HTC Highlights Hero In Video Series


Just found this HTC Hero promotional video on YouTube that I thought might interest some folks. Our own HTC Hero Review includes an hour (add it up) of video… for most people that is probably TOO much so perhaps looking at these HTC Hero quickies is more your style.

Meet the HTC Hero – Hardware Overview

Make It Yours – Customize The Hero

Stay Close – Social Networking and Communication

The Angel Is In The Details

Thanks HTC… those are pretty good! I just don’t understand how these were published 3 days ago and nobody has really watched them yet? At the time of this post most of them only have about 1,000 views… I mean, really? Lets see if we can help the cause!

For all the information you could ever hope for including overview, specs, pictures, videos, reviews, news and forums…. make sure to visit our HTC Hero Guide!

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  1. oh man I cannot WAIT for this!!

  2. Thats so cool, why i couldnt wait for this, now i have the samsug galaxy, but this are different worlds. I need this one

  3. Now i heard that the landscape screenkeyboard is much worse than that from the iphone. What do you think? My samsung galaxy keyboard is fine, why should it be not good as samsungs?

  4. I WANT~!!!

    HTC please bring this in to Asia..and pleaseeee dun tie up with dungu telco like the one that they are currently tied for the Magic =___=


  5. These were posted at HTC site as well

  6. Simply Beautiful

  7. “I’m holding out for a hero”

  8. Def. going to be my next phone. Wake me when it comes to the US in 6 months…

  9. looks amazing. wish it had a keyboard though.

  10. How much will it be?

  11. I have recently taken delivery of a Hero! I have had Sony E, Nokia, Samsung, yup and even iPhone! I have to say i love my hero, it is simply stunning to use,my first Android phone, GUI is great,Android has a great future!!! Down sides? well compared to my N82 camera doesn’t even come close but it is adequate, battery life could be better but it’s not helped by the fact i can’t put the thing down! Fits in the hand and pocket perfectly, once you get used to the keyboard you can type surprisingly quickly I find it better than my iPhone. Connectivity first rate, GPS very quick lock, music very good! (get bigger micro sd card!) Someone out there create a decent Facebook app as integration needs more functionality. If you like what you’ve seen on the web: reviews and videos then you’ll love the real thing!

  12. Would someone please show the hero playing dailymotion, google videos and the like, thankyou.

  13. wow i want it. i didnt really look into it till now and with this clips i so wish that my G1 had all of those futures, well hope that it comes out soon, i wilol be getting the my touch 3G as a gift. but i cant seem to let go of my G1 just yet dang, neve been so into a phones like now. is like when you dont have your house to show off you show off your car but if you are not no where near them heheh you always have your phone. true image all the time heheh.

  14. How is this phone not coming to the US? It would sell so much better here.

  15. The HTC Hero demo’d here looks different from the one I just received (11/11/09) but it seems to work the same way. THANK YOU!!! These videos were very helpful. I have read the guide several times but nothing beats a how to video. I actually followed along on my phone as the videos played. I initially wanted the Palm Pre but glad I got the Hero instead. Can’t wait for more vidios to help me use my phone to the fullest potential. It is taking me a bit longer than I thought to get the hang of the touch keypad though, however I am sure that I will get better with time.

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