Samsung Behold 2 Coming, Packing Android


Samsung is definitely working on Android but might be taking a slightly different approach than the early market, HTC. Instead of building new brands/lines around Android, Samsung is rumored to be turning the “2nd generation” of its currently popular phones INTO Android phones. First we heard about the Instinct Q… now it’s the Samsung Behold 2.


samsung-beholdFirst the WiFi Alliance revealed the Samsung Behold 2 through its certification process (PDF). Then Samsung themselves publish the User Agent Profile for the Behold 2 which includes a little browser known as the “Android Browser”:

The screen resolution is listed as 480×320 which strengthens our confidence. Keep in mind the original Samsung Behold was/is a T-Mobile phone so you can expect the Behold 2 to include or improve upon the following specs on the original, of course with the addition of Wi-Fi and Android at a bare minimum:

  • 5MP camera
  • Auto-focus, flash and digital zoom
  • video playback
  • MicroSD slot
  • Quadband GSM
  • UMTS 3G

Hopefully that 1000mAh battery will be beefed up a bit to support all that mobile web browsing and application use. Isn’t it amazing that yet ANOTHER one of these Android phone rumors pops up and T-Mobile is the one to behold it?

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  1. How would we know if this is true or not? I called T-mobile, the most helpful people in the entire U.S. (ha)and they themselves have no idea about it.

  2. tmobile is laying company in us

  3. coz when customer activate the line tmobile give very hard time , i have only my family line is 81 lines but my all family is move at&t and good bye fucking tmobile

  4. we hate tmobile

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