50% Of HTC Phones Will Be Android In 2010?


To say that HTC has been a beacon of hope for the Android platform would likely be an understatement. As the platforms first true adopter (in terms of manufacturing), HTC has already come to market with a handful of Android Phones while all top competitors besides Samsung have yet to launch a single offering.

HTC is setting a ridiculous pace with Android and if rumors from the DigiTimes are true, the momentum will continue. Supposedly 30% of HTC Phones this year will be running Android. Mathematically speaking that means we should still have several HTC Android phones to enjoy before the holidays. Next year they report that number will jump to a whopping 50%!


HTC took a concept, hit the ground running and is now WAY ahead of its competition in regards to Android. The fact that the forward looking company hopes half their handsets will be Android next year says a lot about the platform. I’m sure they’ll be rewarded for being ahead of the curve and the big guys better not get too comfortable with their market share.

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  1. wow..if true.. this is coming fr a company which recently said, almost always go for winmo over anyother os…not that its bad news thou

  2. nice! i wouldnt be sad at all if they stopped producing windows mobile phones all together.

  3. Touch Pro 2 with Android. Nuff said.

  4. I agree Josh. All the HTC users that I know that have a Win based phone seem to always need to use a stylus. eek!

    I think I better start working on an Android app. Seems like Market is going to grow a lot. Hopefully!

  5. HTC aims to build so many Android phones. But their support/service sucks big time

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