Black Sony Ericsson Rachael/Xperia Pictures!


If you had doubts about the white Sony Ericsson Rachael pictures that surfaced your concerns might be eased a bit today – more pictures of the phone have leaked in black and this time in higher quality:





The Sony Ericsson Rachael is the codename for what many are calling the Xperia Android, first rumored on July 4th. This thing is already turning a LOT of heads… which color floats your boat? Cheers to hoping this thing pans out as a real product.

[Via GSM Arena]

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  1. Uh oh. I think I just creamed my pants. Now that is one stylin’ handset!

    Damn it, I just bought my HTC Dream a week ago. What to do, what to do????

  2. This beast rocks my boat.Am only concerned about how much it will go for.

  3. looks very nice but no keyboard… arrhhh

  4. Gorgeous. Let’s hope Sony is on time with this and partners with a U.S. carrier, unlike the previous Xperia that was vaporware for years and was then only sold unlocked for $600+.

  5. any chance this thing will usher in the the world of video conferencing ? doesn’t look like it, but I keep hoping to be surprised.

  6. Just a side note, I got myself involved in a conversation over at theiphoneblog.com (I know, I know … I should know better). I’m amazed at the people who think this isn’t even competition for any other phone. As always I’m a “use what does the best job and will for a long time” sort of person which is why I love android but am not a fanboy. My synopsis of this phone is that it will be incredible. I suspect the videos of contacts and emails etc are a home page widget style thing and you still get the option to use the normal app, so I’m not worried about fancy graphics getting in the way of function. Last bit, while I do like the physical keyboard I think this phone’s soft keyboard will do just fine. The slight more real estate does wonders for an on screen keyboard.

  7. Other side note, only 3 buttons? I’m sure it’ll make more sense with the new UI, but they appear to be a back button and … what? A big square and a bunch of little squares? Any ideas?

  8. i am liking how the black one looks..
    the button with the big square would probable be home. and the one with 4 squares would be the menu button. seeing as how the menu button will bring up smaller squares under the screen for you to select what to do. but thats just my take on things(which most likely be wrong). removing the call and end button makes it look a little less clutered.

  9. *Yawn*

    Until it comes to a US carrier I really couldn’t care less. I’m tired of seeing all the new shinies and then they won’t be available for 6 months if ever.

    US carriers need to get their collective thumbs out of their collective rumps and get some damn phone over here.

    TMo is the only one doing anything and all they can cough up is that HTC trash, and just the low end of that.

  10. would love to buy it….if its on a carrier. Im not spending 700 bucks on a cell phone…for any reason. If im going to spend that much money I’d better off getting one of those new android MIDs that are coming out later…..or a laptop lol. In all seriousness though, this phone needs to be on a carrier and it could be a heck of a contender in the phone market. The UI (from limited peeks) looks good and I love the size of the screen. i dont care who this phone goes to just get in on contract…..well not with verizon.

  11. Unfortunately, all of these cell phone manufacturers are from other countries! Are there any American manufacturers left? Yes, we Americans will have to wait because we’re not making the good stuff, of course the companies that do make phones in the USA all have their own proprietary things going on. Could you imagine if we made the phones here and sold them in Europe or Asia first? We need American companies that make great phones. Yes, Apple makes the iPhone, but who will make an Android phone in the USA to compete with Samsung’s, Sony’s, or whatever other phone overseas companies make? If no one, then we’ll have to wait. I do believe that sucks!

  12. Am I the only one who is sure that this won’t be an android phone?

  13. This phone rocks

  14. The more of these ersatz iPhones I see, the more impressive the genuine article’s design is by comparison. Just the restraint required to not slather “iPhone” and “Apple” twice on the things is superhuman. And of course this is before the carrier puts their imprimatur on it.

    I’m a G1 user: love the device, love the keyboard, love the chunky look of it. These handset makers leveraging Android to make “me too” devices really shows just how much Apple completely owns this market.

  15. I’d be all over black Rachael if only she had a keyboard.

  16. Welcome back in the game SE, we missed you. =)

  17. No keyboard? Great!
    Seriously guys, who needs a keyboard on a decent touch-screen phone? What a daft idea!

    This is definitely my next phone…as long as it’s available in the next THREE months. Anyone know for sure when it’s out?

  18. let the screen be capacitive and we have a winner

  19. Only 3 Buttons dont think this will be Android, this will run Symbian or Win Mobile.

  20. @david & str4vag:
    i reckon the 4 boxes is a quick launch button that brings up the phone function.

    1 big box for home screen.

    hrmm…i dun see a phone jack.
    wonder if this phone will be one of those that starts to use them micro USB jacks as a universal jack~
    plssss, dun do that~~~~ i want a decent phone jack!

  21. ah, my bad.
    the white mock up has a phone jack at the top.

  22. This phone completely rocks. Looks even better than the Samsung Galaxy. I just hope that it has all the nice features of the current Android phones (e.g. capacitive screen, compass, accelerometer etc etc).

  23. Anyone know of a comparison between this and the Samsung Galaxy? I won’t be getting my android for a few months so I’m trying to do as much research as I can to get the best and upgrade my Helio Ocean.

  24. just needs upstreamed/gpl’d drivers for S/E’s mbw-150 line of non-ugly bluetooth watches. that gets you caller-id, vibrate, scroll n dial contacts, remote control profile, etc.

  25. @Paul:
    Android only needs 3 buttons. Home / Menu / Back.

  26. Look sleek. Will it be a Wm6.5?

  27. i dont know i mean
    1-4 inch that huge i wonder how it would feel in my hand
    2-will it have adobe flash and multi touch
    3- i still think sense is a million time cooler this is a bit non-functional i mean all white font in front of the photos of ur contacts i mean what if Michel jakson is on my contact list

    when the f will it come i mean thers a billion cool phone out there but till now being here in the uae i havnt seen any of those

  28. ugg, SE phones’ quality genrally sucks. I’ll wait for a better device maker to come up with something similar.

  29. @Waka
    I am pretty fat :P and so are my fingers. Give me a keyboard.

  30. I won’t keep my HTC Magic for long if SE gives us an Android phone… woooohooooo !!!!

  31. I find myself checking the tech news everyday for updated news on this phone.

    The phone has gone missing from eXpansys’ site where it was previously available as a pre-order.

  32. I never beleived in love at first sight until now.

  33. Chatur, i had the exact thing in mind. I must definitely get this beautiful, perfect phone. <3

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