HTC Hero Gets HTC Sync 2.0.4 Update


The HTC Hero is the first phone to have the company’s custom Android build, named HTC Sync. If you’re lucky enough to own the phone then you should know that updates are now available. You can check out the full download/installation instructions or view them below.


Ahh… the wonderful world of copy and paste:

Installation Instructions:

Version: 2.0.4

Installation Instructions:
1. Hardware Requirements (PC)
1 GHz or higher processor clock speed recommended
512 MB of RAM or higher recommended
Super VGA (800 x 600) or higher-resolution video adapter and monitor
50 MB of available free hard disk space
USB 2.0 is required

2. Software Requirements – Supported Operating Systems (PC)
Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2
Windows XP Professional Edition Service Pack 2
Windows XP Media Center Edition Service Pack 2
Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate Edition
Microsoft Windows Vista Enterprise Edition
Microsoft Windows Vista Business Edition
Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Edition
Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic Edition

3. Installation Instructions

1. Click Download below to download “HTC Sync_2.0.4.zip” to your PC.
2. Unzip “HTC Sync_2.0.4.zip” and run “HTC Sync_2.0.4.exe” to install it to your PC.(Suggestion: Please close all running programs and temporarily exit your anti-virus program when you install the HTC Sync)
3. From your PC, launch HTC Sync, and use the USB cable to connect your phone to the PC (if the phone is not connected to the PC there will be a sync failure).
4. On your phone, check Notifications on the status bar for the icon to confirm if HTC Sync recognizes the phone.
5. The first time you synchronize the phone, the Synchronization Settings Wizard will start automatically to help you set up HTC Sync. (If the Synchronization Settings Wizard does not start, click Synchronize Now on the HTC Sync screen.)
After the first time, to start syncing your phone to your computer, pull down the notifications bar on the phone and tap “Synchronize your phone with Windows” to connect to the PC
6. On your PC, Follow the instructions to finish the wizard.on the HTC Sync screen.

* The installation process takes up to several minutes. It is recommended that you close all programs on your PC prior to starting the installation program and do not open any applications or files while the installation is in process.

To actually download the file, you’ll have to visit the HTC website.

[Thanks Andy!]

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  1. ‘The HTC Hero is the first phone to have the company’s custom Android build, named HTC Sync.’

    The custom Android build is called HTC Sense. HTC Sync is a program to allow you to sync your phone with your computer.

  2. I beileve the HTC magic. from rogers has HTC sync aswell

  3. Hi,

    I’m in Switzerland and ma carrier is SUNRISE.
    The magic from Sunrise is the HTC BUILD and I’ve the HTX SYNC on it !!

    All models with HTX Build have this !

  4. HTC’s custom android build for hero is called sense. This is an update to the windows syncing tool, not the Android build.

  5. I have the Rogers Magic and can conferm that it had the HTC sync on launch.

  6. I think the HTC Sync is just that, the syncing software. I know it provides androidoutlook syncing at least.

  7. What does the update do?

  8. I think people are confusing HTC Sync with HTC Sense

  9. Dont update. I done it in de HTC Magic and the SPL is now 1.33.0010, a PERFECT SPL. End of ROM for me in the next times.

  10. The update generates lots of web traffic and forum posts, forces people to update their existing software and provides no extra functionality. My Hero was syncing fine with the version before this.

  11. This is just a minor update to the PC synchronising software, it doesn’t update the phone at all.

  12. Can a htc hero buyer update the phone with normal android updates from google, or does he have to wait for htc to release special builds for hero ?

  13. I tried syncing last night, wthe two machines, re-installs, reconfigurations etc…result: HTC sync would only sync my Outlook Calendar and would not sync any contacts.

    I even created a blank Outlook contacts file and put in just one contact…nothing worked.

    Nice phone, but realy disappointed about the contacts sync not working.

  14. I installed the latest update 2.04 i am running vista. Connected and did not sync with phone. Eventually installed previous version, can get contacts to sync however my homepc keeps freezing and will not shut down since installing HTC Sync, any ideas.

  15. I finally managed with help to sync.my HTC Hero with my contacts and calender.Tasks is another problem.However,my contacts were originally optionally viewed unfiltered
    (i.e.in alphabetical order),which is a last resort or in categories,(i.e. restaurants,medical etc. etc.),which is the practical,fastest and easiest way to find and dial someone. Of course,the HTC apparently cannot sync.contacts any other way but in alphabetical order.Annoying!
    Anyone have a remedy?

