HTC Hero Hitting T-Mobile USA?


Just a few short days ago we saw the HTC website provide a “support page” for the HTC Hero with Sprint:

Now leakdroid is claiming that same support page exists for the T-Mobile HTC Hero!


It would have been really, really easy to just swap out the Sprint text for identical looking T-Mobile text so this rumor is quite firmly placed as rumor for the time being. That being said, T-Mobile and HTC have together been the #1 proponents for Android so it would make perfect sense.

Some are discounting this possibility because at the MyTouch 3G launch event a T-Mobile exec specifically said that the company did not have plans to release the HTC Hero. This is a completely ridiculous assumption to make. Why would anyone in the media ask the company about the HTC Hero when the event was based around the MyTouch 3G? It was misguided question and T-Mobile answered as any company would have in order to keep the focus on the phone at hand – the MyTouch 3G.

Of course now we’ve all got our countdown clocks ready for rigorous use as we look forward to an announcement from both Sprint and T-Mobile regarding the latest greatest Android phone to hit the market.

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  1. Oh, man, if T-Mobile starts selling the Hero I would so buy one for my girl! Probably even get one for me. I honestly don’t know why they decided to go with the MyTouch thing. They should have just leaped to the Hero.

  2. Hope this isn’t fake…but I bet it is. C’monnn hero!

  3. fake.

  4. Pppppllllllleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaasssssseeeeee!!!!

  5. The only place I can find HTC Hero on the HTC website is here… http://www.htc.com/us/faq_detail.aspx?p_id=283&act=faq&cat=0 … will inform you if I find more

  6. It looks FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! tmo-usa said that they would not carry the hero. Wtf. People start this rumors really lack attention in there life.

  7. The leak might be fake… but I don’t recall T-Mobile USA EVER saying they would NEVER carry the HTC Hero. They just declined to discuss the HTC Hero at an event to launch the MyTouch 3G… and THAT seems like a no brainer regardless of whether or not they had plans to launch the Hero.

  8. For some reason I imagine the Hero won’t be a Sprint only phone even if it is at launch. Isn’t the FCC looking into these exclusive phone deals anyway?

    If it did come to T-mo I may have to suck it up and get along without a physical QWERTY lol.

  9. Tmobile is not in Canada… This is fake and so was the first one with Sprint.

  10. As much as I like my G1, I really love the Hero. I hope it does come to T-Mobile. If not, I may just switch to whichever carrier gets it.

  11. I hope tmo gets the hero, seeing that the my touch is a step back from the G1. We have tested the G1 and android and now deserve a better equipment, the least tmo can do for its customers since they don’t have the best smart phone deal. We don’t mind sharing the hero with Sprint.

  12. And it was confirmed by Leakdroid that the image was photo shopped so no Hero for Tmo

  13. who says i should break out photoshop and make AT&T and Verizon ones to level the playing field…

  14. Maybe I’m just being overly conservative here, but isn’t the Hero *only* FCC certified to operate on WCDMA 850/1900? Barring any other FCC filings, this would mean the only US carrier who could offer it at present (at least with full capabilities) would be AT&T. That could always change, but for now they’re the only carrier with regulatory approval.

  15. @ medicdave- no your not. I’m pretty sure that’s the only piece of credible evidence we’ve seen. Or maybe I’m overlooking something because my carrier is AT&T…

  16. To everyone who is already on t-mobile and is complaining that t-mobile US won’t carry the hero: I hope you have already gone to the t-mobile web site and written a letter to them telling them you want them to carry it and will switch carriers if they don’t. If they really aren’t planning on carrying it, with enough emails, they might change their mind…better than just complaining amongst ourselves, right?

  17. It should really go to at&t. They haven’t gotten an android phone yet and they really need one. And it already went to Orange which is like the U.K. version of at&t

  18. Verizon deserves this one there behind my storm is lacking I need something better all the other carriers have already got on their toes with this competition it would be set if both carriers have a good successful htc or iphone related technology htc hero come to verizon and pull em out o this shit hole

  19. Tim,

    Snail mail is the way to go if you want to get a company’s attention.

    They discount email and Web feedback pretty heavily because it’s so easy to do. But put some paper in their hands that you had to go out and buy a stamp for, their ears will perk up to that.

  20. I have a smooth running Hero Rom running on my G1 now….but I would still buy the Hero if it came to T-Mobile….for sure.

