ADC 2 Details Announced, Multiple Submissions Accepted


adc2Ever since Android Developer Challenge (ADC 2) was announced there have been questions surrounding the Official Rules – today those questions were answered on the Android Developers Blog. Eric Chu explains exactly what applications will be allowed entry and talks about use of open source apps/code within another entry:

Some of you have been asking for clarifications on what we mean by “open only to applications that have not been published”. To be specific, applications that are available on Android Market before August 1, 2009 will not be eligible to participate in the contest. Users have already been providing comments for apps that are currently available on Android Market, so it wouldn’t make sense for them to “judge” the same apps again in this contest. In addition, apps that include or that are based on open source projects are fully welcomed, as long as the application itself is not on Android Market until August 1, 2009.

Submissions for the contest are due on August 31st and if you’re detail obsessed you might want to take a look at the full ADC 2 Terms and Conditions. Buried in article 7a. within those terms is the answer to the question I was looking for, “Can each developer submit more than one application?” The answer is thankful YES:

A Participant may submit more than one Entry. At the time of submission, the Participant must designate ONE and ONLY ONE category that the Entry is submitted under.

I also hadn’t seen the judging criteria – there are 4 areas that users will be asked to “rate” downloaded applications/submissions in… they are:

(1) Originality of Concept–Does the application introduce a great new idea; for example, a new angle on social applications?

(2) Effective Use of the Android Platform–Does the application take advantage of Android’s unique and compelling features, such as built-in location-based services, accelerometer, and always-on networking?

(3) Polish and Appeal–Is the application easy to use and aesthetically appealing?

(4) Indispensability–Is the application compelling and essential, such as a game the user just can’t put down or a utility she can’t live without?

The above is user voting and makes up the first round of voting. Round 2 is 60% based on Google’s own selected judges while 40% is random users like you and me. You can mark November 24th as a day to remember since they’ve pinpointed the winner announcement on or around that day. But have an eraser ready… the announcment of ADC 2 itself was heavily delayed and even the details, which we’re giving you today in mid-July, were initially promised in June.

Better late than never… and the answers to our questions – at least at first glance – are positive ones. Anything really excite you or disappoint you about the Full Terms and Conditions? I’m really excited to test/rate the contestants I know that much!

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  1. At least we have longer time to finish the apps.
    I am a bit disappointed by the criterias that users are supposed to rate by, some applications will not score high in any of them, but still be extremely useful for the user, I think there some overall useful-nes criteria is needed.

  2. “(2) Effective Use of the Android Platform–Does the application take advantage of Android’s unique and compelling features, such as built-in location-based services, accelerometer, and always-on networking?”

    These features are available in all smart-phones, not unique to Android. But yes 1,3, and 4 are good criteria to judge.

  3. I’m disappointed that it will be for Cupcake users only. …then again, maybe I’m only disappointed that Australian G1 owners still haven’t got the Cupcake update.

  4. I am getting sick of these Pajama wearing, out of Control, tech freaks at Google. The ADC 2 is already 7 months late and is a joke IMO. Nobody has ever succeeded in producing a great platform by such stupid contests. All it will do is stop good Apps from getting into Android Market for next so many months.

    While Apple and Palm Pre are cruising away with runaway success of their devices, Google is busy playing these games like ADC. Come on Google – no Games and Gimmicks! Please focus on Polishing Android (instead of that stupid Chrome OS) and getting better handsets out to compete with Apple and Palm. If not, Android will just be relegated to “Also Ran” category in history.

  5. derrek that is what i thought at first but it seems that the app could be released but it must be released after 1st of august so the slowing will only be in this month plus
    1-theres like 30 apps in the palm and like only 200 thousand phone out there stop mentioning it
    2-the iphone like any app with a meaning will come out

    dont worry man android will always remain on the top

  6. Are apps written in native code (using NDK) allowed to submit?

  7. I think it will be better if judges re-categorize the applications. Because, some application may score high merely because there were not enough submissions in that category. Is there any explanation for categories? Like what type of applications fall into Lifestyle category. Or some examples of Productivity/Tools applications. And of course there are applications which may fall into multiple categories.

  8. Hi,

    I have some doubts:

    – I have already published an application (UnforgettableThings)and now i’m goint to release a second applcaition (Unforgettable things pro), can i participate in teh contest with the second one?
    – How can i submit an application? where is the website to submit? is the same place for normal applications?

    Best regards!!

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