Morning Donuts (Updated With Pictures!)


android-donut-2Nothing better than having some surprise donuts with my late morning coffee. The sweet, sweet round deep fried sugar treats with a couple of sprinkles, or a look at what Android OS 2.0 will have in store for us; either will do. And the latter is what we got. RootMaster cyanogen uncovered the latest release as well as some of the sweet features it has in store for us. Features which range from gestures, to automated backups, to “tons of performance tweaking”.

From his thread over at XDA, cyanogen taunts us with what he’s found in a small bulleted list.:

  • multitouch
  • gestures
  • cdma
  • search integrated into everything
  • wpa enterprise
  • vpn support
  • automated backups
  • tons of performance tweaking

First off, multitouch. One of the things that Android was seriously lacking; and it was allegedly not included because they didn’t want to make Apple mad? Well, put that in your iPod and smoke it. The first things that comes to mind is that I’ll finally be able to fire up my emulators on my myTouch 3G and can permanently closet the G1, which is so last year.

Tons of performance tweaking? Faster is better; and yes, that’s what she said. I recall reading somewhere that the Weather Channel has their hands on Android SDK 2.0 and can comment on how smooth Android 2.0 (Donut) runs. Does this confirm it? I hope so.

One thing that I did notice to be missing was a mention of additional bluetooth suport. Sure A2DP was nice, but times are moving fast. And while bluetooth is by no means my favorite protocol for anything, I would still like to see full support for it. However, the day is young, and so is Donut.

One thing to note is that as of last read on the XDA thread, cyanogen did say that installing the current build fails on the Dream. So no donut testing quite yet; but that doesn’t mean that the massive community of modders cant relinquish some of the features and throw them into their personal builds.

[via cyanogen@ XDA | Thanks, Carl C!]

[Update 2]
According to cyanogen’s twitter, he has successfully flashed it to the HTC Dream!


Didn’t take long to get some sweet screen shots; and Carl C once again came through with a record breaking tip off time.  These screen shots originated from cyanogen on this post at XDA.  And I have shamelessly stolen them.



donut3 donut4donut5donut6donut7donut9

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  1. Please tell me there’s support for external keyboard in there, either via Bluetooth or USB.

  2. i just had to:
    where’s my donut??

  3. OMG!!! The is great news!!!!!

  4. William, that was a trend that I would hope died about 3 months ago. Damn you!

  5. Multitouch…. do u hear that? Poor little iphone brats crying their eyes out

  6. looking forward for the mobiles with donut

  7. Oh wow, hope they release it soon. Now I can slap that shyt into my brother iPhone Fan face. o_O Multi-task & Multi-touch = Multi-slap!! LOL

  8. What is “ERI text”?

  9. OMG!!

    My Name is on the Post!! YAY!! Thanks Phandroid!

    This is truly great news isn’t it! Finally some news on Donut! The features are looking hot , I can;t wait!!

    Not to mention the Voice Synthesiser which is mentioned in the thread over at XDA , This is a step in the direction for turn by turn direction , you never know Google may have this in for us!

    Carl C =D

  10. LOL @Say-low

    That looks great! hopefully its as good as cupcake!

  11. Sweet

  12. Cyanogen almost has a working rom!!! His post on twitter “flashing donut to my g1 now!” Can’t wait to try this out on my g1

  13. will this come on the hero or not?

  14. It will probably arrive on the hero at some point but I think It’s up to HTC to include all the updates that donut brings; seeing as hero isn’t a Google experience (or whatever they are called) handset.

  15. Performance tweaking is greatly welcomed, however i wish they add bluetooth file-transfer-protocol.
    Hopefully this update wouldn’t take as long as cupcake, plus i want it in my upcoming phone (Sony Ericsson) with the sexy 4 inch screen :D

  16. I love that quick toggle widget! I have been using a wifi app to toggle on and off and it works great but that thing looks really nice and should fit better.

    All the other features look great as well, seems the Hero might be using some donut features already? Namely the tutorial section and multitouch?

  17. I’m hoping Cyanogen will hook us up with a video demo of some sort… or maybe some enterprising phandroids will flash his ROM :)

  18. Donut is NOT Android 2.0. Stop saying that, seriously :)

  19. Donut is the development branch working on Android 2.0. They are one in the same. Being a terminology nazi will only get you ridiculed.

