Jul 27th, 2009

A little snooping in the public files of the United States Patent and Trademark Office have uncovered 5 new names that HTC has trademarked:

  • HTC Vigor
  • HTC Dawn
  • HTC Interlude
  • HTC Imagio
  • HTC Tattoo

These are presumably the names of upcoming HTC phones, and considering that 50% of HTC phones will run Android by next year, I think its safe to say that at least 1 or 2 of these will be Android Phones… if they ever materialize. I’m diggin’ Vigor and Dawn a little bit whereas Interlude sounds too hands off, Imagio is hard/awkward to pronounce (unless it is meant for foreign market) and Tattoo seems a bit too gimmicky.

The European of the Trademark Office only had 2 of the 5 names applied/registered – Dawn and Tatto0 – the latter of which came with an image/logo:


The application for trademarks pretty much guarantees these are more than codenames. However, we know nothing else about these names other than HTC has applied to use them. Being the first we’ve heard of any of these, we’ll have our ears sharpened to these names in particular. If YOU happen to hear/see/read/know anything, holler at our tip link!

[PhoneArena via IntoMobile]

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