Jul 15th, 2009

android-google-voiceWe love Google Voice. When it was in beta we posted a Google Voice Review and gave away 50 early access invitations to the service. Google has since sent a round of public invitations to a load of people who signed up for service notification info – go ahead and sign up for an invite! But the big news today is that Google will launch a Google Voice Android Application today that completely integrates the service with your Android Phone.

While there is a BlackBerry Google Voice App, it isn’t surprising that the Android Application is the most complete – word has it that Google Voice for Android actually TAKES OVER your native dialer and text messaging and completely utilizes Google Voice throughout your phones’ integration. This is amazingly awesome because great yet patched together apps that filled the void up to now, like GV, were unable to to provide a seamless experience for obvious reasons. I’m assuming the Official Google Voice Android Application will be pretty darn seamless and I’m excited to try it and review it.

It sounds like it will be pretty freaking complete and thorough based on a TechCrunch interview with Google Voice CoFounder Craig Walker:

The apps also allow users to access the core features of Google Voice. Listen to/read voicemails and text messages (all voicemails are automatically transcribed as well), access call history, send SMS messages and place international calls at low rates.

An iPhone version is already in the works and I’m wondering if WebOS is on the “to do” list. According to TC it will be available for download from http://m.google.com/voice but I assume it will aslo be found on Android Market. I mean duh, right?

UPDATE: Google just made an Official Announcement Post and included the following video:

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