Rhapsody Android Application In The Works!


Big news on the application front today as RealNetworks announced Rhapsody for the iPhone. Why the heck is that relevant to Phandroid? Because according to Engadget, “the company is also working diligently on Rhapsody for other mobile platforms and carrier app stores, including Google Android.”

Check out a video of Rhapsody on the iPod Touch over Wi-Fi:

The news originally comes from GDGT and they make a good point:

Yep, Rhapsody is coming out with an iPhone app. Or at least they want to. Real just submitted it to the App Store for approval, so it may be a few weeks before it’s actually available (assuming Apple doesn’t get all fussy and block it).

I wonder how far in development they are in their Android App. How great would it be if Apple still hadn’t made a decision on the application and in the meantime they completed Rhapsody for Android, submitted it to the market and it was instantly accepted (as usual), beating Rhapsody for iPhone to market?

Either way in a matter of time all the Rhapsody fans out there will have access to the service from their Androids. Rock on!

[Thanks Brian!]

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  1. I think the software team behind the Haier Ibiza Rhapsody are working on an Android port of that player’s over-the-air rhapsody support. There are hints of that on

  2. I really hope that the android version stores music on the device and syncs with their software instead of just streaming their music like on the iPhone.

  3. We own android phones for a reason…We use Rhapsody for a reason…what a slap in the face that they created the app for iphone users first!

  4. Soooo is it going to come out in the nxt five days or something?

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