May 30th, 2009

The upcoming software on the HTC Hero appears to be a thing of beauty and it is HARD to wait for a beautiful thing. Dave, aka Shivers316 for Phandroid/AndroidForums frequenters, didn’t wait: he loaded a Beta 2 version of a leaked HTC Hero ROM onto his T-Mobile G1. But better yet? He took us step-by-step through the account setup during the first boot and guides us through many of the new features:

Then you’ve got good old Haykuro, the 17 year-old Android whiz kid who put initially ported the HTC Hero software for use on the G1. He did a “Take 2” video of the HTC Hero ROM where he shows off a few new features such as weather widgets and a Twitter App.

Nice music, Haykuro… but would it kill you to say hello?

Big thanks to Dave (Shivers316) who put together that awesome, you know, exclusive for Phandroid – you da man! And I can’t wait to see what Haykuro hits out of the park next. You know, buddy, you can make your videos Phandroid exclusives too if you wish ;)

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