Motorola Morrison

Last updated: Nov 16th, 2010.

The Motorola Morrison was first leaked in May 2009. If the rumors are on target, it will launch on T-Mobile during the 2009 Holiday season.

The Motorola Morrison appears to be a mid-range texting device targeted towards teenagers. Its vibrant colors - seen so far in white/blue and black/blue combinations evoke a fun care-free feeling that has not yet been captured by existing Android phones which tend to focus on a high-end sleek and sexy look. The market is certainly there... if the Motorola Morrison can perform up to par and at the right price, it will undoubtedly have an audience.

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T-Mobile Morrison Passes FCC

With the Motorola Android Event less than 2 weeks away, chances are the mysterious Motorola device that just passed through the FCC with T-Mobile bands, 3G, Wi-Fi and other distinguishable similarities is the T-Mobile destined Motorola Morrison!If the phone making the rounds really is the Morrison, it comes with Model number T56KV1. We’re pretty sure …

Motorola Only Announcing Morrison September 10th?

Don’t be fooled by the title – we’re happy and grateful that Motorola is announcing ANYTHING on September 10th, but its not the best case scenario considering Motorola at one point has/had 4 Android phones in the rumor mill: Morrison, Sholes, Calgary and Heron. But the most recent rumors suggest the Calgary and Heron have …

Motorola Android Event: September 10th In San Francisco!

Mark it on your calendars folks… on September 10th Motorola is holding an Android related event in San Francisco that could be one of the most epic announcements of 2009:If you didn’t know, Motorola has FOUR Android Phones churning in the rumor mill: Motorola Sholes Motorola Morrison Motorola Calgary Motorola Heron At least one of …

Dell Benzine, Motorola Sholes, Morrison Rumors Continue

We’ve heard an awful lot about the rumored Dell Android headed to China and the awesomely high-end Motorola Sholes headed for Verizon Wireless… time to hear more. We’ve got specs for each and potentially new names: its the Dell Benzine and Motorola Sholes (not Shules)… at least this is what a BGR Ninja says.First off… …

CDMA Motorola Morrison Passes FCC, Verizon Bound?

It was less than a month ago that the Motorola Morrison passed through the FCC with credentials assumed to land it on T-Mobile. While the Morrison wasn’t specifically named, a connect-the-dots procedure showed the earlier leaked battery model number for the Morrison lined up directly with the device that passed the FCC… and the battery …

T-Mobile Getting Motorola Morrison October 21st?

October is shaping up to be quite the month for Android if all these rumors prove true. We’ve already got the Hero and Samsung Q coming to Sprint October 11th. Now add a rumor from Droid Developer that the Motorola Morrison will launch on T-Mobile October 21st! The monthly menu is beginning to look pretty …

Motorola Morrison Passes FCC, Could Be Named Cliq

The government’s purpose is to serve the people and that they have done very, very well – the FCC has just passed the Motorola Morrison with flying colors, giving us some additional details about the upcoming and unannounced handset. Lets piece together the clues.First we have the “Attestation Statements” which give us a bunch of …

Motorola Android Phones: Full Speed Ahead

Today, Motorola issued a Press Release proclaiming their Android aspirations are in full swing, titling the publication “Motorola Opens Doors for Accelerated Development on Android”. That is exactly the tone of voice we like to hear, Moto. The announcement of new Android development resources through their Motorola Development Program – MOTODEV – hopes to foster …

Motorola Morrison Picture Snapped, Appears Black And Blue

We first heard of the Motorola Morrison when it leaked on T-Mobile’s 2009 Android Time Chart. Soon after we saw the first Motorola Morrison picture. But now, thanks to an anonymous phandroid tipster, we’re seeing the clearest picture of the Motorola Morrison to date: (click to enlarge)Apparently a Moto employee is already walking around with …

MyTouch 3G Updates

We’ve got a bunch of incrementally new info on the T-Mobile MyTouch 3G and want to keep you folks updated… so here it is:First of all, one rumor is that the MyTouch 3G will NOT be announced tomorrow as has been widely speculated. Instead, T-Mobile will announce the Motorola Morrison. I’m not so sure about …