HTC Touch HD 2 With Android?


Do you remember way back in the early 1800’s when we were all waiting for the first Android Phone to be announced and the entire universe was hoping that it was one of HTC’s new pieces of kit in the “Touch” line? Check the archives – for several months people were persistently suggesting that an Android-based Touch Diamond, Touch Pro or best of all – Touch HD – would be the ultimate Android hardware.

Soon it could be a reality.

(This is the original Touch HD with WinMo 6.1 for reference purposes)

Several sources are reporting that the original HTC Touch HD running Windows Mobile 6.1 will be injected with pure nirvana and will become the Android-based HTC Touch HD 2. While the HTC Android’s now run 528MHz processors the Touch HD 2 will be hooked up with a 628MHz version of the Qualcomm chip. Not exactly Snapdragon speed but certainly an upgrade that should quell concerns of OS lag. Other rumored goodies include 3.8-inch touchsreen and 480×800 display according to the leaked info.

[Via RegisterHardware]

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  1. hmmmm photo shop… unless this version of android has a windows flag in the notification bar…

  2. reading is fundamental! its the touch hd for reference purposes.

  3. I really hope this comes to fruition for the holiday season. Although asking for that AND an American launch is like asking lightning to strike the same place twice.

  4. xda had an android port for sprint htc touch diamond like last year, phone calls and sms, no 3g though…

  5. @ t1h5ta3
    You are officially banned from making any more sarcastic comments on Phandroid.

    I hope this does come around. I’ve never owned or used any in the Touch series, I do understand it to be a quality device and I can only imagine HTC making an even greater version for Android. It’s also one of the better looking WinMO phones imo.

  6. Well….this is about 3/4 of the way to the perfect phone. :)

    1. Android OS – check
    2. Huge touch screen (3.5″+) – check
    3. Higher resolution display (480×800) – check
    4. Media processor (Tegra/OMAP/Snapdragon) – FAIL

    By mid/late 2010, we should have all four, and maybe even an OLED display thrown in for good measure.

    Can’t wait!

  7. what about the screen, resistive (like it is now) or capacitive?

  8. its got waaay to go…. should the OS support HD capability knowing that the camera and video playbook is still bad now? am waiting for sony ericsson x3…

  9. This looks very interesting. I’m waiting for the X3 too but I could really do with a new phone this year not sometime next year!

  10. 5. Capasivice touch – fail…
    6. Official, perfectly working rom – very likely fail

  11. Why would anyone get this phone (Touch + Android) when they could just get the HTC Hero on October 11th??? That phone is basically: Touch Flo + Android = Awesome!

  12. Obviously they got the thread I started at htcforums.com the wrong way. I stressed on the importance of a qwerty in my images and description:

  13. This + QWERTY would be AMAZING. Basically right now I’m looking for this with qwerty or hero with qwerty to replace my g1 in the coming months.

  14. “Why would anyone get this phone (Touch + Android) when they could just get the HTC Hero on October 11th??? That phone is basically: Touch Flo + Android = Awesome!”

    Uhm, faster processor, much larger screen.

  15. “5. Capasivice touch – fail…”
    What makes you think the resistive screen won’t be replaced by a capacitive? Besides, even though the first Touch HD has a resistive screen it’s pretty good.

  16. Doesn’t help me if it doesn’t have a QWERTY keyboard =/ Until you can feel where keys are on a touch screen at least. If the phone is that much better and is with Tmo or AT&T (sadly AT&T is the only one with 3G in my area, and we just got that like 2 days ago) I may get it anyway though.

    P.S. The blank for entering a website is overlapping the top of the comment box in chrome.

  17. I need a keyboard. I don’t want to walk around with a gamepad to play emulators.

  18. I really like the hard keyboard on the g1, but not for the reasons others do. To me, I am faster on the hard keyboard, and the software for the keyboard seems… awkward. The iPhone (and this is the only time I will ever praise it) has a much better soft keyboard because there is no perceptible lag or feeling of “slowness” or “inaccurateness”.

    I’ll keep my G1. Until another hard keyboard comes around. Or until the soft keyboard gets better.

  19. p.s. the website box overlaps in Firefox too

  20. Well folks if you want a peek at the future, check put ZII.com and The Egg. Forget the Plazma OS and as a pure Android will scream like nobody’s business!!I am one of the Developers and have one. Maybe Domut any day…thinking Eclair on new Touch HD nut likely Donut for holidays? You folks look at Zii/Crative’s Egg and figure out the telephony part… :)

  21. I forgot the REAL answer to the question for the QWERTY person is VOICE; we are dealing with ST/TS..you soon will not need need a keyboard….gotta have that horsepower!!!

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