  20. No such thing as Android 2.0. At least thats what the android devs say ..

    “Just to set the record straight, there are currently no official version numbers for future versions of Android, so let’s please not call anything “2.0″ as nobody knows what that refers to.” – Jean-Baptiste Queru

    “First of all there is no such thing as Android 2.0. Donut is Donut, that’s all. Then we never said Donut would not be supported on ADP1 or G1.” – Romain Guy

    “We don’t know what android 2.0 will be. We are doing all our work by pastry and someone on the marketing side makes up the version number later” – Mike Lockwood

  21. @Romain Guy, Please do more research before typing…

    Android 1.5 (aka Cupcake)

    Android 2.0 (aka Donut)

    You weirdo!!

  22. I’m just quoting the info from http://androidandme.com/2009/07/uncategorized/donuts-roadmaps-and-android-2-0/ Nevertheless, cyanogen almost has a donut rom. He’s got the update running on his g1 right now, and is just working out a few bugs before a release.

  23. You’re telling one of the lead Android developers that he doesn’t know how his project’s development process works? Seriously?

  24. @Tyler Miller

    Being one of the engineers working on Donut, I can assure you this is not Android 2.0 :)

  25. @Romain Guy – I guess I should tell our writers to idle in #android a little more so they already know who is who ;)

  26. darn now i will to wait longer to decide if i want hero or donut

    unless someone here is from htc and can tell me if hero will get donut =]

  27. @Romain Guy
    Are you the guy who did present Donut at Google I/O 2009 ?
    If yes, the hand writing to filter a list is amazing ; is it in Donut ?

  28. @Romain Guy – Can you elaborate on what this update (Donut, Android 2.0 or whatever it’s going to be called officially) will have aside from the features mentioned above?

    Will it support Bluetooth file transfer? Where/How will multitouch be supported? What are these Gestures for exactly? Does it have other awesome features?

  29. @Romain Guy – Google engineers are Android fans too? :) Way too cool. I’ve enjoyed your talks and examples.

    This is like Christmas in July. Just awesome.

  30. yes donut is/will be android 2.0

  31. Now heres the ANOTHER question…..would we be able to update to this so called “donut” rom with out rooting?

  32. how are they going to bring out multitouch, is that not patented by apple? i know palm pre has it, but what is the difference? why was multitouch not integrated initially? just curious, cuz it’s going to be a great step forward for android!

  33. @OneSainT – Unfortunately, no. Those without root will have to wait till donut is delivered OTA.

    @glyco – either google or htc or maybe even both wanted to stay clear of the ensuing multi-touch battle that synaptic, the palm pre, and iphone are currently playing a part in. As we know the g1 touch screen uses synaptic drivers and synaptic and elan (or the pal pres touch screen tech provider) have come to a cross-licensing agreement. Elan also has taken Apple to court so depending on that ruling Google could release multi-touch without any problems. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  34. @glyco
    There was a post a couple of months ago that a company had the rights to mult-touch even before apple had it… now that that happened… google can now add multitouch to their “with google phones”

  35. Stupid question; how does Cyanogen have the ROM?

  36. Excuse my french but F*CK MULTI-TOUCH!!! It’s really not that big of an issue.

    The real story here is VPN and WPA. This has HUGE business implications. There are some good apps like ConnectBot that don’t do me any good at work because I can’t get on the employee wireless and at home I can’t VPN. I’m actually not sure of the capabilities of BlackBerry or the IPhone in this arena but this makes Android a very serious business tool.

  37. Has there been any confirmation that there will be an OTA update for the G1 or will it be released only for future phones? I want this but I’m not interested in rooting.

  38. I still believe that if any company took anyone else to court over muti-touch, it would eventualy be thrown out of court by the mere fact that you can not patent a natural (& only) way of interacting with a touch screen using ur hand. There is just no other way of interacting with a touch screen using ur hand, u either got pinching, tapping or sliding ur finger/hand on the screen. And trying to patent multi-touch gestures is like trying to patent the motion of pressing a physical button, its absurd & illogical, cause there’s only one way of pressing a button. Now any company can patent the technology that allows one to use multi-touch ie the screen, like capacitive touch screens, resistive touch screens or any other.

  39. I’ve rooted and unrooted my G1 a few times now..I haven’t been to get a stable Hero Rom running with out some serious lag issues. I know about partitioning the sdcard deal but I don’t care really. IF this rom runs smooth I’ll re-root my phone again.

  40. “Stupid question; how does Cyanogen have the ROM?”
    He has it because it’s open source, he merely downloaded the code Google just uploaded today to the Android open source repository.