  21. i spoke with a Tmobile rep about 2 weeks and I asked about their upcoming phones. they of course mentioned the My Touch 3G but I specifically asked about the Hero… he said he could not say exactly and what he said is only speculation BUT they are not releasing the Hero but the G2 (which we know is another name for the Hero) in Q4.

  22. lol dude verizon will cripple/gimp the Hero like a B..

  23. We most def need to write tmobile and complainor atleast advise them to get the HERO or were leaving(whom ever gets the HERO). I just came from a sprint store and there plans suck aaaaasssss!! I want to stay with tmobile but theyre messing up especially with the mytouch!!

  24. will the Europen Hero work in US? or Asian Hero?
    will the 3G work in the US?

  25. Sadly, this rumor has been debunked at Leakdroid.com. Oh well… I’m not on contract with T-mo. ;)

  26. Its a fake, via mobile crunch (http://www.mobilecrunch.com/2009/08/07/total-bs-t-mobile-is-not-getting-the-htc-hero/)

    Its funny leakdroid just happened to redo their site and removed the topic from their homepage.

  27. T-mobile uk already has the htc hero, on top of that if u go to the htc website for the hero, and look at where to purchase a hero for the us, ull see under company names t-mobile and sprint, however the name hero might be changed to g2 touch, and will of course be retro fited for the sprint network if all passes through the tests for the htc hero, but for the moment t-mobile of usa does not want the focus to be on hero since it is not going to be released till later on this year.
    i am however very excited to see the hero, and its unique Ui.
    Joshua M Alicea Li
    [email protected]

  28. I dont really hat is going on stateside, but over here in Denmark we have approx 7 different carriers that have the Hero, and I just bought 1. It is a must have cell phone.

  29. if u click the link and scroll over the hero you’ll see the android logo appear over it. while the other htc phones will show the windows logo. so im pretty sure t-mobile will get this….

  30. This is such a sweet phone! Looks like I will have to replace my G1 with it. :)

  31. This is Bogus ..
    i got a mytouch, but i aint complaining about the phone i really like the mytouch
    but why can tmobile release the G2 hero.. with more better features and graphics..
    whats gonna happen with the mytouch users?? once they release a better andriod phone?? i’d be pissed

  32. Plssssseee gimme dah hero. I’m tired of my g1!let’s gooooo darnit

  33. Thay better mack it for t-mobile i wish i. I could inter view one it would

  34. If thay put it for t-mobile they will get lots of pepole becase no one likes sprint an the US is bigger then the UK an the price should be $185.99 an if i could mack a phone it would be vere good becase i now a good phone when i see one like when i saw the hero i now it would be good. All the htc phone are good i love all of them i would buy all of them or test them it would so much fun

  35. Dear HTC

    I hop you can put the HTC Hero for t mobole becase i am going to get one well if you put it for
    t mobole why are you guys not putting it for it becase i dont need a itouch an you will get a lot of pepole an i think no won likes sprint an if you guys wont to talk about it email me an you guy need to put it for t mobole pleas pleas pleas i beg of you owe an if you guy need me to test somthing i will but with out a sim card

    PS good job on the flash on the HTC Hero

  36. Dear HTC

    I hop you can put the HTC Hero for t mobole becase i am going to get one well if you put it for t mobole why are you guys not putting it for it becase i dont need a itouch an you will get a lot of pepole an i think no won likes sprint an if you guys wont to talk about it email me an you guy need to put it for t mobole pleas pleas pleas i beg of you owe an if you guy need me to test somthing i will but with out a sim card

    PS good job on the flash on the HTC Hero

  37. Hi
    I have a HTC HERO I bought back home in Switzerland. I have a Flex Dataplan with t-mobile and spend already 2h with customer care to make it running. t-mobile is not able to set up the Andorid Market for my phone. Is their anybody with a HTC Hero in the USA and with which provider?

  38. Okay Um , this is obviously fake b/c as you can clearly see in the first picture on the top right it says ” Canada & Select Country but on the second picture it shows that THAT is blurred out

    & i know it says Tmobile (USA) meaning its america but why would they blurr that out if they are not doing anything stupid ?

    who agrees ?!

  39. It is a must, must, must that Tmobile get’s the hero, if not im with Tose, I will totally ditch tmobile for any carrier that gets the HERO

  40. I don’t get why people want Hero on T-mobile… Don’t u guys want HTC HD2 (SnapDragon) on T-mobile? I would rather get a HD2 Android phone than a hero…

  41. FAKE…coz in the top its written canada and htc havent hit canada’s sprint yet and plus its written T-Mobile USA
    whereas it should be written t-mobile canada

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