An (Almost) Complete NES Emulator


Don’t let the title fool you, this is the real deal. Sans a few bugs you can finally relive your childhood years of summer days wasted in front of the boob-tube playing Zelda and Super Mario Brothers on your Android device.

You have two options for using the emulator. There is the lite version, which is a full working version of the program however you are limited to playing Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers. While you are only allowed to play the one game it still gives you a feel for what you can expect from the full version. And even if you plan to get the full version regardless, I still recommend at least playing the lite version for a few minutes. Then you can acquire the full version. This one will set you back a well spent $1.99, but you can now load the NES ROMs from your SD card.

The games themselves run very smoothly, while the sound can be a bit choppy. The developer claims a 95% success rate in loading and playing games. And through user reviews it seems that in order to have sound you must be updated to Android OS 1.5. So if you haven’t done so already, get on it.





And remember, emulators themselves are completely legal; however you must own the original cartridge of the ROM for it to be legal. Some viewers also question the legality/ethics of charging for an emulator as the majority of us are used to getting free emulators for our desktop computers. Again, it is 100% legal for the author of this program to charge for his software; it is the ROMs that neither the developer of Nesoid or any other individual can sell for profit without consent from the original game creator.

Happy emulating!

[Thanks to SirFenwick for the tip!]

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  1. my first app to ever buy! got it last night and loving it so far. couldnt get zelda 1 to play, it would kinda start and then er…crash I guess you would call it and revert back as if it had no game loaded at all. zelda II seems to be working great though…cant wait to try others :) gives me hope that one day we’ll see good snes and gameboy emulators!

  2. Your Welcome.

    But its a great emulator, I really haven’t had to many problems with it.

  3. grimdeath:


    That day may come a little sooner than you expect :)

  4. Killed my battery twice yesterday playing 1943. So far seems to run smoothly, however overclocking is necessary to keep paperboy from lagging.

    Can’t wait to see what other emulators this device can handle.

  5. I’m assuming those 2D barcodes on the webpage are Application links for Android phones. What application uses them?

  6. This looks awesome, I’m totally going to buy it and waste all my time playing 1943 over and over again. Life is good.

    Oh and I posted this at the thread linked, but in case people here are reading it. For some reason the G1 doesn’t support .zip downloads from the browser until you install an app like AndroZip or AndExplorer. I noticed after I installed those (both) I could d/l .zip files again, but I’m not sure which one did it, or if it was both. ASTRO, while it does support .zip files, doesn’t allow browser to d/l them for some reason. This is just from my personal experience.

  7. this was the first thing that I bought from the market as I have been extremely picky about buying anything from there. that being said, its a great emulator, I just wish the dev would fix the sound. And I would be a happy camper.

  8. Thanks for this! You may want to think about putting the name of the app a little more prominently than buried in the last paragraph as a side note.

    Just a thought.

  9. Yeah I bought this the other day, very good app and well made.

  10. anyone know a good site to download the ROMS?

  11. Jonno, if you use download crutch, you can download anything.

  12. *************************READ****************************
    I got G1 Update in the US VIA TMobile at 9:00pm EST…It here for the US WOOT!

  13. I bought this app when it first came out, I really like it!
    I was so glad when he fixed the sound issue, but I still get some choppiness. Especially on SMB3.

    I have a bunch of ROMs.

  14. Peter,

    Downloading ROMs from the internet is illegal. You are only allowed to have ROMs of games to which you own the original cartridge.

  15. Peter Here are some sites, http://www.Dashroms.com, wwwEmulanium.com,www.Romworldonline.com,www.Doperoms.com, http://www.Rom-world.com, coolrom.com, Romnation.net
    Hope these help.

  16. This is a great emulator. I was really surprised. I’ll probably buy this soon.

  17. Phil,
    Those are QR Codes, and can be read by scanning them using the Barcode Scanner available on the Market. When you scan them, they provide direct links to the applications in question.

    Good call, I should have done that off the bat. Noted.

  18. Can it be used on android without a keyboard somehow? I expect that it can`t…

  19. Downloaded it last night. Took a little while to figure it it out, but I love it. I don’t have Cupcake but the sound works perfectly.

  20. Can’t find the full version, anyone have any ideas??

  21. Hey thanks for those links Afro appreciate it

  22. Ah, but does it work on the Magic – what with it lacking a physical keyboard and all?

  23. For those of you having problems with the “Punch Out” game, I found another copy that runs great all the way through the first round. I didn’t try anymore as I wanted to come here and report my findings. If anyone wants to test it go to

    [code]URL Removed[/code]

    Please do not download if you do not own the original game!

    I’m only bringing it up so the emulator developer does not think there is a problem with his emulator. It must be the bad rom we are finding via google.

  24. How do I get the ROMs to work on my G1? I have the emulator & have downloaded a couple games but the emulator doesn’t recognize it. Thanks!

  25. Why with the QR code URLs? I have to get the bar code scanner app, then load up the website on another device so that I can scan it with the phone to go to a link I presumably could have just clicked on from the phone if it were a regular link? I had trouble when searching the Market, too. Otherwise great article.

  26. @dtungsten the QR code assumes you are reading this article from your desktop computer/laptop. That way you could just scan the barcode using your phone and BOOM – its there – as opposed to searching around.

  27. no comment

  28. Hellow guys I wanted to ask something

    After I buy the emulator where can I download the games?

  29. You can get the games at roms4droid.com. It’s the best site& has more instructions. Let me know if you need help

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