Jun 30th, 2009

You craved Rosie. You heard about HTC Sense. You cried when you learned it wouldn’t be available on existing Android handsets. Shouldn’t you have known the Android hacking dev community has the will so of course there is a way?

Check out this video, where the Android HD Blog (translated) goes hands on with HTC Sense hacked onto the G1:

Before we go any further, let me stress that it is NOT recommended for you to hack your own Dream/G1/Magic with SuperHero for a number of reasons. In addition to some more minor bugs like non-compatability with auto-screen rotate, the ROM also expects a processer with higher power, causing your device to freeze and force close when doing some pretty basic things… like pressing the Home button.

Nonetheless our initial thoughts on HTC Sense were confirmed:

  • Awesome UI and extremely polished
  • Much deeper than only UI with significant improvements in functionality and basic apps
  • Great widget system
  • Overhauled music experience rocks
  • Browser has multi-touch
  • Contact management is exceptional

If you don’t really care and want to take the dive anyways, feel free to load it up yourself at the risk of bricking your phone and/or limited funcitonality. They’ve got full instructions on the Android HD Blog (translated) and you can download the latest ROMs from LeakDroid.