Jun 1st, 2009

When Google officially launched Sky Map a few weeks ago I was incredibly excited. The past few years I’ve really become interested in the universe beyond earth, sparked by the amazing images from (and story of) the Hubble Space Telescope. I enjoy looking at the night sky, and while deep/philosophical thoughts aren’t uncommon, sometimes I’m really just curious to know what the heck that ridiculously bright object in the sky could be.

With Google Sky Map it is easy (and fun) to find out:

I was/am deeply amused. Kind of funny considering one week before this, after being awake for 24+ hours (just like today) I had recorded the SAME EXACT THING! So why didn’t I publish this last week? The answer is simple… because the first attempt was a totally epic Google Sky Map Fail.

But instead of brushing it under the rug, I decided to edit it up and show it to you guys anyways. Those of you who have kind of grown to know me have learned that I poke fun and I call people out but it is usually all in good fun. So why not poke some fun at myself? I’m game – and this is totally moronic. But give me a break, I could barely keep my eyes open let alone think straight:

Somehow the “Nightshot Plus” feature was turned on but I didn’t realize it until after so I’m not sure how that affected either of the two videos. I’m eager to play with Google Sky Map when we go on our annual family beach trip to North Carolina this summer. Without bright city lights the stars seem a million times brighter and there seem to be a billion more of them.

I hope you enjoyed watching this as much as I enjoyed recording it!