    That said, however the features in Donut manifest themselves in an official Android release, I cannot wait. Stop reading blogs and get back to work Romain! :D

  41. A rose by any other name…
    I’m still running Android 1.0 because the Australian telco I got mine from doesn’t ‘do’ OTA. Also can’t flash the thing due to requiring a goldcard – and neither of my Windows Mobile devices will reflash an SD card to a goldcard. So frustrating.

    Look forward to all Cupcake and Donut goodness one day…

  42. i found a donut sdk not sure if official http://andappstore.com/AndroidApplications/sdk/ you have to signup to download.

    and to clear up Donut is not Android 2.0

    Cyanogen has released his Donut Rom

  43. Yeah I am really looking forward to wpa enterprise. I’ll finally be able to connect to the wireless at college.

    As for Cyanogen’s rom, it currently has quite a few bugs but the rom’s come along way in a day’s time.

    For those daring enough and have a rooted phone here’s cyanogens partially working rom: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=540881

  44. cdma does that mean this will suport verizon wireless and all the other cdma companys

  45. what about phone-as-modem ? apple decided to do it… its pretty much a standard feature on med to high end phones and i use it a lot w/ current phone as i’m on the go most of the time… no rooting solution just ready-to-use feature as i’m not a tech guy…

  46. “what about phone-as-modem ? apple decided to do it… its pretty much a standard feature on med to high end phones and i use it a lot w/ current phone as i’m on the go most of the time… no rooting solution just ready-to-use feature as i’m not a tech guy…”
    There’s several applications on the Market already for that. There’s one, I forget the name, that makes you also download software for PC, but you can use it without having root access.

  47. Hopefully Romain Guy is reading this, are we going to get any updates on the Widgets capabilities ? developers wise ofcourse. I mean there are limitations in being able to use only very few “views”.
    And are we getting support for other languages such as Arabic ?
    The emulator, it has many issues especially in capturing images and videos. Using “capture image intent” results in returning a very small image resolution (even with the use of EXTRA_OUTPUT) and the video for some odd reason does not work in the emulator. We also need an out-of-the-box audio recorder instead of implementing our own.

  48. Andy Rubin (Romains boss, or bosses boss, or something like that) seems to think Donut is the next release (http://www.informationweek.com/blog/main/archives/2009/07/google_has_swee.html;jsessionid=KK5NZ4DKOKXKUQSNDLPCKH0CJUNN2JVN)

    The press say Donut == 2.0 (e.g. http://www.engadget.com/2009/05/27/android-2-0-donut-features-demoed-at-google-i-o/)

    Personally I think that either there’s a big communication problem in Google, or Romains’ made a mistake.

  49. Guys, according to Romain Guy in the “Android Developers” google group, there will NO multi-touch support in Donut release (see his post on the 26th of July) :

    This is quite disappointing :(

  50. @ Dzertyx: The hand-writing recognition I demo’ed at Google I/O is not in Donut and will not be. We however released a new Gestures API that would let you build such a feature if you wanted to (note it’s not really handwriting recognition but shapes recognition.) You can play with the new android.gesture API to add gestures/shapes recognition in your apps.

    @Maj: There is no update to the widgets API in Donut.

  51. Heads up, The project that I am involved in already has VPN support on android 1.5. See http://code.google.com/p/get-a-robot-vpnc/ , although its likely that this project may become obsolete when 2.0 ships. Damn shame considering how much effort went into it.

  52. @ Romain Guy

    Any idea when Donut or whatever its called will be released, fairly soon?

  53. The handwriting not in donut :(

  54. I saw a “compatibility mode” option for “old apps” in a screenshot… does that means we need to recompile apps for the upcoming donut build ? I don’t see the point of using Java if we need to recompile at each new version (yeah I know it’s not really java inside but still)

  55. Sort of a kludge, but using the python web server and ASE for wireless file transfer seems to work reasonably well for me. I suspect that there are a lot more features that I haven’t even thought of available there. Still need to see how to grab the “usable” IP addresses for the phoen though. (wifi, telco, anything else say a bluetooth ppp stack)

    hmmm.. wonder if there is sufficient capability to set up a proxy…

  56. interesting 50+ comments in 1 day!

  57. @ romain guy

    will the mytouch 3g be able to get donut? cuz right now everyone’s only talking about the g1.

  58. Horny for Donut!!!!
    Yummy and Fun, fun, fun….. got an update for this around 11:30AM today.. anybody else installed it yet? I’m running JF’s Rom and have root access, not sure if I want to lose it just yet!!!!

