Magic Heading to Europe’s Saddlebag


tmnAdd another notch to the list of countries that have been infected with Android Fever. Portugal’s own TMN (Telecomunicações Móveis Nacionais) has just announced that they will be carrying the HTC Magic.

Looks like it will be coming with all standard features expected from an Android device. Although my Portuguese translation could very well be off as I don’t speak the language, you can pre-register yourself either to order the phone or receive updates as to when it will be released. Also of interesting note, it seems like TMN didn’t do much, in terms of personalization as it looks like the software will be released in English, without a Portuguese translation.

Can anyone who speaks Portuguese let us know if there is a release date, projected or confirmed? Google translator doesn’t do very well translating Flash.

[Thanks Rui Pereira]

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  1. Well, the Flash from TMN doesn´t say much.
    Some Portuguese news say that the HTC magic will be launch in July in both TMN and Vodafone.
    I’ll keep you posted when more information arrives.

  2. Ok, Portuguese reader here.

    They don’t say the release date, the only thing they are doing is a pre-order. The rumors say that it will be in July, but the day is unknown. Also unknown is the price, lets see.

    Everybody expected this release from Vodafone, not TMN, because the Vodafone has the exclusivity of the HTC in other country’s, but once again TMN gives a step forward.

  3. From what I can tell there isn’t any information on when this device will be released.

    On another note which may show my android ignorance. It says that there is microsoft exchange support, which I didn’t know was a native feature to android. So they may have added it.

  4. The price is expected to be around 400 € (560 US$).

    Maybe google translator handle this news item better: http://dn.sapo.pt/inicio/ciencia/interior.aspx?content_id=1269460&seccao=Tecnologia

  5. I’m portuguese and looking forward to get one of these. unfortunately the website doesn’t have any info on launch dates and price.
    Also I work in a HTC competitors company and don’t have any info on that.
    Will update when I get more info (if I remember to do it – lol)

  6. Vodafone will launch G1. TMN will launch G2.

  7. Another guy from the sunny Portugal,

    I have been told that the HTC Magic will also be released by Vodafone (portugal) in July.
    The TMN webpage is only used to insert a contact, so when HTC Magic is released they can start spamming you… ;)

    I am very happy with all these news!!! :D

  8. Another Portuguese reader here,
    I would say to expect a Portuguese translation and some portuguese-made software shortly after release, as SAPO (www.sapo.pt), which belongs to Portugal Telecom group just like TMN, and Universidade de Aveiro (Aveiro University) are going to develop some applications to Android. And expect HTC Magic to cost nearly 400€ (without contract).

  9. It looks like that Vodafone expects to release HTC Magic in Portugal in July, too, as confirmed by Vodafone itself:


  10. PF is right. It isnt really a pre-order either. i think its like sign up for the announcement of when you can.

  11. no translation, english softw only….

  12. What does saddlebag mean??

    Another insult?

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