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A lot of you have visited Get Your Droid On for all of your Android-root needs. The site is run by our very own Noonehereyet, a moderator on Android Forums. He’s dedicated a lot of his hours to keeping a list of every major rooted build up to date; as well as hosting them for immediate access for all of our fellow Androidians.

Well the time has come for GYDO to evolve to the next level of Android accessibility. Over the past week or so Noonehereyet, Devolio, Justjimjpc, and myself have rebuilt GYDO into a wiki. We felt it was time for the site to become as open as the Android OS itself is.

We welcome anyone to visit the new site, your new site. Browse around, download a few builds, even contributions are welcome and, quite frankly, needed!


[Thanks, Noonehereyet, WIKI]

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  1. Suggestion

    For the builds, dont just write them out like that.
    Do it in subforums. like
    SoulLife Rogers
    Rogers Cyanogenized

    and then go in to that…
    just my 2 cents

  2. What Maisum said and also can we have more of a separation/indication as to what stuff is for which phone as there is a lot of G1 stuff coming up when I just want to look at the Magic things

  3. i’m going to ask cause i’ve been wondering this: why would you want to root your android? what are the benefits/advantages? what are the disadvantages?

  4. You can do alot more if you root your phone. Like Superuser and terminal. If you root your phone, you can Screenshot. You can Clock your processor. You can reboot your phone. These are just some and very little of the things you can do…

  5. How about instructions for rooting 1.5 builds vs Hero builds (as you need different SPL and Radios)

  6. hey Maisum,
    i’ve read that before but i’m still not sure why. i’m an avid linux user for 10+ years and quite technical so i understand side of things but i’m not seeing it in this case.

    obviously i can see the benefit of clocking the processor. but what would i do with superuser and terminal access. am i writing shell scripts or coding on it? i guess i’ve got access to the native os commands but is that doc’d somewhere so i could see what is there. i’ve already got me a ssh client installed to remote to servers (though i’m missing vpn :( )

    is there info somewhere about some of the things people have done with a rooted phone? i’m just not sure if i would be interested other than the cool factor that i did it.

  7. You should ask all these questions on XDA at

  8. im new to android, what is rooting?

  9. The only page it appears new users have access to edit is the main page so I have begun doing some re-organization and new sections which hopefully people will be inspired to create, ie: Build feature comparison, which I believe is critical for new users sorting out the different builds.
    @Maisum – I notice someone else is already grouping the different builds like that so I will leave that alone until they have done it (Swizz).

  10. AU:

    Saw what you did. Love it! The only pages that are protected from user editing are the builds page; we’re still trying to figure out how to handle that.

    Again, great update to the main page. That is the type of contribution we are looking for.

  11. hey Maisum, thanks. i’ll check out the forum and the different build. cheers

  12. Is there any word yet on whether VZW will try to restrict rooting on the Droid? I’m ready to make the switch, but there’s no way I will if I’m buying into a locked device.

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