Motorola Sholes Hits Verizon Late October!


Verizon Wireless customers can start (unofficially) counting down the days that an Android Phone – and a seemingly awesome one at that – lands on their carriers shelves. A leaked Verizon roadmap has unveiled a whole swarm of Verizon Wireless goodness and amongst it all is a late October release of the upcoming Motorola Sholes.

First we see a little “evolutionary” image showing which 2009 devices are taking over the presence of currently existing models:


See that little “Upcoming Device Opportunities” at the bottom of the image? Perhaps we should pan down a bit and see what the future holds?


I spy Android! The cost is still TBD but I bet a lot of Verizon customers will be willing to spend whatever it takes to call the Sholes their own. If you’re in the group, make sure to visit our Motorola Sholes guide and our Motorola Morrison guide and sign up for the newsletters – we’ll Email you as SOON as they’re available for purchase!

Great news for Android which will (hopefully) be available on America’s largest carrier in two months and even better news for Verizon customers who are craving the Droid. What a great start to a week for Android lovers!

Rob Jackson
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  1. I hope it hits Germany this year too.

  2. It no doUbt will hit the UK,it usually does perhaps even earlier.You never know.

  3. Wow, this is great news! I only wish the release date were sooner!

  4. carrier competition = good
    Would love to see that in Canada, I think thats the same Frequency Bell and Tellus uses?

  5. Believe me, after Motorola Sholes CDMA in the market. Other brand will copy the concept; and using same GNU.

  6. I’m really stoked about this. Ever since I toyed around with a G1 when it came out, I’ve been craving to have my own Android phone.

    Looks like it’s gonna be a good end of the year!

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