Jul 21st, 2009

Just received a tip from, what I assume to be, one of the writers from PointGPhone, regarding a few pictures of HTC’s next Android based phone. Just an initial review leads one to speculate that this will be HTC’s first entry into the entry-level-Android-Market. Take a look at the pictures, and draw your own conclusions:
It could be the half-assed water mark, but at this point I’ll just have to throw this in the “rumor” pile. I’m not 100% about what to make with the buttons; and the d-pad is an interesting twist. While this is, by no means, a 3D picture, it looks a little too slim to host a physical keyboard. Doesn’t like to be a phone that’s going to break the mold, but let’s hold off on any doubt until we see some hardware specs.

[via PointGPhone]

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