HTC Hero Coming To Sprint In October?


In January 2009 we saw the HTC Hero leaked along with a HUGE list of other devices HTC has in the works but there were literally know details besides the name and a blurry picture. Last month it looked as if Orange would carry the HTC Hero in Europe but what about in the United States? An XDA-Developers post gives us some hints:

HTC Hero (Android) Release Date: 10/11/2009

Hey guys,

I work for a wireless developer firm and I have just received word from the US carrier (cannot disclose who yet) that the release date for the HTC Hero (Android) is October 11th 2009.


The carrier is giving us specifications to develop wallpaper, ring tones and apps to sell in their market place.

This is just a bit of teaser information for now. I will provide more info as allowed.

And remember, you heard it here first!



We should show some restraint in terms of jumping to conclusions as this is merely a post by one atomixpaintball on a forum that could be completely inaccurate or somebody trolling for fun. But you know us… the robot is always half full of charge.

That being said, this release date is listed on October 11th 2009 which is a Sunday. And as AndroidCentral so wittingly pointed out, Sprint has a history of launching handsets on Sundays so you would THINK, if the rumor is accurate, that the HTC Hero will launch on Sprint sometime in October 2009 or around there. A long time to wait but hopefully will be well worth it.

On a side note I followed a link in atomixpaintball’s signature that said “please pray for LTxda’s daughter” and it seems one of their forum members has a 2 year old daughter with melanoma. If you scroll to the bottom of supportalessandra.com you can see pictures of the little girl and she is adorable indeed. So if you’re the religious type say a prayer, the superstitious type cross your fingers, the hopeful type do some wishing, or none of those types just feel lucky for the health of you and your family.

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  1. THAT PHONE IS SO UGLY HATE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ok I am not saying, but I’m just saying…notice the image, it’s called the Hero (Andoid)….is this the ultimate Sprint phone?

    Sprint has a major ad tie-in to Heroes the Television show, with Hiro and Ando, and the mis-spelling on this one is too classic, calling the phone Hero with the Android/Andoid…

    I think it’s Sprint 100%

  3. When will HTC release an android phone with a physical keyboard and a 3.5″ display?

    Also the angled form at the bottom of the HTC Hero is nasty.
    Will this phone have a physical keyboard? If not, then you might as well go for the HTC Magic.

  4. This reminds me of the old phones in the early 90s.

  5. Yet another chinned android phone.

  6. As an Instinct user, this looks better than nothing. As long as Sprint keeps the Google experience intact, I’ll take the first Android phone I can get.

  7. WRONG.
    HTC JASPER is coming to Sprint.
    NOT the HERO.

  8. hmm, if the jasper C is really coming to sprint, do you think it would be an android phone?
    i noticed that it had a lip on the bottom of it,
    much like the hero, dream, and magic phones by HTC,
    which would hint to it being an android phone,
    i don’t know perhaps it’s just my wishful thinking running wild.

  9. not sure if an shiny new android will be enough to keep me from bailing the minute my contract with sprint ends or not…but it would certainly help.

    between the increasingly common voice service problems and dramatic mid-contract changes in terms to data plans, i’ve gone from being a sprint fanboy to being rather disgruntled.

    i spend a ridiculous amount of money with sprint, but i’m not feeling any love. change my mind, sprint!

  10. HTC Hero was just announced officially and doesn’t look as bad as the photos we saw here (ugh, pink) at all! http://www.htc.com/www/product/hero/overview.html – it actually looks quite decent. Multitouch + flash? Sign me up!

  11. I highly doubt it will be for Sprint unless there are MAJOR changes to its design & firmware. First off no Android phone in the wild supports CDMA although it has had code merged into the android source branch. Also, HTC announced the phone yesterday and it is slated to be Dual Band HSPA/WCDA (900, 2100) and Quad Band EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900). This means it WON’T WORK ON SPRINT, forgoing major hardware changes. Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble…

  12. I thought the TM or patent or whatever is filled with the FCC around the end of may for 180 days??? I didn’t do loads of research cause I read ATT and stopped but figured i’d chime in

  13. I love it! I can’t wait for it to come out. I would really like it my phone carrier has other colors besides chocolate and white, such boring and dull colors!

  14. Well it just goes to show most all of you, none of you know the truth. Sprint Is receiving the HTC HERO (I have seen it)and it is an Android phone and YES it does work on CDMA network. You should all get your facts correct before you just start typing something you really do not know anything about.

  15. I know for a fact the Hero is with Sprint and will release within the next few days!

  16. I’m unimpressed by all the ‘chinned’ phones HTC keeps dishing out, and even more so by the fact that all the Android phones are all touch phones with no physical QWERTY keyboards. Do we know if the Jasper C is an Android, as it has the slight chin as well?

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