HTC Hero (aka G2 Touch) Delayed Until August?


We’re not sure what is causing the delay, but T-Mobile is headquartered in Germany and the HTC Hero rebranded T-Mobile G2 Touch seems to be launching at the beginning of August there. Does that mean the UK will also be delayed until at least August 1st? Good question. A press release (translated to English) dated July 14th 2009 shows that August is indeed the German date (near the bottom) so we’re curious as to what other regions are expecting:


As of August at the start T-Mobile offers consumers the device from the beginning of August with 24-month term contract in the Combi Combi Relax and flat rates.

Shucks. We’ll keep you posted on other delays and dates as we learn more. I’d also like to report that I have no clue what Combi Combi Relax means but it sounds pretty sweet.

[Via EngadgetMobile]

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  1. hey, tmobile has this translated if you go onto the english page ;-) http://www.telekom.com/dtag/cms/content/dt/en/523570?archivArticleID=716526 .. a bit better translation then google’s.. you could link it instead of the translate page.

  2. I ordered mine from expansys. and it’s shown on the webbie that expected release date is 2nd Aug.. wat the..

  3. T mo UK updated on their twitter,
    ‘T-Mobile G2 Touch availability date will be confirmed ASAP – Hasn’t been pushed back, as launch date hasnt been announced yet’

  4. If something comforts you guys, here in Argentina we are still waiting for a SINGLE Droid to be officially released. Of course, you are free to pay 800 USD for a G1 unlocked and with no warranty whatsoever… THAT sucks! :)

  5. My 2 cents is that they pushed back the date because Google is ramping up to release the next update, maybe end of this month? That would explain why the Mytouch isn’t being released till August and why the Hero was delayed until August.

  6. I pre-ordered one from superetrader.co.uk.. it still says 16th – 21st July. I really want it soon as it would be a nice birthday present =(

    (My birthday is 16th July)

    I sincerely hope it’s not delayed..

  7. Went into Brighton T-Mob shop this afternoon and was told they’re getting stock to sell in the 1st week of August. They showed me their pricing detail sheet – free on flext 40, about 80quid on flext 35 but then you need to pay 5 quid for unlimited internet…

  8. Does this affect Orange or the white sim-free ones?

    Answering my own question, the sim-free deal on Amazon.co.uk now says 15th August, it used to be late July. Expansys.com and Play.com both have late July dates but they might just not have updated their database yet.

    I wonder why. I haven’t heard about any update for Android other than Donut which isn’t due for ages AFAIK. It would be nice to get something extra out of this, like quad-band 3G or something but it’s a lot more likely some factory burnt down or they found a hardware flaw.

  9. Phoned T-Mobile UK yesterday and spoke to the Upgrade department. They said the G2 wasn’t on their sheet of new phone releases and the guy told me September…..I’m hoping he was just saying that to try and flog me a Nokia N71 now. The above comment about the T-Mobile store in Brighton is more encouraging so I’ll believe him rather then the pessimistic guy on the phone

  10. Well when my gf phoned the upgrade department earlier this week and enquired, she was told by the woman on the phone that she was reading a coporate email stating that the phone would be available on the 17th (i.e. tomorrow) but upon talking to the guys in my local store, they know nothing of a release, which if this woman is correct is shocking. Using logic, perhaps the email told her they would be shipping on the 17th, therefore likely arriving in our stores around the 20th-21st mark, but who knows, I just think it is rediculous that we should be strung along with “this July” then “Late July” with no sign of a release date at all.

  11. I have totally lost faith in Tmob right now.
    having been a contract customer since 18 (im almost 21 now) I have never had a problem with them until now.
    A week ago they said I could upgrade my phone as my contract was up, I thought brilliant I know the Hero is out soon I will wait…now they are saying I cant upgrade till September. The women I spoke to about half an hour ago was rude and very unhelpful.
    As for the g2 touch/hero i was told by a very friendly lady on the customer support team that it should be out tomorrow..however as their is a lack of knowledge in store and no adverts to sell the item, it is obvious that it wont be out anytime soon.

  12. According to someone in the Orange shop in Leeds, they should be getting the Hero “in the next couple of weeks”. This was last Friday. The shop demo blanks are in, ready to be displayed (he pulled one out of the storage cupboard to show me – just maked me want one even more!).

  13. Paul

    Who ever you spoke to yesterday was defo trying to get you to upgrade with them there and then. The G2 is still showing with T mobile as release date 17th July. However come tomorrow I reckon we will be advised it is delayed.
    the date of the 17th is for upgraders only and it will be a week or so later for general public.

    (A man in the know)

  14. I spoke to someone from t-mobile on the online chat thing on the t-mobile website (lol I didn’t know how to phrase that). they told me that it would be available towards the end of July because they were making sure they had enough stock.

  15. I just phoned Superetrader and the guy on the phone said I should receive it on the 25th.. Yay!!

  16. (Of July)

  17. I phoned mobilephonesdirect.co.uk, who have it on their website for £35 per month free for an 18 month contract with Vodafone, 300 mins per month. I asked how they could do that anyway, as the phone is supposed to be exclusive to Orange and T-mobile, and the bloke I spoke to assured me that they can do what they want!

