HTC Click: Free Android Phone?


It was only yesterday we heard about the low-end HTC Click Android Phone and we filed it firmly in the rumor bin. But a new image of the phone has popped up that looks more promotionally convincing and could suggest the HTC Click is closer to launch than we might think:


And perhaps even more compelling… the HTC Click could potentially be FREE! At an event in Vietnam for the HTC Magic, HTC executives apparently mentioned the HTC Click could cost between 5 and 6 million dong (Vietnamese currency). Translated into United States Dollars? Only $280 to $330 bucks. Subtract carrier subsidizing, the cost of a 2-year and a rebate and this could be free or very cheap at the worst.

The phone looks similar to the standard HTC Touch phones sporting Windows Mobile, and while not groundbreaking or stunningly sexy, that’s a pretty hot number for such a cheap date. The HTC Click is dresed in all its Android buttons but the screen has no makeup and we’re wondering what that big odd “Click” circle in the middle is and how well it will work.

[Via Tihnte (translated)]

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  1. If only I was able to get there i wouldnt mind having a free android phone to play around with

  2. NICE! Im holding out for the samsung or maybe the sony erickson as a replacement for my g1 but a cheap android phone is great news! This could possibly increase the number of handsets in end users hands substantially!

  3. maybe not a touch phone?

  4. If it’s not a touch screen, and doesn’t have a keypad, it will be a little tricky to use!

  5. it obviously has extremely powerful voice recognition software :P

  6. According to TmoNews, it’s going to be $99 with contract and it has a resistive 2.8″ touch screen, probably QVGA.

  7. looks like one of my Balls found its way onto a phone.

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