sure would make a lot of sense. And it would all be a pretty funny coincidence, too. Rememember the “YOU get a car… and YOU get a car… and YOU get a car…” Oprah moment?

At Google I/O 2009, Android had their own Oprah moment by giving EVERYONE who attended the event their very own Google Ion. And they even mention having their own Oprah Moment!

That was an Unofficial Oprah Moment for Android but if this rumor is right, we’ll see an OFFICIAL Oprah moment for Android on September 10th. Will everyone in the audience get a MyTouch 3G? That is another question entirely – but first we all have to wonder if the rumor is fact or fiction.

If this rumor becomes reality it can only be viewed as winning scenario for everyone involved. Android gets mass market exposure, customers get deeply discounted access to one of the hottest handsets on the market, T-Mobile gets coverage it MORE than deserves, HTC pushes units like Black Rob (Like Whoa!) and Apple and the iPhone get… okay maybe not EVERYONE is a winner.

And while Oprah diverts attention to the MyTouch 3G for Android newbies, us faithful followers will be fully focused on the Motorola Android Announcement in San Francisco. We’ll be there… so make sure you check back in so we can give you all the details!

[Thanks Anonymous Tipster Dude!]

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  1. “Everybody get a car”

    was really funny…. :)

  2. lmao @ the oprah video. first time i’ve seen that. Nice news about the MT3G, if only i hadn’t already extended my contract in February for the G1.

  3. doubt it but it would be nice

  4. Isn’t the Oprah show sponsored by Sprint tho??
    That would be really odd if she started promoting a T-Mobile phone.

    And what’s crazy is when I was reading this an Oprah commercial came on talking about her season premiere. 0o;


  5. i just paid 400 dollars for the damn thing

  6. If oprah starts promoting android I’m going to feel the obligation torun over my phone with a car, cancel my contract with tmobile, and buy an I phone. I love my phone – but seriously, this is a matter of principle.

  7. I just looked at Oprah.com and it says that her season kick off party is sponsored in part by T-Mobile so I think that pushes the rumor a little closer to being a possibility. I hope this turns out to be true, I am eligible for my upgrade on the 24th, it would be so nice to get $100 off.

  8. Sounds good but you spelled Michican wrong. its a “G” not a “C”. So Michigan is the correct way of spelling it.

  9. Had a friend that was at this event and she was indeed handing out T-Mo phones. No idea which one, but I’m guess the myTouch.

  10. Confirmed.

    It’s on the T-mobile site right now.


  11. The deal works. I just got it for $99.99 as an upgrade by calling customer care. I was told that it wouldn’t work through a retail store. KICKOFF24 is the code.

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