    Anyway, they said they are expecting it in the next day or two.

  18. Been into the Orange store today, and I should be getting my Hero on Saturday (18th July).
    Was getting bored of waiting for Tmobile to pull their fingers out of their bums and to give us a real release date

  19. Does anyone know if all the places already offering unlocked Heros are just completely full of crap? Like: http://www.cellgsmphones.com/ Some of them are claiming they’ll have them by July 21st, which I doubt, and would they even work in the U.S.?

  20. Hey Leanne,

    Wondering if you have received your Hero already? Do post some reviews in the forum.

    I was browsing through Amazon.co.uk and noted that they mention the Hero would be launched on 15th August.

    I suspect the reason being the Hero would be incorporated with Donut on board.


  21. Any word on TMobile USA getting the Hero?

  22. tmobile will get it right at the end of July or first thing of august dont expect anything now till then as that’s when they release new handsets they never release handsets in the middle of a month its there policy to release end of month or beginning of month. your probably going to see it available sim free first and not sure about oranges policy.

  23. I recently rang T-Mobile UK (0800 956 2208) and a very helpful woman told me to expect the “G2 Touch” the week beginning 20th July, and to expect it to be on similar tariffs to that of the G1 when it was first launched

  24. Tmobile USA have stated they wont be carrying it. Seems like they want to pus the MyTouch 3G, looks like AT&T will be picking it up if the rumours flying round the net are to be believed.

  25. just chatted to a online t mobile adviser:

    Mitch45: do you have a uptodate release date for the G2 touch (HTC hero) handset yet?

    Jordan: This phone will be with us on the towards the end of July, apologies for the delay it is simply guaranteeing enough stock levels for all customers. I have no further details on the price plans but if you come back to us then, we will be able to get the best deal for you. Thank you for your time today.

    so looks like they have been told its still july?!?!? feels like it will be august to me tho.

  26. Cam.Shaft
    Still havent got it =[
    went into Orange Saturday before going work
    and they promised it should be out this saturday (25th)
    Any later and it will be august lol
    Amazon are being rather pessimistic on the whole release date if I had £400+ I would buy an unlocked phone and go to any network I pleased

  27. Hey Cam.Shaft,
    Seems like me and Leanne are still on track to pic up our Heroes this weekend, but there is still plenty of time for something to go wrong eh?

    As far as it coming with Doughnut, i thought that wasn’t due till the end of the year? or have i got that wrong?

    Anyway, the guys in our local orange shop are very confident, we were told that they have received much more information regarding their stock delivery than in previous weeks, and cannot see any reason why it should be delayed further.

    Ill certainly post up a bit of a review and maybe a vid if i can manage it once we have them, but as i said, im kinda expecting it to be delayed again just to prevent myself any disappointment haha!


  28. Orange announced it’s availible from tomorrow 22nd July

  29. NEWS!!

    Orange has finally released its Hero
    Im ordering it for Thursday
    Wish me luck people


  30. t mobile 27th is the latest still not an offical release date. T mobile are gonna lose a lot of potential customers with the orange news. However it does not suprise me, t mobile are the worst phone company around when it comes to releasing phones, think they had about 3 phones when they released the n97. Seems to be the same every time they are going to launch a phone.
    Looks like everyone around me will have a hero and I’ll still be waiting next month for t mobile to pull there finger out

  31. Well just to update everyone, as Leanne said we have ordered our Heros and they are due to arrive this thursday.

    Once we have them out of the box and charged we will take some pictures, and maybe a short video just showing the retail packaging, the phone in Graphite (we are with Orange) and mayeb just show off a few of the features to drive you guys crazy :) I will likely upload it to YouTube and post a link in the forum Via Leanne here, so if there are any requests for specific info, post in Leelu’s post where she is talking about us getting them and ill see what i can do :)

  32. Like Markus said Ive been calling t-mob since my upgrade came up about 2-3 weeks ago, every time they tell me to call back 5 days later… next date is 27th… How much longer can my hopes be dashed as I call expecting them to tell me I can have a hero? :P Still, Fingers crossed for monday.

    @Sean: look forward to your verdict on the phone!

  33. if T mobile dont pull there fingure out then im going to have to cosider jumping ship to orange, mite have to do that anyway if they try to charge me for the upgrade. think Tmob could loose alot of customers over this.

  34. Same storey here with Tmobile, keep getting fobbed off with new dates, and they want to charge me £40 for the upgrade!! if its not available by 27th im ogg to Orange!!

  35. me too the futures bright the futures orange. im going to get one through buymobilephones and get a free xbox 360 whoop whoop. :D

  36. ok i order it yesterday, without the xbox360 (very restaned of me) and got an email saying there out of stock, but the website today says there instock so just waiting for the email to confirm dispatch.

    has anyone recived theres yet?

  37. Ordered mine from t-mobile yesterday… waiting for the delivery today!

  38. HTC Hero users,

    We should make some noise about this to HTC. I just completed the Customer Satisfaction Survey on their home page. There is a comments section at the end of the survey where I made my views known about the delay in releasing this update.

    Check it out (http://survey.htc.com/worldwide/?source=web )

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