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We’re less than a week away from what promises to be an awesome Mobilize 2009 Conference highlighted by the highly anticipated Motorola Android Announcement. As usual, the closer we get the more leaks seem to occur even though BGR says they’ve been holding onto these pics of the Motorola Sholes for a little bit:

We were afraid that perhaps only the Motorola Morrison would be announced at the event but these leaks serve as mounting evidence that perhaps Moto has more in store. More evidence comes by way of Reuters who spoke with Phil Cusick from Macquarie Research:

“Early devices will not be significantly differentiated and could disappoint those playing the 9/10 launch,” said Macquarie Research analyst Phil Cusick, who expects Motorola to display two new Android phones that day.

I’m not sure you can count that as evidence, because who knows, maybe he’s just reading the blogs which incessantly speak of the Morrison and Sholes and assume that’s what will be presented. By I’m encouraged each passing day that Motorola will be announcing more than just 1 phone. Even if they do it would still be an enjoyment and don’t forget we’ve got Motorola Blur details to which we can look forward.

Next week is going to be an exciting one in the land of the Android. Make sure you have a relaxing weekend… because next week you might not get too much sleep!

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  1. I don’t blame BGR for holding onto these photos for a while, they’re fairly lackluster. I’m not digging the design of this device in the least bit.

    On another note, my coffee supply is ready to go for next week, bring on the Android!

  2. These are old photos of an early prototype, BGR is just trying to bump up their hits by leaking a drop at a time.

    However, listen to this…. I found an investment site that claims that MOTOROLA ARE ANNOUNCING TEN ANDROID PHONES!


  3. This thing looks like a mockup on a bad sci movie from the 70’s. Maybe they should stick to building cb radios.

  4. all i can say is… android phone designs hit a new low!! :-(
    it is as if the phone manufacturers are hell bent upon coming up with a fuglier design

  5. @Crypto
    If that turns out to be true…good lord, thats a lot of phones.

  6. Yeah.. it wouldn’t be too bad if it weren’t for that awful D-pad… but.. these are the same people who brought us the Razor… so expectations are already pretty low. On the bright side… the Morrison looks a lot worse– so as a VZW customer I am privileged to pick the best of the worst. eff my life.

  7. @Crypto

    Great find, I would love to know their source.

  8. @Crypto: they don’t mention when they plan on releasing them, all you can take from the article is that Moto is planning 10 new phones sometime in the future. that could mean sometime in 2012 as far as we’re concerned.

    i also want to add, that big red D-pad makes the phone look like a D-bag. the mock-ups were way better. as much as people hate the morrison, it’s looking more and more like i’m getting that (tmo is cheaper, plus, CDMA must die asap, GSM is where it’s at..hello..SIM card!!!!)

  9. One work : Yuck with a capital Y.
    Down down Motorola!

  10. Sprint will blow this shyte outta the water..

  11. What a disappointment! I was excited when I read the headline, then let down when I couldn’t find the “more”. I saw these pictures a month ago when BGR posted them. I really want to see -more- pictures, not the old ones again! Six days and counting …

  12. ugliest android phone yet…1 of the ugliest Touch Screen phones yet! Don’t forget that not only did Moto bring us the crappy RAZR but as a T-Mo customer I also remember the Sidekick Slide. Moto’s 1 (and thank God only attempt) to make a SK. They did horrible with that operating system lets hope they can do a bit better with this 1.

  13. One thing I can say about all the pics I have seen of this phone.. It definitely has an “edge” over other phones when it comes to personal defense.. I’d hate to have it thrown at me.

  14. It looks beautiful!
    I hope the Blur UI is as beautiful too!

  15. @Dennis
    or maybe use it to cut some cheese, just like what guys at gizmodo did with the palm pre

  16. Really? You’re going to say that the RAZR was ugly at the time it was released? You people are delusional.

  17. these pics look way early in developement. it looks like there’s electrical tape along the bottom of the phone and they look like the ‘prototype’ photo we got a few months ago.
    maybe im just being optimistic because i still have alltel and have been eagerly awaiting a robophone on my carrier, hopefully one that looks like the sholes’ render pics.
    *fingers crossed*

  18. I don’t have a very high opinion of moto but I have to say when the RAZR first came out it looked awsome and I don’t think its a stretch to say that moto can make a good looking phone

    But if it has the specs already rumored I don’t care what it looks like

  19. well, it has been stated the final version will NOT have the red D-pad so these photos are bloody old. We have seen these photos before- nothing new….
    I have it from someone who has tested a sholes that it is a beautiful looking phone, the OS tweaks are out of this world and the screen is fantastic. This and the SE X3 are the best phones to be released this year….. all other good ones will be next year….

  20. I think it looks great. These photo’s just don’t have the “marketed” touch to really show off the design.

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