HTC Hero ROM: 2 New Videos, Looking SWEET


The upcoming software on the HTC Hero appears to be a thing of beauty and it is HARD to wait for a beautiful thing. Dave, aka Shivers316 for Phandroid/AndroidForums frequenters, didn’t wait: he loaded a Beta 2 version of a leaked HTC Hero ROM onto his T-Mobile G1. But better yet? He took us step-by-step through the account setup during the first boot and guides us through many of the new features:

Then you’ve got good old Haykuro, the 17 year-old Android whiz kid who put initially ported the HTC Hero software for use on the G1. He did a “Take 2” video of the HTC Hero ROM where he shows off a few new features such as weather widgets and a Twitter App.

Nice music, Haykuro… but would it kill you to say hello?

Big thanks to Dave (Shivers316) who put together that awesome, you know, exclusive for Phandroid – you da man! And I can’t wait to see what Haykuro hits out of the park next. You know, buddy, you can make your videos Phandroid exclusives too if you wish ;)

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HTC Hero Promo Video, Launching In June?

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  1. sweet jesus! i don’t want to root but may have to after this! that twitter feature is sick? why isn’t this on my damn G1.

  2. Opinion incoming: Twitter is ACTUALLY one of the most retarded things to EVER be released for the general public. If you’re not in the “business” of what twitter is all about, You’re clearly just some lonely soul with your friends at schools “following” you lol.

    At the end of the day, All of these social networking things have their ups and downs, I personally don’t endorse anything that mr “diddy” endorses lol.

    The rom is worth getting when it’s 100% complete for EVERY other reason in the book BUT twitter. It’s just sleeker and more advanced than the regular G1 software. 2 of my G1’s will sit and wait for what is released, However my bronze baby will be loading this rom when it’s reported and tested at 100%.

  3. want

  4. Just a quick note for you guys…I’m running beta 4 right now and Twitter has worked on none of them. Facebook works fine though.

  5. Well… Haykuro is no longer making ROMS cause someone took his ROM and try to claim it theirs….

  6. You know, this is going to be epic. You know, I want this more than the iPhone OS now. You know, I need money at the moment though, you know? Just playing :) good review!

  7. Jeez, I swear I didn’t realize how many times I said “you know.” Thanks for pointing it out and making me self conscious.

  8. looks great and all but… geez! FOCUS the damn camera!!

  9. Lol. No problem. I have an annoying knack of hearing that type of stuff, but then again I do it myself. So it’s all good :) and again thanks for the review, I really need to get myself an Android handset. Waiting patiently for a US release of the Samsung I7500!

  10. Haykuro has left the Android scene. :'(

  11. DAMN those bastards driving Haykuro out the game. i was just about to start rooting just because i heard of the guy so much, now he’s driven out… GRRRRRRR…. damn them.. Shoot everyone PM haykuro thank you, we want you to come back!

  12. i guess ill wait until a better version comes out
    hopefully it will work on galaxy
    its amaazing

  13. @Rob i got this update on my twitter feed. It’s not completely useless.

  14. this rom is dangerous. it will brick your phone, and there is no support for it on xda-devs. To all those who cant wait any longer, say some prayers before you try and flash this rom– if things go wrong then you are all alone in trying to fix them with this non-haykuro undercooked rom.

    i cant believe that phandroid is pushing such an undercooked rom.

  15. To the people who do these video reviews: can you please figure out how to use a video camera? Every single video I see regarding Android has the crappiest, blurriest video ever. For god’s sake…you can figure out how to root your phone, can’t you figure out how to adjust the freaking shutter on your video camera?


  16. so Haykuro is blaming (Dave, aka Shivers316 form Phandroid/AndroidForums) because he is ussing the rom that is not done????

  17. No…I’m not being blamed for anything.

  18. yes you are!
    Focus = FAIL

  19. owned!!!!!

  20. Ok guys…please make me a nice focused android video. Until then….shudddduuuuup

  21. ummm i want to install this rom but its very complicated to do. anyone know how i can do it? (in the easiest way possible) and does it require root?

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