HTC Desire: UnGimped Verizon Bound Android Phone?


It looks like the Motorola Sholes won’t be a lonely Android on Verizon’s shelves. If the following picture that a PhoneArena tipster snapped is authentic, an Android phone called the HTC Desire 6200 will be heading to Verizon Wireless as a Google Experience device (with Google branding):


Coincidentally (or not) the picture was snapped by a tipster whose alias is “Snapdude” and I’d like to shake this guy’s hand and buy him a beer if he is right. And being an enthusiastic Android optimist we all know that while this is strictly lingering in rumor territory, we ALL want to believe this is true. Especially Verizon Wireless customers – can you imagine having TWO different Android Phones by the end of 2009?

Oh yeah and for all the VZW customers claiming that Big Red will find a way to gimp Android remember something: Google has a strict policy about what devices can use the with Google branding. Assuming the “Digital Googl” means the HTC Desire will be a Google Experience phone – and I realize that is a huge leap to make – that would also require to play by Google’s Android rules which SURELY wouldn’t include any measurable level of gimping.

[Via PhoneArena – Thanks Guys!]

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  1. I’m just really excited for Android’s future, it looks like all carriers will be coming around to it before year’s end. I know sprint wasn’t keen to carrying just any old phone on their product line though, they always try to get the best fit for their army of phones. Anywho, can’t wait to see what this beast might look like. And Verizon would be fools to gimp this phone. Plum fools.

  2. Desire also sounds like a chickphone which means that it will have a little more sex-appeal than the current geekphones.

  3. I wonder if this will a qwerty keyboard. I hope to high heavens it does. Oh, and it will have donut! because its on verizon and its cdma. Either that or eclair. And i was juuuust about to get the G1, but now i have to wait longer. COME ON!

  4. Donut is quite nice. I’ve been playing around with it in the form of some core code thanks to Cyanogen, and it really focuses on making Android more resource efficient. I’ve never used a faster Android build and it makes my G1 feel like a newborn with how snappy it is. I would wait though indeed. My next android phone WILL have a qwerty + 1ghz snapdragon, anything else isn’t an option.

  5. @quentyn: Sadly, i feel we will be waiting for a loooong time to get a snapdragon android, with a qwerty. Shame

  6. I remember when T-Mobile had Android phones. I guess I can pick between the G1 or the G1 revision B. :-\

  7. I wonder if this is going to be a good phone. I dont need sense UI, but i would love a keyboard. Kinda like a hero with a keyboard. Thats my wishlist. Please HTC?

  8. I’ve been waiting patiently for a very long time for a high quality phone to show up on Verizon. I’m hoping this manages to come through. I’m very interested to see if it actually becomes another Google Experience phone, although I’m definitely not holding my breath.

    I say this with maximum optimism, knowing full well Verizon has a tendency to screw up at every corner.

    Great read, thanks!

  9. Motorola Sholes launch this October 2009. More detail => http://motorolazine.biz/index.php?topic=544.0

  10. Hmmm… I almost hope its not Google branded… isnt that the reason HTC can’t put sense on current Google branded android phones?

    At least thats what they said, apparently non branded magic’s may get sense at some point, but HTC clearly stated this would not be the case with any Google branded phone.

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