Aug 25th, 2009

Mark it on your calendars folks… on September 10th Motorola is holding an Android related event in San Francisco that could be one of the most epic announcements of 2009:


If you didn’t know, Motorola has FOUR Android Phones churning in the rumor mill:

At least one of these will see the light of day and given recent events, I wouldn’t be surprised if Motorola unveils both the Sholes and Morrison at this event. Regardless of what they unveil its pretty unbelievable that the day of Motorola Android reckoning is in our official crosshairs!!!

A long time ago we knew that Motorola wanted to leverage Android to revive the company’s handset division. They have devoted a TON of resources to their Android efforts and now, in 2 weeks, we’re going to see the fruits of their labor. The whole world will be watching Motorola on September 10th and I think its safe to say that anyone with an interest in mobile should be pretty darn excited about the potential devices and announcements.

Does anyone else feel like a kid before Christmas at the moment?