Android Roundup: News Me Missed, You Shouldn’t


We aren’t robots! After covering the HTC Hero launch in London and healing our jet-lag this weekend, we’ve missed a few Android related stories that deserve your attention. So in summarized form – here is a recap of some news that we initially missed (or skipped or passed over) but that will likely interest you!

Android Laptop / Netbook / Smartbook at Computex
We’ve seen a few of these videos before, but this one is pretty good/entertaining/informative and all that good stuff. [Via B2P]

Android + Omnia = Andromnia
We’ve heard grumblings that the Samsung Omnia line is going to be pretty expansive and the Omnia 2, Omnia Lite and Omnia Pro have all been announced – but how about an Omnia Android? It will likely happen at some point, but some people just don’t feel like waiting. A group of  mobile hackers at Modaco are forcing Android onto the handset and while there are still a ton of gaps in functionality, they’re well on their way to achieving a working, home-made Android Omnia phone. [Modaco via Engadget]

Merlot MyTouch 3G
The guys at TMOnews uncovered some pictures of the Merlot MyTouch 3G and we have to admit – they look pretty darn good. I usually prefer the classic black phone look but I’m sure a lot of people will be jumping at the opportunity to put this in their pocket. How about you? [More pictures at TMOnews]

HTC Sense on non-Hero HTC Androids
Ever since the HTC Hero was announced, with the slick new HTC Sense UI and functionality, the underlying question behind what seems like every Android related post is “can I have it?” That includes owners of the G1/Dream and Magic, wondering if an OTA update or optional download would allow their phone to sport what was once called “Rosie”. That question has been answered often… and often incorrectly… with confusion about an article on Pocket-Lint. But I think Devin Coldewey from MobileCrunch got it right. HTC is looking FORWARD with the HTC Sense and it will be available on the Hero and future HTC phones that aren’t “Google Experience” phones. The G1/Dream and Magic ARE Google Experience phones and will continue to server their purpose in the HTC lineup… a purpose I happen to wholeheartedly enjoy.

Tech VI on the HTC Hero
Found via our friends at BoingBoing

Google Voice Sends Invites, Gets Mass Media Exposure
There was a TON of excitement about Google Voice on Phandroid when we posted our Google Voice Review and Contest. Not only do I love Google Voice, but I’m fairly confident that all these various pieces of the puzzle – Android, Voice, Chrome, Docs, etc… – are all going to come together in a huge way in coming months. But make no doubt about it: Google Voice is a HUGE piece of the Google puzzle. The most difficult task facing Google with their “Voice” product might be explaining what the heck it is to the general non-geeky public. MSNBC made a pretty good attempt after Google announced they were sending Google Voice invites to the first round of applicants:

Visit msnbc.com for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

Android 1.5 NDK for Native Development
This is a big one we missed – at least if you’re a developer. The Android Developers Blog explains it best but for the rest of you that care – but not enough to click through – it will basically allow developers to run C and C++ libraries directly on the platform. While this could allow developers to do some pretty advanced things, Google also warns developers that “your application will be more complicated, have reduced compatibility, have no access to framework APIs, and be harder to debug”.

Don’t Steal Cell Phones
You shouldn’t steal a cell phone anywhere in the world… but if you were going to pick one place don’t pick Somalia. The 4 kids below did exactly that and are now missing their right hand and left foot. I am disgusted that stuff like this still happens in the world… ugh. [Voice of America via IntoMobile]

HTC Magic Available for Pre-Order in Portugal
If you can read the image below without using Google Translate, you can now celebrate. [Tek via IntoMobile]

Samsung Galaxy Hands On Video
[via phonedog]

MyTouch 3G Unboxing Video
[Via TmoToday]

We’re not perfect so I’m sure there is much more we missed. In fact, there is so much Android related news that its impossible to post every little thing. But if you think there is something newsworthy from the past week or so that we missed… share it with everyone in the comments below!

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  1. no htc sense on G1, noooo!

  2. no htc sense on G1….until the android hackers get their hands on it :P

  3. Hmm, well I suspect those “kids” won’t be robbing people anymore. And might that serve as a deterrent to others who don’t want such a punishment? Hmmmm??

  4. The Rogers Dream is not a Google branded device, so the question is open if it will support the OS update.

  5. The HTC Magic in Scandinavia and some other countries are NOT Google Experience phones as they are not google branded, and among other things have Outlook sync (Also, they have 288MB RAM). Being someone who owns a phone like this, I am curious as to whether HTC Sense will reach these non-Google Experience phones.

  6. “The G1/Dream and Magic ARE Google Experience phones”

    what about the rogers dream and magic?
    they’re not google branded..

  7. What??? They can’t steal a cell phone, but it’s ok if they’re pirates and take entire crews hostage?

  8. The Android Native Development Kit could be great for users. Some problems (image and sound processing, for example) don’t work as well in an interpreted environment. We should be able to squeeze more performance out of games, graphics, and similar applications. Hopefully, developers really take this and run with it.

  9. I have google voice but don’t see the option to invite yet? Is there a time frame on when all accounts will get this option?

  10. Andromnia is something I’m waiting for. But i really think Android should choose it’s vendors wisely. I think they are just accepting what is coming to them.Android badly needs a quality gadget to overcome the excellence of iPhone although they are more in use.

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