  16. I have HTC Magic. I have downloaded the new update and it cannot even find my phone. There is no Synch.exe file on the SD Card either. I got my contacts across by using the export facility built into Outlook and saved the files in a .csv format then used the import facility in Google. Much easier and it works. I have got rid of the HTC software as it appears to be useless. With the calendar in Outlook I used Google Calendar Synch software and it updates both ways from Google.Its free and it works.

  17. Hi, I have a problem with HTC Sync 2.0.4 and my HTC Hero phone: in some cases sync works, in most cases however it does not. I’m running Win XP SP2. More specifically, when starting a sync from the phone, the HTC Sync icon in the PCs system tray does not turn green to indicate it is connected to the phone and sync does not start. I have not been able to pinpoint more exactly when it does work and when it doesn’t; looks random to me. Using the ‘USB Mount’ function on the phone always works, so basic USB connectivity seems OK. According to HTC Support, this problem is seen more often, but they have no solution as of today. The HTC Hero always presents the error message “Next Step, unable to find HTC Sync on your PC. Please make sure ….”
    Any suggestions on what to check/change?
    When should the HTC Sync icon in the system tray turn green? As soon as the USB cable is connected or only when a sync is started?

  18. I just cant get this damn thing to work the sync manager just won’t recognize my phone.

  19. I had problems when I tried to upgrade to HTC Sync 2.0.4 – the phone just couldn’t see my PC.

    I found that I had to uninstall not only HTC Sync but ALSO the HTC Driver that accompanies it. I then reinstalled the original HTC Sync 2.0.2 which comes with (in) the phone and was able to sync again.

    Perhaps if one removed both Sync AND the Driver and started afresh with 2.0.4 it might work? Having wasted hours trying to get out of this I’m not about to go meddling again – just pleased that 2.0.2 works again!

    Hope this helps someone!

  20. hi, i have the exact same problem as 17.

    i use xp sp 3 – and the sync program is just all grey – cant push nothing, and i wont recongnize my hero..

    i can mount the usb fine and use the sd card without problems, but HTC sync and the phone dosnt work.. have tryed everything from resetting the phone, to uninstall – reinstall even installing older program – nothing works.. please help.

  21. Hi again, i solved out the problem..
    i noticed after lots of try’es focusing on the software.. that it wasnt here the problem was..

    so i clicked properties on “my computer” and choose device management.. in here i saw that my phone was shown as unknown (ADA) somthing like that.. so what i did was right clickin it, choose update driver… and choose the driver from HTC driver location… and finally somthing worked, it installed the driver, renamed my phone to My htc, and Synced instantly !!!

    so i could update rom, and now the phone is much more smooth and lagless !!

    hope this can help some ppl ;)

    im using Xp pro. SP3

  22. Same as #17 here as well. Drivers all installed OK, no synchronisation at all. A reboot of my PC usually fixes it, but that’s not wholly convenient as I often want to sync several times during a working day.

  23. OK – I have it working consistently now.

    The solution is not ideal, but follwo the steps belwo and it should be OK.

    1. Connect your Hero to your PC via USB
    2. Turn it off (hold the power button down for a bit, don’t just put it to sleep)
    3. Turn it back on again.

    That’s it…. the problem is on the phone, not the PC – for some reason the part of the OS that controls the USB connection seems not to be working properly.

  24. Still can’t get this working. I’ve tried it on XP with v2.04 and v2.02. It just doesn’t want to establish a connection. I’ve tried all the steps suggested. Seems like it’s just rubbish.

  25. Hum, isn’t the point of android that it is NOT windows mobile. How do I synch the HTC Hero to a pc running a strain of linux? (in my case Fedora)

  26. Simple really – don’t install this update as it’s not worth the hassle of trying to get it to work consistently then giving up by uninstalling it, rebooting, installing previous version, rebooting just to make what you had working perfectly before work again.

  27. Turning on the USB debugging in the phone’s settings seems to now allow it to make connection. Not sure if it is actually this setting or a coincidence but seems ok now.

  28. There is perhaps a connection between killing “PC-Syncronisation” and the Hero not sync’ing?
    When you turn the Hero off and restart it, “PC-Syncronisation” restarts, and the Hero wants to sync again:)
    Works for me!