  59. @ Romain Guy: do you have an estimate to when donut or whatever it is will be released?

  60. @Jay
    WID == When It’s Done
    I think we’ve heard this before, if they wish to give away the release or have a clear idea when they would have told us already

  61. @ Romain Guy: so what will definitely be in donut or whatever its called

  62. why do you TURDS believe “roman guy” is an android dev?

  63. @mikey He is, he spoke at google i/o conference

  64. I wouldn’t be too jazzed about multitouch + roms. Seems ggnes has trouble with single touch. I mapped ONE button to the touch screen just to test and it only understood one out of every ten taps. Needless to say, a goomba ate mario before he could jump.

  65. @azn bl1tzkr13g

    The reason why everyone is talking about “donut” coming to the G1 is because the install base is MUCH MUCH larger. The G1 has been almost out now for 1 year. The Mytouch 3G isn’t even out in the states.

  66. @sha: No, applications developed and compiled for Android 1.0, 1.1 and 1.5 run just fine on Donut. The compatibility mode is just a temporary setting we use for debugging; Donut brings better support for devices with a screen density lower or higher than 160 dpi (The HTC Dream and Magic for instance have a density of about 160 dpi.)

    @Al Sutton: Donut is the branch that will be used to release the next version of Android, there is no denying that. But that next release does not have a version number yet and as such there is no Android 2.0. The fact that some sites decided Android == Donut 2.0 does not make it true. Nobody from Google and/or the Android team ever said such a thing.

  67. @sha

    The compatibility option is only there for development purposes so will be gone in the final release, and is irrelevant for current devices anyway.

  68. hey…..this is not ‘iknowappleiscrapbutibuythemanywaybecauseitmakesmecoolandpeoplelikeme.co.uk’

  69. It’s funny reading all the fallout with me calling Donut “2.0”. I should keep it up; or find someone else to get all terminology-nazi on me.

  70. mmm.Donut(does the Homer Simpson hungry look). Looks interesting. especially the new toggle widget. hopefully it will get bluetooth obex file transfer.

  71. @Romain
    What’s the story on Obex support? Since we are getting vpn, what’s the story on tethering in doughnut. @Romain, thanks for all your support for the android community, you have answered alot of my questions on the android beginners and android market forums.

  72. The thing i am excited about is performance enhancments

    I have tried alot of things and there are just to many times where my g1 runs like molasses

    I would take snappy performance over multi touch any day of the week

  73. mmmmmm Donut, awesome VPN.

  74. Would be nice if they’d finally get voice-dialing & bluetooth handsfree operation working effectively before they waste time with crap like “gestures”. I guess they’re more interested in making it a fun toy than, say, a telephone…

  75. Read comments by a research analyst today (July 29) from Barclays/Lehman NY who was commenting on Motorola’s upcoming (4th qtr) release (tomorrow?) of Android powered phones and some points mentioned:

    1. Motorola confident 4th Qtr Android devices on track despite Donut slippage. Says recent checks indicate Donut release modestly behind schedule.
    2. Says features expected in the Donut release include CDMA support, universal search, text-to-speech, automated backups, a redesigned camera application, several new widgets and possibly multi-touch support. Says Android has recently released the Donut software to developers, the software not yet ready for commercial launch.
    3. Motorola remains confident its 4th Qtr phones (including CDMA) are on track for launch. Motorola thus must either be convinced of the Donut timelines or have developed CDMA support independently.
    4. They expect a low to mid tier smartphone, possibily the “Scholes” to be launched with T-Mobile and at least one or two high teir smartphones, the “Motus” and /or “Morrison” launched with Verizon and possibly AT&T.
    5. The delay in the Donut version, according to analyst (which was preceded by Cupcake, and to be followed by Eclair and Flan), illustrates the “challenges of outsourcing an OS to 3rd party sotware vendors.” He is merely observing that software release schedules are not under Motorola’s control.
    6. By the way, talking Motorola, did anyone notice the Blur Social Networking Software (from engineer from Good?) they plan to introduce for social networking that is likely to include some push/NOC functionality. The software via a NOC would gather and then push updates from multiple email accounts and social networking sites onto the device, to help Motorola differentiate their phones.


  76. Does anybody know if JF will release this, or at least CRC1 soon? Should I just move on?

  77. is this supposed Donut 2.0 update going to be available for my Tmobile G1??
    im kinda confused and im not sure if its for the g1 or other android based phones..

    thanks for the help :)

  78. OMG…It’s 1.6 geez we still have Eclair and Flan to look forward to…

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