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CONTEST: Motorola Android Event Tickets, Mobilize 2009!



When we first told you folks about the Motorola Sholes, the comments erupted with Android Fans wanting to know how they could get tickets to the September 10th event in San Francisco. Often times these events are by Media Invitition only… BUT NOT THIS ONE!

moblogoThe Motorola Android Announcement is taking place at a much larger – and awesome – event. It is called Mobilize 2009 and its an industry leading conference about the future of Mobile Web put on by the popular tech website GigaOM. The speaker lineup is absolutely FILLED with execs from the top companies including:

  • Motorola CEO: Dr. Sanjay Jha
  • T-Mobile CTO: Cole Brodman (who announced the MyTouch 3G)
  • Head Android Himself! – Google VP Engineering,  Andy Rubin!
  • Many, many more…

The list is too long to post in its entirety but if you don’t believe me hit up the event website and scroll down the ridiculously long list of great speakers. This is awesome because it means you can attend the event yourself and see the Motorola Android Announcement in person! Of course that depends if you have $545 to spend on a ticket…

But we’ve got 3 TICKETS that we’re going to give away for FREE so that YOU can attend not only the MOTOROLA ANDROID ANNOUNCEMENT  but also enjoy a FULL DAY of great speakers talking about the Mobile industry at Mobilize 2009! Here is the deal so make sure you read these carefully:

Contest Rules

  • There will be THREE winners
  • You MUST be able to undoubtedly attend this event. The Event is held on Thursday, September 10th at Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco. Motorola’s Android Keynote is at 10:30 but the entire event is awesome and goes from7AM to 6:30PM
  • You MUST be 18+ because I don’t want to be responsible for letting some crazy kids in the door
  • You MUST leave a comment on THIS article using your CORRECT Email address
  • Entries will be accepted until Thursday, September 3rd at 11:59PM EST
  • Winners will be contacted on Friday, September 4th via Email

The comment must include a few things:

  • Why we should pick you
  • Where you live (or why you can’t tell us where you live Mr. FBI super agent)
  • Why you’ll 100% be able to attend the event

Loyalty Bonus
If you’re a REALLY loyal reader who has been following Android with us for a SUPER long time, link us to your oldest comment from WAY back in the day. And if you’re an AndroidForums member link us to your profile. We’ll only count the loyalty bonus if your Email addresses match up so no trying to be sneaky!

How The Winners Will Be Chosen
There is no secret formula… we’ll just be reading the comments and taking everything into consideration when choosing the winners. The loyalty bonus will only apply to ONE of the THREE winners so don’t feel like you can’t win just because this is the first time you’ve ever visited Phandroid. We’ll contact the winners by Email on Friday, September 4th. BTW If you don’t win it isn’t because you suck but because too many of our readers are awesome… honestly we wish we could let everyone in and make it one big Phandroid Party!

But we can’t… so let the contest begin!

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. I wish i was 18.

  2. Me! Oh, wait..

  3. i will definitely be available to attend this event. i live in daly city and work in sf. ima call in sick to work and ive got a motorcycle so i wont be held up in traffic! ive been eager to go ever since ive heard this event was happening ive been following the android platform and the hardware it runs on ever since it was just rumours! im a huge android nerd and ive got my htc dream (dev phone) all pimped out with custom rom and 1400mah battery. imake iphail users hang their heads in shame. ive been reading this site for a long while and have been appreciative of he info provided. i get my phandroid fix a few times a day!

    so i know you’re gonna be looking through a lot of these but i could really use something to brighten up my life, my dad was in the hospital and i spent a lot of time with him tyring to get him back on his feet, all while my girlfriend was cussing me out about it saying i was being selfish and telling me i should put my dad in a old folks home. its all been really stressful on me and ive been working long hours. this would mean a whole lot to me.

    thanks for the effort you put into this site!