  29. restarting HTC Hero worked :)

  30. Hi .. ok had the same problem .. sync not working …. so

    1. unistalled latest version from PC
    2. installed version on sd card to PC
    3. Start up HTC Sync
    only when phone turned off then on did it work

    i would suggest just turning phone off and on whilst connected via usb .. if that doesnt work re-install original version and try again .. worked for me



  31. Me again .. anyone have luck unlocking Orange HTC HERO .. have tried two companines so far .. one looked dodgy the other professional …. both did not work, seems Orange have a tight hold on the phones .. would like to hear from anyone that has had REAL luck … cheers


  32. I have a sprint hero, and I did the following.

    HTC hero is not hooked up via USB yet.

    1. installed the latest htc sync tool in my desktop, and left it running.
    2. went to this folder: C:\Program Files\HTC\HTC Driver\Driver Files\XP_x86
    3. right clicked on androidusb.inf, and htcrndis.inf, and clicked on ‘install’ for each one, one at a time.
    4. Plugged in my Hero, and it recognized. If this doesn’t work, try turning off phone, and turning it back on again while plugged in.
    5. Synced just my calendar, and events from my outlook calendar correctly synced over to my Hero.

  33. Just want to thank you guys for the advice you’ve posted for syncing the Hero. After unistalling then reinstalling the software and going a bit mental, I followed 32’s advice and also turned the phone off then back on and my pc finally recognised my phone…happy days :D


    Does any of this work on mac os x? This is a major deciding point for me.

  35. Yep… that did it for me, too. Reboot the phone =)~

  36. I had similar problem to 17, here’s what worked for me:

    I went into Settings > Applications > Development

    And switched on USB debugging, and Stay awake and HTC Sync picked up my phone without a problem….

    Worth a try I guess :)



  37. Derek (#36): Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
    I have tried all of the previous suggestions and my phone still was not recognized on my laptop, even though it would recognize it on my desktop (both XP, SP2). The USB Debugging was the easiest and it popped up with the what do you want to name your HTC. Thanks again!

  38. I tried to download this for my Sprint Hero and hen it attempted to install on my PC is stated that I already had a newer version installed on my PC ????

  39. thnx derek (#36) i just did the same thing after trying out previous suggestions to no avail. now, it’s working fine for me.

  40. Thank you Derek! I was about to go back to the store with the phone!

  41. Warning: 2.0.4 is buggier than a flophouse mattress and will eventually kill your Windows OS requiring a reboot. I recommend uninstalling it until a fixed version is released. For background see here:


  42. DOES NOT WORK…. why an otherwise GREAT phone CANT get syncing with outlook to work right is beyond me. Was only able to do one partial sync…and it only synced one calendar event…AND NO CONTACTS. And now wont sync sync at all with errors all over the place.

  43. I’m starting to get a little angry I bought this phone now… started off good… bit way to many “little problems” that keep popping up.

    The “new” sync software does not work….and you shouldnt have to jump through hoops to get it to work.

    False advertising anyone??

  44. I am totally p’d off! I waited months for my network provider Orange to release a compatible new rom version (through the HTC site) and am having nothing but grief from Sync, needed for the upgrade process. Sync worked first time, after installation, but dropped connection within 5 minutes, and now refuses to connect subsequent to that first operation. I have been trying for hours to get the phone to see sync and vice versa. Tried all the above, different variants of Sync (back with 2.04 which came with the phone now) with reboots, usb debugging, admin workarounds etc, but either my Vista Business or HTC’s Sync have fallen out with each other. I have little hair left, or nails, and I’m giving up, so there!!! Agreed with 43. Should not have to jump through flipping hoops to resolve this. It’s ridiculous.

  45. HELP i miss my Iphone. htc hero sync nightmare . Htc=problem problems problemsss. My iphone never problems.why was i so stupid that i replaced my iphone with this htc hero crap

  46. was nobody thinking of windows 7..??

    its very annoying pc suite installs etc, phone will not sync up, when is this going to be fixed?

  47. Well I think my issues have been solved by installing HTC Sync 2.0.8 this is the latest release and can be found here


    Good luck

  48. Stu, if you haven’t figured it out already you don’t need Sync to work to upgrade your ROM.

    New version Sync (2.0.8) still not working for me on XP. It’s beyond a joke!

  49. Hi,

    #21 worked for me with my Hero & laptop XP.

    My problem had been that during install of HTC Sync I got an error message saying that the driver could not be found, even though the file path was correct.

