HTC Hero Promo Video, Launching In June?


Yesterday we told you the HTC Hero would see an August USA launch (carrier unknown) and would also be exclusively offered on mobile carrier Orange in the UK (date unknown). Now it appears the HTC Hero could launch in Europe at the end of June… only a month away!

A promotional video leaked suggesting a launch is right around the corner:

Look at all those COLORS! Appears to come in at least 7 flavors: black, white, yellow, pink, gold, red  and turqouise.


If I were going to pick 7 colors… I think I would pick a different 7. But I guess you only have to like one color enough to buy it, right?

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  1. Is anybody else noticing that the display only rotates in 3 directions? You see as it is rolling clockwise that it rotates once to the right, then again so that it’s upside down, then again when it is right side up… which means that if you are using it horizontally, the chin buttons would have to be on the left hand side of the phone. Don’t get me wrong.. i think it’s great that they are launching a phone for lefties… but wtf? So… weird advertising oversight, or big industrial design mistake?

    Also… isn’t it kinda weird that they have this beautiful promotional video… but actual specs are nowhere to be found? I dunno guys…

    Do we know what kind of keyboard it has yet? I am assuming it is virtual.. because the body seems pretty seamless.

  2. The chin on the HTC Android phones just ruin it all. Less pocketable and fugly. Makes me want to bend it so it is straight, then it would be a good phone :-) Think I’ll wait till the Samsung Galaxy comes out.

  3. You’re right about those colors, they don’t really ‘pop’ or jump out at you. Better than a lot of other carriers offer though, I will say that. That gray is terrible though.

  4. WTF is that CHIN for? Where is trackball? Where is 3.5mm jack?
    hTC misses important features & is very generous when it comes to screwing the design!

    hTC design team=bunch of FAILtards

  5. I don’t think the full 360 rotation is a mistake. I personally wish I had it on the G1. The idea of showing someone a pic thats sitting across from you by leaning the phone over in their direction is nice.

    I also noticed they have customized the look of Android a bit. Its starting to look a little like the leaked future version.

  6. no track ball
    and yay the fugly chin is back
    soo not gonna buy thialas
    plus hykaro will definitlly release the user interface ill just root the galaxy (when it comes)and add the htc hero coolnes to the phone

  7. oh i finally got why the add the chin
    so u can skate board on it duuuuuuuuuuh
    fuck htc is stupid

  8. Yawn, bunch of whiners lol. If a “chin” makes you less likely to purchase a phone, then stfu about it. It’s called personal preference, and CLEARLY if HTC is releasing YET ANOTHER phone with a “chin”, They are doing/hearing something right about it.

    You all act like it’s a jay leno chin, For christ sake I almost didn’t buy the G1 because of all the complaints, Yet when it arrived the supposed “chin” was no more then the SLIGHTEST of angles. Does not at all affect any NORMAL persons pockets (Now if you’re Emo and wear your sisters jeans, Maybe)

    I have 4 G1’s in my household alone, and 8/10 households have more than 1 “chin” in their house. Go to AT&T or some shit and complain.

  9. @Rob

    THANK YOU!!!!!

  10. I like the phone, but this promo… SUCKS!

  11. i want that tweaked interface, do we think we could get that on our G1’s?

  12. is the screen size bigger than g1 or what ?

  13. I really don`t like the bottom part of the phone.

  14. Why do so many people hate the chin?
    I think they look cute. ^^
    I love all the colors, especially red.

  15. I can whine all I want that is what the internet is for right? Looks like its 7 to 2 against the chin. however that is not nearly as bad as the lack of 3mm headphone jack.

  16. i am pro chin

    throw my vote in for the chin

  17. the chin was there to prevent trackball from getting pressed when face down (or in pocket maybe)

    but this has no trackball or D-pad. why it still has a chin

    i wouldn’t buy one

  18. I like the chin on my G1. This chin however looks a bit more prominent. And the lack of a standard 3.5mm headphone jack is just plain silly. Other than that I say bring it on. The more Android devices the better.

  19. Guys, I believe the ‘chin’ was initially designed to cover/protect the trackball and it works that way on G1.
    If there is no trackball, then it doesn’t seem to have a point, or does it?

  20. I’ve also noticed that on my G1 the chin protects the screen when it’s face down in addition to preventing the trackball from being pressed. It’s nice to be able to leave it face down without fear that your screen is being scratched up by some crap that might be on the table. In fact I’ve dropped my phone several times and while the edges get scratched up, there’s no way for the screen to even hit the ground (as long as you’re on a relatively flat surface; of course a jagged rock or something could it it). Also I think the G1 fits beautifully into my pocket. If anything I think the chin contours to the shape of my leg better than a straight phone would. I mean c’mon, I don’t have a board-straight leg.

  21. Thats why they make bluetooth headphones, so you dont have cord hanging all over the place. Get with the times (thats what wireless is for).

  22. The chin makes that thing impossible to look at. Disgusting! Why cant HTC just get it right already ?

  23. To clear up a few above comments, it looks like it has a 3.5mm jack after all…

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