  4. I should be picked because I believe in the Android platform and am working to contribute to its success via software development. I also believe Motorola is making a good decision to release hardware with the Android platform. Also I would be grateful if I was picked. I should also be chosen because I frequently read Phandroid for Android news.

    I live in Vacaville, California which is only about 60 miles from San Francisco and I can either drive to Mobilize 2009 or take the BART in via the Concord station.

    I will be 100 percent available to attend the event because I am free all day on September 10th and I would be crazy to miss such a great opportunity if I was chosen.

  5. Hi

    I live in SF, and I’d love to go more than anything! I recently heard about it, and would have gladly paid for the ticket, but I JUST bought the unlocked Hero, and am ecstatic upon its arrival,but I wish I’d be able to meet some true android phans out there like myself! It would also be nice if my Hero comes in on a time and i get to share the experience with those who might not be able to hold one first hand.

  6. I’ve been developing Android apps since Nove 2007 when Android SDK m3 was announced. For a struggling company like Motorola, Android looks like their last life support. (Windows Mobile flamed out; their own embedded linux OS went nowhere). I’m also part of Motodev’s app accelerator program and have used Morrison for my apps ^_^. But I’m definitely excited about Sholes running Eclair! This is the one phone that can possibly go up against the iPhones in 2009! I can’t wait for Moto’s announcement.

    I live in NYC but will have no problem getting redeye flights to SF at the last minute notice. I was set to attend Google I/O this year in SF but was unfortunately quarantined back in China due to their swine-flu “crisis”. I missed Google I/O, the FREE ION/G2 phone, and of course San Francisco! I would like this Mobilize 2009 to make up my early loss ;) So please give me a chance…

    I will pickup a roundtrip redeye from JetBlue or Virgin and take a day off or two, and make up the lost productivity on weekends. This event is definitely worthy of me going.

  7. Well, I don’t have any smoke to blow in an upward motion through any unnamed orifices, what I can say is this… I FRICKEN LOVE ANDROID! the OS, partly because I detest the iPhone and this is the platform that is poised to knock it down (my own opinion of course.) I should say this was the beginning, now I’m simply obsessed. An android stalker if you will, I call it late at night and say nothing, watch it through the window when it’s not expecting it, etc. Ahhh, true love.
    I live in Oklahoma (that in itself is a reason to let me go, c’mon, you ever lived in a state where it’s selling point is a n oil boom that happened over 70 yrs ago and something called the trail of tears!?!)
    Let me now tell you why I will 100% be able to go. I just lost my job, have money put back that I was planning to use for a trip anyway (think of it as an unpaid vacation!) my sister lives around that area ( I can play it off like I actually set the trip to visit her, another bonus!) and my birthday comes on the 17th of this month in ’74(which puts me a bit over 18, (although I still get I.D.ed, what’s up with that?,) got all the credentials to prove it.
    Now where are my winnings?

  8. I’m a EECS grad student at UC Berkeley and live in Berkeley. Does daily drooling over every new possible mobile phone and portable device count? I’m a user, a very tech savvy one, of course, but not a developer.

  9. i was going to apply but September 10th is way too close, to travel to u.s i must go through complicated visa procedures and takes at least a month :(

  10. I would like to attend this event since I am the only one of my colleagues that is a phan of the droid o.s. (unfortunately the rest are mac devotees). I would love go to hear firsthand even more exciting android news, which I get usually here, since I read phandroid pretty regularly. I wanted to attend as media for our site but doubted I could make the cut since we only cover anime related news. Nonetheless, I have been trying to think of an angle to talk about anything android on my own turf without sounding forced. Thanks for your consideration, offering the opportunity for tickets and keeping the droid news flowing. Peace out, my fellow android brothers.

  11. I’ve been a big Android supporter since way the heck back when they first announced the OS, I live in San Mateo (20 min drive to SF) and am unemployed so at least I can guarantee I can make it. :) You should pick me because I’d be willing to live-blog the event for you with my little baby G1 and to increase the estrogen content at the convention. *nod*

  12. I have been a DIEHARD fan of Google and Android OS since its announcement back in 2007. I live about 20 mins away from San Francisco and I WILL do everything just to attend the STAR studded event on September 10, 2009. I was so close in purchasing a ticket but $400 is a lot of money.

