Jul 24th, 2009

Just found this HTC Hero promotional video on YouTube that I thought might interest some folks. Our own HTC Hero Review includes an hour (add it up) of video… for most people that is probably TOO much so perhaps looking at these HTC Hero quickies is more your style.

Meet the HTC Hero – Hardware Overview

Make It Yours – Customize The Hero

Stay Close – Social Networking and Communication

The Angel Is In The Details

Thanks HTC… those are pretty good! I just don’t understand how these were published 3 days ago and nobody has really watched them yet? At the time of this post most of them only have about 1,000 views… I mean, really? Lets see if we can help the cause!

For all the information you could ever hope for including overview, specs, pictures, videos, reviews, news and forums…. make sure to visit our HTC Hero Guide!

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