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Tom Conrad, the CTO of Pandora, made a post on his personal blog last week announcing that Pandora for Android is on the way. This is significant for a number of reasons, but it all starts with a Phandroid article from August 2008 that I highly suggest you read – it is the definition of foreshadowing.

We heavily criticized Mr. Conrad for his negative standpoint on Android and were impressed when he contacted us to acknowledge he went overboard and clarify his standpoint on Android. Almost a year later, it is refreshing not only to see Pandora working on their Android application but also reading that a year after the “incident”, Tom Conrad himself said he deserved to be criticized for his “confrontation” with Android.

Phandroid readers know that I call people out when I feel its necessary and when I’m wrong I also expect to be called out – and happily admit my errors. Coming from me is one thing – it isn’t every day you’ll get this type of openness and honesty from a senior executive at a hugely popular company. So big ups to Tom Conrad. In his informal announcement he explained why the iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Palm Pre/WebOS came before Android and it makes complete sense:

The reality is that we started with the iPhone because it was an extremely compelling music phone with an extremely compelling developer SDK. We followed on with Windows Mobile and BlackBerry because they have huge volume. Then, perhaps most controversially, I chose to develop for the Palm Pre next. That decision hinged on a unique opportunity Palm presented to us: to be one of just 5-10 developers that worked together with Palm on the initial launch of the Pre. This opportunity was unique in that it essentially guaranteed that every Pre customer would easily find Pandora in the download store. It also seemed likely that we’d have an opportunity to play a part in their launch advertising and press. All of this has come true. Pandora for the Pre turned out really well, nearly every Palm Pre user has installed the application, and Pandora was a meaningful part of their launch story and advertising.

While we were busy doing everything I just described, the Android universe has developed nicely. The G1 is a really good phone. I routinely carry one myself. But the so-called G2 is a great phone. And there are more Android handsets in the pipeline that are extremely compelling. The OS has also evolved noticeably with lots of great new features for developers and end users to take advantage of. While I regret our inability to be part of the Android community from day one, I’m really excited to join the party in progress.

Totally fair… I’m just excited that Pandora will be hitting Android in the near future. If you’re not familiar with Pandora and you listen to music in any kind of amount, you should take a moment to visit their website ( and check out the video below which illustrates Pandora on the iPhone:

Thanks to all the people who Emailed me and commented me asking me to post this – I would have missed it otherwise!

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  1. I know they can’t and won’t ever admit it. But all these nay sayers turned supporters simply thought Android wasn’t going anywhere. They answered the initial cry for their apps on Android with negativity. Now with the platform taking off out of the gate they come up with all of this mess about “new features” and “evolving”. I don’t feel that it has changed that much to make a difference as to whether a Pandora app would work or not. Theres already LastFM and Imeem. They just didn’t think the platform was going anywhere and now have to eat crow.

    The one I’m really waiting on is Facebook though due to the OEM’s like HTC building FB integration I guess FB will never have to actually release their own app.

  2. Meh, who needs Pandora anyway? Its catalog is too mainstream to be able to facilitate anything more than cursory explorations of particular styles of music.

  3. Eh, pardon my lack of enthusiasm, but I cannot find myself getting excited over an app that I have never even heard of.

  4. I have never used pandora even tho my wife raves about. That being said, even Mr. Conrad’s support looks like an excuse to hope to never have to get to android. I won’t be supporting johnny-come-latelys or reluctant supporters as long as there are alternatives.

  5. Pandora is awesome. Its the easiest way to listen to music online. Once you get your account set up it keeps track of the music you love. Im excited!!

  6. Pandora is a nice service. As is and imeem.

  7. When I first got my G1 back in November I was quite surprised not to see Pandora in the marketplace. I was using Pandora quite regularly on my computer at this point and was dissapointed to find that there wasn’t an Android version. I hadn’t seen the original article about Pandora on this site as I wasn’t following this site yet. I did some research and quickly found iMeem. It hasn’t let me down yet, it is hands down my favorite app for Android thus far. Will I try Pandora on my G1? Probably. Will I replace iMeem with Pandora, probably not. Just my two cents.

    Welcome to the party Pandora. Unfortunately you showed up late and all the champagne and hors d’oeuvres are gone :(.

  8. Rob, nice work on your investigative reporting…Even though this has been posted in your own forum for roughly 2 weeks. Check out the edit date on the post.

    I mostly just come back to Phandroid for laughs at how slow the news is here. I miss the podcasts too; they were a solid 1/2 hour of hilarity too.

  9. @Joe – my own mods have told me I need to have more of a presence on AF and this indeed is a good example. I agree with you completely for the most part.

    As for Phandroid being about “laughs” and being incredibly slow… I’m sorry you feel that way. Most comments I get the site are positive and although I’m not always breaking every Android story on the web, you have to realize it isn’t easy to follow all the news, do the digging, do the writing, maintain the sites, stay in touch with manufacturers/carriers/developers, work with advertisers, pay the bills and do everything else.

    Tyler Miller has done an amazing job recently in terms of contributions. The Android coverage on Phandroid will only improve and grow. I think we’ve done a pretty good job considering we started out as a small fan site on day 1 and have grown into a resource that many, many people appreciate. I’m sorry you don’t feel the same.

  10. Dear Phandroid:
    I’ve been waiting for pandora since months before buying my g1. I would have bought it much sooner had there been an app, though I agree with the person above how imeem and lastfm have grown in my favor it will be a test of pandora for them to get back on top. Anyways I was going to say you have the only android information site I use, or feel I need. A broad scope and casual tone. The smug bastards who brag that some one else knew before you haven’t done anything compared to what you’ve been doing. So thanks and keep up the good work!

  11. Meh no big deal didn’t mean to troll you so hard. Mostly just suggesting that rather than mirroring others sites news stories, I as well as othersa would rather get the editorial side of them from the staff ie podcast. Thin kit was great idea but you guys were still new to the media. You should resurrect that project and i’d be more than happy to offer mt help to that if needed. If you want to set yourselves apart from other mobile android sites give viewers something different not just same old news blah

  12. I know im late to respond on this but I just have to say, I almost dont want to even support the pandora app when it hits the Android Market but man it’s soooo good at what it does. My G1 recently went down for reason i dont care to explain ;-) so I switched back to my bb curve for a few days and got a taste of the pandora app there and boy was i pleasantly surprised. It renders like content so much better imo than imeem, I havent tried last fm yet but I will give it a whirl just for the cause. If Last FM can hold me over then i probably wont support pandora just for spite as they spited Android for almost a year now. Just my 2 cents anyways.

  13. Wow, the myTouch 3G has been out for a week and Pandora is still absent from the now-enormous Android scene? What gives?


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