T-Mobile G2 Touch Hits UK Tomorrow!


Just a refresher – the G2 Touch is the T-Mobile UK name for the HTC Hero, but for all intents and purposes they are the exact same phone. That phone – which we unboxed, reviewed and loved – will be on sale tomorrow if you purchase online and will start popping up in stores as well!

This comes from a T-Mobile UK Official Tweet:


Are you planning on buying one? Put the T-Mobile UK Store on Auto Refresh and be one of the first people to order the newest and baddest Android phone on the planet!

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  1. About time. I can finally get excited :)

  2. danm i still have to wait till next year for my contract to end

  3. @Jay – Just think of all the new Android handsets that’ll be out by then!!!

    As for g2 touch…FINALLY!!!

    Spoke to T-mobile today, they’ll be calling me as soon as it’s on their systems. :)

    I’m lucky as I get the “Employee Call” discount. I have to pay £35 for the phone, but I get half price line rental for the whole contract. :) Hoping for a nice early phone call tomorrow, and delivery on Weds!!

  4. Any word on if this will have the Sense UI on it or not? I’ve heard the “with Google” phones won’t have that but wondering if that’s still true since you didn’t mention it in you post.

  5. ^^

    The G2 Touch isn’t actually a ‘With Google’ phone, they’ve just used the ‘G’ naming system because it’s another HTC Android device.

    I think the G1’s real name was T-Mobile G1 with Google, and this one is just the T-Mobile G2 Touch, so it seems as if it WILL have Sense UI (there isn’t anything too different from this and the Hero supplied by Orange)

  6. Been refreshing the website all morning, nothing as of yet! I rang yesterday and was told they would ring be back also, not expecting a call though lol, il have to wait n see

  7. Where is it….! I’ve been waiting ever so patiently!

  8. Delayed until Thursday!!!! wtf – can they not find their ar$es with both hands and a map??

    From chat with TMob site staff:

    Genna: It will be on the site Thursday, free from £35 p/month with the unlimited Internet.

  9. …continued

    Matt: delayed again???!!!

    Genna: I am very sorry, it is just a delay with the adverting.

  10. Matt give them a ring, mines ordered today del tomorrow. Don’t bother with the chat they dont know there arse from there elbow.

  11. It’s all getting a bit silly now… from my chat just now with t-mob:

    dave: i understand that the g2 (htc hero) is out today is that true?
    Paulo: Yes it isss Dave
    Paulo: But you’ll have to wait JUST a bit longer
    Paulo: in about 4 hours.
    dave: ok, i’ll check back this afternoon then. thanks

    As i was asking about online ungrades, I assume from this cryptic message that it’ll be available to order via their website this afternoon.

  12. Thanks Markus – you read my mind. Ordered and arriving tomorrow. Amazing how badly organised the launch of a major producy in a major company can be!

  13. Wish i could call from work! Was it free with on the £35 plan like it says above?

  14. Granted the webchat isn’t the most reliable point of info, but I just talked with someone called Philip and he said to come back around 3pm as thats when the site should be updated with the G2.

  15. I just phoned upgrades dept and they knew nothing about the G2 and had no idea when they would be in.

    Best I could get out of them was that they’d phone me back when they heard anything.


  16. T-Mobile deals on the G2 are as follows:-

    Plan Mths Mins Texts Internet Card Price/Mth
    Combi-30 18 700 Unlim Unlim 2GB £35.00
    Combi-35* 18 800 Unlim Unlim 2GB £36.50
    Combi-40* 18 1000 Unlim Unlim 2GB £41.00
    Combi-50* 18 1700 Unlim Unlim 2GB £45.50

    * 10% discount on all plans above £30 (Phone or online – If it ever turns up online) – The internet £5 add-on is not discounted, but is included in the prices above.

    Personally I like the look of the Orange plans by comparison, but the 500MB data usage puts me off, but i don’t really know what that limit actually means. Main app i want is the BBC mobile iPlayer app, but not sure what sort of data usage watching a programme will entail, and how close I will run that cap.

    Orange offering also include Sat Nav above Animal 30 plans (or animal 30 on 24 mths) – Nice touch and better than T-Mobile.

    If anyone can help me with what data usage is likely to be for TV on iplayer, it would be much appreciated.


  17. Its now gone up, Cheapest it seems to be is £35 on a Combi deal.

  18. Note – the prices above already include the 10% discount mentioned.

    14:45 and still no sign of the G2 on the T-Mobile website though.

    Calling Orange now to see if any chance of upping that Internet limit.

  19. The Cheapest I listed was the £35 Combi deal – No difference. It’s £30 + £5 for internet for Combi 30. For plans £35+Internet and above get a 10% discount on the plan price (Not the internet bit). Unless they have just taken the 10% discount away, then it should be just as I listed.

  20. 15:20 – It’s on the website now

  21. I’ve just taken out the hero on orange and it’s 500mb a month internet. Is that a lot for a month or not so good if i browse the internet every day? just wondering if if i should return it and get t-mobile’s offer for the unlimited internet, or is 500mb enough do you think?


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