    When I connected the phone to the pc and checked the hardware – it did indeed show my phone as ADB; so I updated the driver by selecting the same location manually and it all went ok!


  50. Can someone tell me how to sync my Hero with Outlook for windows 7? its not even a option on the sync program it just stops at windows xp. please email me @ [email protected]



  52. Thanks a lot you guys – took the use of several of your solutions to get sync’d – but have just got there !
    The only bad thing about this phone now is the e-mail support from the HTC website – I never got a reply to any of the e-mails I sent !
    They could have just sent me here !

    Once again – thanks to all – your great !

  53. Alright so I installed the latest version of HTC sync and my computer sees that I am connecting my phone, but whenever I try and sync my phone it does not copy any of my contacts into outlook. I am pretty sure that I have everything set up right. Any suggestions on how to fix this. I am running Windows 7 64 bit.

  54. On your HRC Hero phone, click on the menu button and then on the notification button (it is the “! button” – I have Android in Portuguese and not sure about the translation).
    Just follow the instructions to connect Hero to your PC.

  55. Hello
    This is probably a simple question that someone perhaps can help me to answer.
    I am thinking about buying the Hero. I am using Windows 7 (64). However,I am not certain whether the HTC Sync 2.0.4 allows direct sync to Outlook without having to involve Google Calender Synch at all.

  56. hey this is probably an easy fix, but i can never get my hero to b recognized on the computer. i installed the latest version of sync and it installed the drivers and so on. just after u install the sync its spose to turn green on the task bar but it is always gray…..any ideas???????? please help! thx!


    You need to to activate the sync program on the htc after you have installed it on your pc.

    drag down the notification bar at the top of your phone and select sync.

    that will install the drivers on your pc and get things going.

  58. hi
    when i was conected my htc p3300 to my laptop , all my contact gone , i am not able to see it on my cell , can any one help me

  59. Is there an app or another way to open Microsoft Works files on my Hero?

  60. I figured out why none of my contacts on my here are not getting transfered to outlook. It is because my contacts are saved as google rather than phone and i do not know how to change it.

  61. Thank you everyone.

    I had trouble syncing my phone (tattoo) and was about to bash my head against a wall when I found this site. It solved my problems. Should have known a computer problem would be solved by turning it off and on again.

  62. bouncing on post 51 from CONNECT. I have the same problem with phone number going into the general notes fields where it can’t be selected to call. I am syncing from a csvfile I uploaded to google mail. The phone numbers are in a field called ‘phone number’!

  63. I don’t know others, But my syncings sometimes need to restart my Hero, I don’t know why. it is not stale experiences.

  64. Please help. I have tried all tricks on this page, I tried to install a program Sync2 and I tried to use google apps sync. My Hero doesnt find HTC sync on PC, Sync 2 only syncronize from google to outlook (btw Sync 2 is not free) and Google Apps sync is too much hazzle to work with. The only thing seems to be easy is HTC sync, but it doesn’t work. I have used almost 2 weeks to sync my Hero, I really start to get mad. The error message I get on my Hero is : Unable to find HTC Sync on your PC. Please make sure that HTC sync is installed and opened on your computer. You can install HTC Sync from…bla-bla-bla

  65. I’ve had endless problems too – but think I have the solution….(Re: HTC Hero and syncing w Outlook – assuming you have ALL your contacts in Outlook and want them on your phone)

    Whatever you’ve done so far, first thing is to backup your Outlook data into a /pst file. (I didn;t first time and lost the lot!!!)

    Delete all contacts from your phone, so you’re starting afresh (else you’ll get loads of duplicates…)

    Un-instal and Re-instal HTC Sync.

    Make sure HTC Sync is OPEN (right click the icon on our taskbar and “Open”) else it won;t recognise your phone.

    Connect your phone via USB.

    When the two icons appear at the top of your phone’s screen (if they don;t…I don;t know what to suggest)

    Drag your finger down the screen of your phone to open the 2 HTC Sync icons (USB & Sync) into notifications.

    Ignore the USB one for now.

    Tap the Sync Notification.

    DON’T Press “Sync now” on your phone…go back to your PC.

    It should have recognised your phone now and allow you to sync by clicking the Synchronise Now icon in the HTC Sync window.

    BUT DON’T!!!!

    Instead, click Sync Manager to open a new window.

