Samsung Galaxy i7500 Rocks Out On Video


We’ve read a lot about the Samsung Galaxy AKA Samsung i7500, we’ve seen the specs and pictures, but what better way to get a better glimpse at the device than a couple sweet videos? The first one is more of a picturesque look done by HDBlog.it with some sweet music blasting in the background: Rock On!

Now that we’ve got you all pumped up it is time to… pump down. Here is a quick video demo of the Samsung Galaxy courtesy of CNET Asia:

Now how about some videos of all those other Android Phones leaked and rumored in recent days/weeks?  Patience my friend… you know that we bring you the goods as soon as we get them ourselves!

[Via AndroidGuys]

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  1. I don’t know – I think as far as touch screens go, the minimal size should be 3.5″. The virtual KB is nice, but just a bit to small for excellent accuracy. I have medium sized hands, too. Wondering if the apps would scale well with a larger screen, too.

  2. The reason I’m still hesitating to buy this baby is that it is not an HTC Phone and thus won’t get any love by XDAdevelopers :(

    And I’m not sure whether it will not be the case that I will miss all the fun with this phone. On XDA the people already hack the latest interfaces for Android and will most probably pack them onto custom ROMs you can use on your phone.
    But if they don’t release any working ROMs for the Samsung ones it will be very sad :/

  3. Has anybody else noticed the significant difference between i7500 and magic? I mean the screen. I didn`t expect AMOLED to be such an improvement when compared to LCD. The red tones are waaaaaay better on i7500… This makes me reconcider waiting for i7500

    @GODMODE: The difference between 3.5 and 3.2″ is not as big deal as it looks like.

  4. Furret, I strongly disagree regarding the screen size. 0.3 inch makes a big difference. Just use an iphone for awhile and then switch to something with a 3.2.

  5. amaazing gosh i cant wait 4 the release
    i never thought amoled screen was sooo bright

  6. The Galaxy/i7500 just makes the screen look smaller because of the black border around the screen and all the controls underneath. That’s one thing I prefer about the Magic, it’s face is cleaner and there’s no frame around the screen or a huge panel of extremely noticeable and ugly controls and buttons.

  7. But the wiev! Galaxy has significantly better colors. I personally would go for Galaxy. The only alternative I concider is old and good G1 due to the hardware keyboard.

  8. This phone would be perfect if only the screen were a little bigger.

  9. *************************READ****************************
    I got G1 Update in the US VIA TMobile at 9:00pm EST…It here for the US WOOT! SO who cares bout samsung

  10. It looks really cool! I’m starting to not even care if it has a physical keyboard, the Android keyboard is awesome, I caught myself using it a lot lately.

  11. Maybe… but I dont`t expect, that many games and emulators will be usable on Galaxy and Magic. Since Android doesn`t have multitouch, there is nothing to suply the keyboard for games(like iPhones multitouch gaming interfaces).

  12. @Agent: For me, it doesn`t… I allready have tried both the soft keyboard on cupcake G1 and iPhone 3G and for me it`s no big deal to type on both of them. But for somebody with thicker fingers, it could be worse.

  13. I noticed the screen rotates to either side when turned landscape unlike the G1 which only landscapes with a turn to the left. I wonder if the Magic does this and I wonder if it will portrait when you turn it upside down. I thought that was neat about the Palm Pre when showing pics to people.

  14. Not only left or right… The wiev turns also upside down ^_^

  15. I really want the Samsung i7500 for the 8gb internal memory, dpad, and 3.5mm. The only thing I hate is that it has the micro usb and you have to take the back off to remove the micro sd card. I have mini usb cables hooked up everywhere. To have to switch over would be a shame.

  16. my biggest complaint is the keyboard. bigger space and delete buttons would be nice…always vtyping that vvor b instead of a space. see? the keys in general, wish they werevbigger. can’t walkband type with thetouch vscreen….guess that’s the difference between a touch and a blackberry. ..

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