HTC Hero Passes FCC with CDMA, Hello Sprint!


If there was a 2009 Mt. Phonemore (Rushmore for Phones) there is no doubt that the HTC Hero would be one of the 4 stellar devices that make the cut. And the Hero chizzeled into that mountain might be garnished with a Sprint logo because the CDMA version of the Hero just passed the FCC. That’s right – the Sprint-bound HTC Hero rumor is practically written in stone.


So yeah… the HTC Hero coming to Sprint this fall seems definite, its just a matter of when. October 11sth? November? And while we’re on the subject, which 4 phones would YOU put on Mt. Phonemore 2009 (at least thus far)?

[FCC via EngadgetMobile]

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  1. Ooooh I cant wait!! I am going to ditch my palm pro winmo!!

  2. in order of greatness I would say the iphone, Htc hero, Htc touch pro 2 and the palm pre. everyone owns an iphone and by the time hero arrives on America’s shores the lag problem of should be fixed. as we all know from the video circulating the web right now. which should make for a smoother sense UI experience, which we all know is amazing! I chose the touch pro 2 because despite its biggest flaw (windows mobile) the hardware is a magnificent! 3.6 inch screen. a full luxurious keyboard that even god with his big hands would find a pleasure to text with. and the touch flo interface was a much needed way of putting lip stick on the pig that is windows mobile. I also hear it has a good speaker phone for conference calling. as for the palm pre, its good for the same reasons android is. and its web browser is second only to the iphone and androids (surfing the web on is a big deal to me) if not for palm’s mentally, mean… handicapped keyboard. the device would be doing alot better right now.

  3. Mt. Phonemore

    * Hero (for sure, best looking phone I’ve ever seen)
    * iPhone (can’t deny its influence)
    * Razr (it was pretty slick back in the day)
    * Rotary Corded Wall Phone to remind us where we came from

  4. YES!! Finally the Hero/Sprint rumors have concrete evidence! I was a tad worried when it passed the FCC with AT&T frequencies…but now I can ditch my iPhone and jump on the Android bandwagon!! woohoo!

  5. I whole heatedly hope that Sprint will have a cheaper Android package than T-mobile because i will leave T-Mobile just for the hero..

  6. HTC Hero
    Motorola Sholes
    iPhone 3GS
    Sony Xperia w/Rachael (Here’s to hoping!)

  7. Finally!!! I thinnk more people are excited about this than the Pre

  8. Man I can’t wait. I am so excited that it got approved. dumping my pre when this comes. This will have a better build and a ton of apps.

  9. Packaging this phone with Sprints super low priced everything plans will make Sprint a winner again. Android is the future and once one of the big three adopt the technology like this, it will run rampant. That new update looks like it will solve the lag issues, and I am sure as the optimizations keep coming, the phone will get sweeter and sweeter. I just hope that Sprint doesn’t block any features for it, backs it up with server side support for VVM and loads an Android version of telenav on there for turn by turn directions.

    Screw AT&T and Apple, the Android will beat the iphone in the long run. The iphone’s static home screen is so lame, real time updates on those widgets look great. I am just dying to type on that keyboard with predictive text and intelligent dictionary instead of my lame ass Instinct.

  10. I’m bummed its not coming to TMO USA. but TMO did say it would come but not called the Hero….so Tmobile users we might get our hero…just in a different form. Besides root your G1 and get the latest hero rom from XDA…thats what I did. The hero is a sweet looking phone though.

  11. Does anyone know how big of a micro SD card the hero will support?

  12. I have been waiting for this phone forever! ive had my instinct for a year and am completely disgusted with it. Android is the way to go. The only thing i ask, Sprint, is to please, please, please not jack up your everything plans just because this phone is Android!!!! Still anxious for the official announcement and release date… whats the hold up lol…

  13. Also, isn’t anyone bummed that the hardware seems to be a little light on this? Where is the snapdragon powered android device?

  14. I sure hope AT&T has something up it’s sleeves.(Xperia X3 please)

  15. Sprint can go suck it, they barely have any customer basis at all, all they are good for is their data speed which is 4. Other wise they have like no service compared to t-mo, dumb move to keep the hero there. The android market is much larger on t-mo hence allowing for more sales and better customer satisfaction.

  16. tmobile has much smaller a customer base and service area than sprint fyi. even if sprint was in fact smaller, why should they not release any quality android devices… i dont understand you sprint haters.

  17. sprint sucks

  18. So I just called the local sprint store cause my contract is up in September and told them I was interested in an Android phone and they said as of their knowledge they do have an Android phone set to release in early October….all signs are looking good!!!

  19. I too don’t understand why a lot of people don’t like Sprint. I know for a fact that TMO totally SUCKS!!!!! and so does GSM. TMO bought SunCom and SunCom Sucked after they went GSM. I live in the Mountains of East TN and Sprint has the best coverage of any cell carrier including Verizon. And Sprint is much cheaper than everyone else and no roaming charges. I think all those Sprint bashers just don’t have any idea what they are talking about.
    I have subscribed to Bell South (AT&T), Alltel (Verizon), Nextel (Sprint), and US Cellular, and by far Sprint has a much bigger calling area that extends much further past the interstates throughout the USA.
    I use a HTC Touch Pro and I have the everything plan and everything is great except WinMo and soon all that will change with the HTC Hero (Android). So all of you out there with iPhone 3gs phones paying $130.00 for your everything plan and a bunch of apps that are more Play toys than actual work apps,…….You Lose and we WIN BIG!!!

  20. Hero

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