    I have been following the Android movement since September 2008 when T-Mobile announced they will have the first Android phone available for pre-order. We received our phones on 10/15/2008 and STILL went to Official T-Mobile launch in San Francisco on 10/21/2008.

    Here is a link of us, I’m the one with the camera right in front, with my beautiful wife . I have more pictures if you would like some more proof. If you would look at my twitter, facebook, and my blog is ALL about Android.

    Twitter: @gmillena ( I follow mostly Android people )
    Facebook: [email protected]
    My Blog:

    I’m also registered on and Usernames under TheMessiah or gmillena

    BTW Apple sux and iPhone will go down in FLAMES!!!!!!

  13. 1. I’m definitely over 18.

    2. I will attend 100% because I’m local (Danville CA) and have been writing Android code at nights and weekends since the beginning of the Android Market.

    3. I check phandroid almost every day.

    Although I have many free and paid apps, you should give me a ticket because I wrote the FREE “Amber Alert” app for the Android Market.

  14. I’m an EECS undergrad student at UC berkeley. I live in berkeley and SF is a very easy commute for me.
    I’m a Android fanatic and avid programmer creating my own personal apps for college and etc. I also love new technology reading tech blogs and android blogs everyday. engadget, gizmodo, engadgetmobile, phandroid, androidcommunity, xda forums, etc.

    I have a Mytouch 3g, rooted running cyanogen and I’ve just always had immense interest in technology and events like these.

    I can go because taking the public transportation to Mission bay conference center isn’t hard at all. I just want to go. haha

  15. well i just spent about
    20 minutes looking for my 1st comment.
    i gave up
    but i am 24, i can For sure with out a doubt make the conference
    i live in south SF
    and you should give me the ticket because. I am a die hard android “phan” and i am new to this city so it will also give me a chance to meet some new people and go to something i never though i would ever get a chance to do.
    I even left a comment in the article you 1st posted about this meeting asking how i could get in.
    well okay thats a wrap!

  16. Looks like I got a few fellow UC Berkeley grad students shooting for these tickets already. I, too, am a student of the fine art of Electrical Engineering and I, too, would love to attend this event.
    I should be picked over the other students because they hate puppies!
    Also, the only carriers that have any service in my building are Sprint and Verizon, which rendered the current Android offerings irrelevant and that made me a sad panda. However, once the rumors about CDMA Android phones started circulating, my life was worth living again and hope filled the air. As such, I would love to be there for the official CDMA Android announcement (besides, I really miss Motorola phones – I mean the good ones).

    I live in Berkeley and the schedule of a grad student is VERY flexible, so getting there won’t be a problem, nor will the time commitment.

  17. – Why you should pick me:
    I am an avid Android fan (or phan, if you wish). I pre-ordered the G1 as soon as it became available, and have been a proud owner of one for about almost a year now (and I convinced my colleague to buy one as well). I attended Google I/O and got the wonderful Google ION, which I like just as much. When I learned about the MOTODEV App Accelerator program I signed up right away, and have already bought a ticket to San Diego to attend the MOTODEV Summit in October. I expected to receive an invitation from Motorola as such (but I’m sure they don’t have unlimited invites either.) I would love to attend this event and meet the phandroid team and other Android developers, as well as learn first-hand about the future of mobile from the excellent line-up of speakers at Mobilize. Finally, while I’ve been a daily reader of the phandroid blog, I can’t say that I’ve ever commented here (there goes that first ticket), so in the fight for the other two tickets, I would hope that being an early commenter to this post (or the length of my comment) will not work to my disadvantage.

