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Love it or hate it, all HTC Android Phones thus far have come bless.cursed with a little Jay Leno action. But the most significant chin to date has been the one on the HTC Hero:


But if the rumors and photo leaks found on are true, Sprint’s version of the HTC Hero could be much more Letterman… no chin at all!


Are you kidding? Is this possible? The folks who leaked the images swear thta this is the same HTC Hero200 that just passed the FCC and is headed towards Sprint in the upcoming months. If this is true I’m sure it’ll create quite the storm of opinions in the comments as people tend to either love or hate the chin. To be honest, I think more people hate it… but that’s just my guess. Personally I like it but don’t have an intense feeling either way.

Many more of the pics found below!

They can swear and promise up and down all they want, but I’m not so sure that this is actually the Sprint HTC Hero. The differences are so blatant and obvious that you would expect HTC/Sprint to bring this to market with a completely different name. I know you’ve got an opinion about this so let us know what you think!

[ (English) via EngadgetMobile]

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