Android Eclair, Flan & Massive Phone Stash


rubinThis past week there was a ton of hype/buzz about Chrome OS and many are now questioning how it will be positioned compared to Android. Head Android Andy Rubin clarified this a bit at a joint T-Mobile and Google Media event in London. In the process he let loose some interesting nuggets of knowledge.

First of all he dispelled the concept that Android and Chrome OS would converge into a muddy water, simultaneously attempting to take over eachother’s territory. We’ll have to play wait and see on that.

He also mentioned the latest development branches of Android, known more intimately as Donut, Eclair and Flan. We’ve heard of the first two but up until now the name Flan wasn’t acknowledged although apparently it is already in development.

What the heck is Flan? I was wondering the same thing and learned that it is more commonly called Creme Caramel and is apparently a Spanish dish with a French name that now is mostly traditional in the Latin American region. Here is a pic if you ‘re interested:


When we learned about Android’s Dessert Style Naming I guessed the “F” would be for “Frosting” but I was wrong. Maybe I’ll be right for the next letter… Android Gelato (fingers crossed)!

Rubin also mentioned that 15-20 Android Phones will come out this year… a pretty staggering number itself. But we already knew this. What was REALLY cool is that Rubin said a SINGLE manufacturer that he met with showed him 18 different devices running Android. WOW.

The future of Android is bright ladies and gentlemen… and Chrome OS can only help. Although the Android Netbook issue is a little more interesting now.

[Via WSJ]

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  1. i thought f would be fudge

  2. so why did the naming convention not start from the letter A? ok A for android.. B for?

  3. I think A = Alpha and B = Beta.

  4. Flan is delicious.

  5. I bet after Flan it will be Galleto (it’s Spanish for cookie, kind of like Flan is Spanish for something simmilar to Custard)

  6. I know what flan is and to tell you the truth I have never once heard it referred to as Creme Caramel.

  7. Yeah, flan is much more eggy than creme caramel.

    H = Halva?
    I = Ile flottante???
    J = Jalousie (as Junket might encourage derogatory puns)

  8. Ages since I had flan – I used to have it all the time as a kid.

    Any chance of us getting a new phone with a keyboard that doesn’t look pig ugly?

  9. I’m Spanish, and I can tell you that every Bar/Restaurant has Flan in their menus.

    The typical one is made with eggs and milk boiled with cinnamon. The topping is usually liquid caramel.

    The other popular kind is made basically with vanilla.

    Here are some representative pictures of Flans:

    The next time you visit Spain, ask for a Flan for your dessert!

    p.s: cookie = galleta (cookie is feminine gender in spanish, and that’s usually ended with an ‘A’)

  10. In the UK a flan is a sort of desert version of a quiche. I’ve never heard Creme Caramel being called flan before?

  11. Greece has Creme Caramele too, good stuff

  12. I was thinking that instead of flan it should have been fritter.

  13. G = Gateau or Gateaux, a well known example being the “Black Forest Gateaux”. A cake, from French.

  14. who cares what they call them, just keep them coming.

    how many other phones have been updated so much so fast anyway?

    nice to know my phone is not going to be obsolete b/4 the contract is up aint it?

  15. Gelato as Rob spelled it is Italian for Ice Cream.
    Flan is very common in Argentina too. My grandma makes the best one around =)

    By the way I want pics of these upcoming phones !!

  16. Everyone’s talking about the stupid dessert names…I want to know what these new updates will offer!

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