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Google released an update for Android a few days ago, and we’ve been seeing a lot of e-mails regarding its purpose. As far as we can tell, it’s just for security updates and has no new features that you will see. If you guys have any questions or concerns feel free to zip on over to the update thread at Android Forums, and get to chatting.

If you haven’t received the OTA yet and are comfortable with installing the update manually, here are the links:

US Version
UK Version

[Thanks, Skillllllz for the links to the downloads! | Thanks to everyone who e-mailed us!]

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  1. i’ve received it few hours ago, i was hoping it is a fix for the android market (the falsy updates problem)

  2. I still haven’t received the update yet. I’m in southern Cali. Why me !

  3. Now if they rolled out updates more often…Like donut without annoucing anything that would be nice. Just release it when its ready and not mention it until the first posts about it start coming up. That way we don’t have to hear wheres my donut….like we did with cupcake.

  4. Any way to force this from happening? The old anycut way don’t work anymore.

  5. that would be awesome

  6. I’ve not gotten the update yet. I seem to be in a later bracket as I remember getting impatient and doing the manual update for 1.5. I saw a thread over on a mod forum that said this update is even trying to auto update on rooted G1s. It seems to be affecting a few different roms.

  7. I just got this new update. Meh.

  8. Looks like the update screwed up some Apps’ 3G connectivity.
    I.e. DilbertDroid.
    Worked fine before the update (when author released a patch), now it works fine only with Wi-Fi, and force closes on 3G.

    Seen one more problem on som eother app but can’t recall the name.

    Similar problems, anyone?

  9. I got it. Phone seemed to pick up on performance but thats probably because of the reboot….who knows. There is nothing noticeable at all.

  10. I got the update this morn (8:19am PST, In Las Vegas )and golly, I was hoping something awesome had happened. Realistically, I knew it was just a bunch of patches, but the sad little fanboy in me kept wishing; *Hero ROM* *Hero ROM* *Hero ROM*. That voice has since died. *tear*

  11. I got the update yesterday. I have noticed the phone runs faster… Prior to the update my phone would auto connect to wifi without me selecting me. I would force it to be off and it would be turn on at random times.

    So far my apps all seem to work fine.

  12. TO MAJ:
    Your problem with the market updates can be fixed by going to settings, manage apps, and clearing the market cache…

  13. @Zapote21
    i couldn’t find anything related to “clearing market cache” inside the “manage applications”

  14. My phone is bizarrely much faster as well.

    Which is good, little guy was getting so slow I was going to reinstall android, but now it’s wicked fast.

  15. when you get into the manage apps section of the settings, click on the market… It will give you an option to clear cache.

  16. Although I am using one of the JF roms… the update notification kept showing up. When I -finally- decided to let it run after reading all the comments here, my phone restarted but would Not install the update, as the JF recovery console said ‘Verification Failed’…


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