Sony Ericsson Rachael Pictures & Video!


I don’t know how we missed bringing this to you but we did… better late than never, right? The Sony Ericsson Rachael has leaked out as a potential Android phone along with render pics and a UI video:


Looking pretty darn good – and that is even the best of it! The UI video seems to show the Sony Ericsson equivalent of HTC Sense, that is, a custom UI and visual schematic that is not just layed on top of Android but interwoven as well. Take a look at the PalmPre-ish contact and message handling.

Not too shabby, right? We can’t WAIT for more details on this device and we’ll share them with you as soon as we get them!

[Via MobileRoar]

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  1. I want it!!!

  2. loving it! if the specs are correct I am getting this!

  3. I love the message, “Making some Hot Pockets.” That’s hilarious.

  4. Phandroid you’re getting slow with your news.

  5. Reeeeeeeeeal Slooooooooooow… this news was released late Friday. C’mon Phandroid. From what I knew already and reading the title i’m thinking it’s some hands-on first look type of Video. Anyways, keep doing ya thang.

  6. Does that say David Wenham’s BF is Mike Mills?

  7. Yes, yes it does. And this Mike Mills is “so pretty,” has “dreamy eyebrows,” and David loves him. Maybe they plan for this video to market to the gays?

  8. this is what ive been waiting for. no more htc design rejects. an actual, beautiful piece of hardware that will run android and perform better than their current models in almost every way. SE, im coming back to you my love…

  9. Now that’s one phone I can lay my hands on and make all iPhone owners at my work have a buyers remorse…

  10. yup I’ll trade my HTC Magic for that in a hart beat.

  11. haha, and I was looking forward to the satio… guess I’ll have to wait a little longer and get this instead.. it’s just beautiful!

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