    Repair – overwrite mobile phone

    This should put everything from Outlook onto your phone – you shouldn;t need to do this again.

    From now on – simply “Synchronise Now” from HTC sync (using all the default settings) and any changes you make to either your phone or to your PC should update the other on next sync.

    Hope all this makes sense….


    PS – if you do lose all your Outlook data, you can very quickly import it back from your .pst file. In Outlook, FILE, IMPORT/EXPORT, IMPORT FROM A PROGRAM OR FILE, locate file and import and all should be well again!


    If anyone knows how you can sync these (as HTC Sync appears not to allow this) I’d be grateful of any direction….

  67. Had problems syncing after upgrading my Hero firmware. Thanks to Rodney, 32, I’ve got things back in order again. Thank yo all the help.

  68. I found a soulution:
    My problem was that my phone couldnt find the HTC sync program on PC. I got this error on my phone: “Unable to find HTC Sync on your PC. Please make sure that HTC sync is installed and opened on your computer. You can install HTC Sync from….etc”
    However I could connect my phone via USB and I could transfer files between phone and PC, but not syncing.

    When I checked “Device Manager” I saw the driver wasn’t install properly. I tried several time to re-install from “C:\Program Files\HTC\HTC Driver\Driver Files\XP_x86”, but it didn’t recognize the file.

    Finally I had to force the device to use the driver by, right click on it (Device Manager) – Updates driver – Install from a specific location – Don’t search. I will choose the driver to install –
    Here you will get a list over manufacturers name and you choose HTC and MY HTC (to the right) – then pick up the file androidusb from “C:\Program Files\HTC\HTC Driver\Driver Files\XP_x86” and click through the Wizard. Finally I could connect to HTC sync.

    In the end I am using version 2.0.18 of HTC sync. And I have Windows XP. BTW, I can to turn off my antivirus program to sync my outlook contacts.

  69. Hi!
    I’ve a some problem with the new HTC Legend. It’s amazing good, but I can’t make the sync between the phone and the PC! Two different techinc manager saw it – both the phone and the PC – but they couldn’t fix it…
    The HTC SYNC 2.0.18 is on my PC, and when I connenct the phone to the PC, it recognise the new HTC Android phone, the phone at the same time recognise that on the PC there is a HTC sync program, and try to connect, but after a few second its failed, it says: disconnected…
    I tried other HTC Legend phones in the store, but allways this is the end of the connection. On the official HTC homepage I can’t find anything to help…
    I need to wait HTC to make a new upgrade and get it on the homepage, or what?
    Can anyone help me? Thanx!

  70. Hi all,

    I’m trying to import all my contacts and information from my HTC hero phone to my laptop using the sync. But like a lot of people here I’m not really having much luck!

    Am I doing something fundamentaly wrong here, if so would someone mind giving me some ‘idiot proof’ guidelines to help me figure this out!

    Many thanks in advance

    Haylee x

  71. Oh and also I want to install the new ROM update but will I need to sync my contacts and information first before I do this?
    I think I read that it restores your factory settings when you do this!
    Also does anyone know if we are able to run a ‘tv catchup’ app when the new ROM is installed?

    I’m kind of wishing I got the Iphone now =( This phone seems alot of hassle!!

    Haylee x

  72. I have been trying to sync up for months now (and, I’m not a neophyte). Oddly enough, the first time I tried to sync up it worked. But, ever since then I get those fateful words: “Unable to find HTC Sync on your PC…” No recognition. No love for my Hero.

    I’ve tried every tip above except #65 (not feeling good about possibly losing everything I already have). None have worked for me. Curse you Red Baron!

    One would think that this is a pretty fundamental process that should be bullet-proof (or idiot-proof). After all, it’s hard to call something a “smart phone” if it’s not “smart” enough to sync up like this, right? Pretty darn frustrating, that’s for sure

    Is there ANY official word from HTC on this issue? I’ve sent email to support, but have yet to hear back.

    Thanks to all who’ve contributed ideas above. Now, I just need to find another that works for me!

  73. my HTCsync was not working previosuly. every time i connect the mobile it shows HTC sync not found.. i uninstalled the HTC SYNC and installed the HTC software with my user account ( right click selct run as.. account name) and it works :)

  74. I have found out that HTC sync will not connect to the Phone if you are running Setpoint from Logitech. Try and disconnect setpoint and remove it from the StartUp list – then reboot andt HTC will connect to your phone…

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