Motorola Heron

Last updated: Nov 16th, 2010.

It appears that AT&T's reserved enthusiasm for Android will come to an end as the company prepares to fully back the open source operating system with its first ever Android Phone - the Motorola Heron.

Also known by the codename "Motorola Ironman", the Motorola Heron appears to be a lower-end Android Phone. But isn't that the beauty of Android? Even the lowest end Android Phones are still packed with a world of potential, capabilities and features thanks to the beloved Android Market.

The Motorola Heron will include a 2.8" QVGA TFT Touchscreen, Quad-band GSM, 3MP Camera with LED Flash, Bluetooth 2.1 and MicroUSB 2.0. Note the smaller screen size than most of the Android Phones on the market?


The Motorola Heron could come as early as July 2009 but that date is in limbo. It was initially prepared for a different operating system. As you can see in the picture below, the original pictures of the phone - when it was leaked as the Motorola Ironman - had only one external button. It has since adopted the necessary exterior hardware (home, back, call, end, menu) to support the normalized Android OS:

There seem to be many other changes as well, but remember, as of now these are just rumored. Furthermore, the change of Operating Systems could put the Motorola Heron through a series of snags that would prevent it from seeing the light of day at all... an unfortunate reality in the mobile world.

Stay tuned as we'll keep this page updated with the most recent information, specs, pictures, videos and more as we lean more about the Motorola Heron!

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