What Happened To ADC2?


The first Android Developer Challenge was a big hit and it drummed up a ton of excitement from Android amongst not only developers but tech industry bloggers, tech industry lovers and regular consumers who were shocked you could scan a barcode with your phone. But even when ADC1 was announced we knew there would be an ADC2… but what happened to it?

On the Android Roadmap, the last information we get about ADC2 is this:

When Android was announced on 5 November, 2007, Google also announced a $10 million Android Developer Challenge, split into two separate $5 million events. The first Android Developer Challenge ran from January 2008 through August 2008, and was intended to give developers an opportunity to explore their ideas using the early look SDK and build prototype applications — to “get in on the ground floor.” The second Challenge will give developers a chance to build polished applications once hardware is available.

We’ll be making some interesting announcements regarding ADC II soon, in Q3 or Q4.

Well its now Q1 of the next calendar year and we still have yet to hear a peep about ADC2 which promised $5 Million Dollars in additional prize money. ADC1 gave away $5 million as well for a total purse of $10 million.

Is Google nervous that if they announce ADC2 before the Paid Market goes live that there will developers who decide NOT to release their application and instead decide to enter it into the contest? After all, if you’ve got a really great idea why settle for selling $1.99 applications when you could potentially win tens of thousands of dollars, put it into further development, and possibly even win hundreds of thousands of dollars before your application has even hit the Android Market?!?!

Other documents about Android Developer Challenge also lack updated info:

Although there IS information on who the ADC2 Judges are and I haven’t seen this information published, re-published, announced or linked to anywhere else (I don’t think):

  • Gadi Amit (NewDealDesign)
  • Jens Begemann (Formerly Jamba/Jamster/Fox Mobile Entertainment)
  • Chris DiBona (Google)
  • Leon Segal (Innovation Mentor, Consultant)
  • Kristian Simsarian (Co-Founder Software Experiences practice at IDEO)
  • Charles Warren (Google)
  • Jeremiah Zinn (MTV)

Perhaps one of these judges can enlighten us on what the heck is going on? I tried to reach out to a couple Googlers for an update with no response thus far. Any Googlers reading this post please comment here or contact/email me!

What do YOU think is going on with ADC2?

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  1. Maybe they were hoping to release “cupcake” before ADC2 started?

  2. Maybe they are waiting until Android Market is up and running with payments accepted in all countries before starting ADC2 as this is for polished applications.

  3. I am 1 of the 7 judges mentioned above – but we were all judges in ADC 1, not ADC 2.

    The Android web site talks about “Round 2 judges”, but this was round two of the first Android Developer Challenge:
    Because of the many submissions Google decided to narrow down the list to a Top 50 in a first round. Then we as the judges choose the winners from this list in round 2.

    As far as I know Google has not published anything reg. the judges of ADC2.

  4. @Jens:

    Ahhhh That would explain the ADC 1 Round 2 thing… Thanks for weighing in although I was hoping for something like, “Paid Apps are coming today and ADC2 will be announced tomorrow.” My luck isn’t that good. :)

  5. I have submitted an app for adc2 n am waitng for the results.Will we be notified on email once they are out?

    Almost checking the site thrice every day :)

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