    – Where I live:
    San Jose

    – Why I’ll 100% be able to attend the event:
    Because I’m off from work next week, don’t have jury duty till next month, and my wife isn’t due till December. We have two Toyotas (in case anything goes wrong with one – which it shouldn’t – I can use the other, if both break down, I can borrow a friends at a moment’s notice, and if all else fails I could take the train). I also have no medical conditions (although my cholesterol is borderline), and I am a safe driver, so I don’t expect to die within the next week. Therefore, I can safely say that I will be 100% (rounded) able to attend the event.

  18. ->Why me?

    I am a super fan of android OS, I got the mytouch a few weeks ago and love it. I am kind of disappointed though that the hero came out for sprint and not tmobile. Anyways, I have coded a few apps for the android OS, just waiting for them to get approved. I work at a Integrated Circuits company that makes proximity sensor and light sensors. And those are the chips I have been working on for the last 2 years. As a result I get to see a lot of phones before they are released to the market. And a certain CLIENT WHO I CANT SAY (wink wink) has us incorporating our chip in it. Im curious if the one i was working on will be at the convention. It didnt resemble any of the phones -sholes and what not, but was a complete touch screen phone. Anyways, I hope it helps. Thanks, oh btw- im a starving college student and just graduated in EE from berkeley- and cant afford 545 dollar tickets.

    ->Where I live?
    Fremont, CA

    -> Why I will be 100% able to attend?

    I just finished my internship at an electrical engineering company, and actually planned it that I would finish it 1 week before the motorola event. My masters program in school doesnt start for 2 weeks, so I am 100% free. I am 22, and young so my health is good. I will likely take bart since its reliable and has no traffic. I know san francisco very well like the back of my hand (Bay Area native). Having no car to park in SF, makes it easy to attend the event as well.

  19. First of all, before I start going on and on about why you should pick me and why I am way more awesome than everyone else, I would like to personally thank Phandroid for hosting amazing contests and for keeping me up to date with my android obsession. I am immensely interested in the direction Google is headed with Android and I love to see new technologies grow and develop. I am an independent developer for Google Android and having experience with other platforms but after certain incidents I have decided that Android is by far the best platform to work with and I hope to release some exciting applications in the near future :). I live in Chicago, Illinois and I can easily make the trip to the event and many of my friends have been pushing me to attend. I am 100% able to attend the event because I am only taking online courses (I am a student) which makes me completely mobile and 100% free. Once again I would like to thank you guys for your time and for hosting this contest :).

  20. Why you should pick me?
    I love technology and hope to see Motorola make a comeback from so many failed attempts (anyone remember the 24k Gold Plated RAZR 2 with snake skin textured back plate).

    Where do I Live?
    I reside in the San Francisco Bay Area (Why do you want to know again?).

    Why I’ll be able to 100% attend this event?
    I live and work in San Francisco which makes me close no matter what part of SF I am at and I have a flexible work/life schedule that makes me readily available (especially when I know the date of an event, like this one).

  21. I live in the Sacramento area and I am a UC Davis Computer Science student currently on summer break until the end of the month, so I will certainly be able to attend the event. I’m a firm believer in the power and quality of open source software. I worked on an Android project for a class in the spring, and I was very impressed. I was in the process of learning to program for the iPhone OS, but switched to Android because it was more developer friendly since you can develop on any platform and it costs only $25 to become a registered developer. I have one published app in the Market right now, Deanagram. It basically takes an input of letters and will attempt to find the words in its dictionary that can be spelled with those letters. I am still learning the platform and I hope to have two simple games out by the end of the month. I believe that Android will become the dominant smart phone OS in the coming years, and I am really excited to see more companies like Motorola coming out with Android based phones.

  22. I am in the San Francisco Bay area and I am excited about the Mobile (Android in particular) space. I will be there for sure and could provide a report of my experience to share with others.

  23. Please null my previous submission as I will not be able to attend due to some unexpected news.
    Thanks anyways :)

  24. @Rob, When will you announce the winners?

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