Jul 13th, 2009

First came the Samsung Instinct, heralded as a self-proclaimed iPhone killer. Although it didn’t kill the iPhone it made a for a powerful feature phone that flew off the shelves rapidly while making many owners perfectly happy. Then you had the Instinct S30, referred to by many as the Instinct Mini. Now Samsung looks to continue their Instinct line with the Samsung InstinctQ M900… which could quite possibly be an Android Phone.

We know the InstinctQ will have Wifi because that is how we know it exists: official documents show that it has just passed Wi-Fi certification standards necessary.


The Wi-Fi interoperability report shows only the naming of the device but we know that Samsung phones starting with InstinctQ usually refer to Sprint… so Sprint Android fans have reason to be excited.

As for Android? This rumor comes from Cellpassion who claim to have some inside knowledge on this… so yeah, just a rumor for now. But one that we definitely hope proves true.

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