Android OS 1.5 US Now Available for Download


cupcake-robots1Cupcake is available for download for U.S. phones. Get over to XDA when you’re ready to get your Voice Search and MyFaves back, or if you decided to patiently wait for the US version to be released on its own. The latest delay was due to a security flaw in the original OTA, T-Mobile decided that rather than a second, smaller, OTA they would delay until the hotfix was applied to the original OTA.

Thoughts, comments? We’ve been waiting for this day for about four months, was it worth the wait?

[via XDA, and Boxcar from AF]

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  1. It certainly was, IMO. I upgraded a few days ago to the UK version and it’s quite awesome. Better battery life, sexier UI, a lot faster, widgets = awesome, on-screen keyboard = awesome…Just amazing…

    Also, i upgraded directly from UK 1.5 (specifically CRB43) to US 1.5 (also CRB43), it worked fine, no problems at all so it should be safe, but as always, YMMV.

  2. I have the uk 1.5 so does that mean I have to convert back to rc33 toget the us 1.5??

  3. Went to XDA, downloaded the zip file, flashed my G1 and BAM!!! U.S. version all the way!!! Thanks for the tip. Just wished that the home screens auto rotated.

  4. update not working, I already have the uk version, maybe I have to alt-w first? before update is applied.

  5. GOT IT! Worked perfectly! Now we all can sit around a bitch because Dounut will keep getting delayed!

  6. When is Donut going to arrive already? I’m having an aneurysm.

  7. Just making sure….This is a ota release for the US for non rooted phones? They keep speaking on nthe difference between haykoru and J.F……..Do i rename this to update zip. Is it the true us ota or should I just let Tmo ota it……..Sorry to sound stupid, I just want no problems….also, when it installs on the phone, will it be taking the full 46mb or more space??

  8. This is the TRUE OTA US Cupcake 1.5 for non rooted phones. No worries PaulzPhone!

  9. Quick question so I manually flashed my us g1 to the uk version now that the US version is available do I flash it the same way I did the uk version?

  10. @obeyryan

    Yes, flash it the same way.

  11. One last question….actually 2….Do I rename it to update, or update.zip…….And what is the proper button sequence to flash it….Then yes….I’ll too be eating cupcake too……..Thanx

  12. Yay! It worked great, I missed my myFaves. haha.
    So glad to finally have the US version of 1.5

  13. excellent, kudos for being the first of the android fan sites that i found that had the link to the update.

  14. @Paulzphone

    You should just rename it to update. The extension would be attached automatically.

  15. excuse my ignorance, but how do i update the phone once i download it on my computer

  16. how do i get it on my g1??????????

  17. justin to use it once file in on sd card and re-named update

    turn off phone
    re-boot phone while holding home key
    when triangle comes up press alt.l
    then alt.s and it should start to work when its done loading press back and home and it should re-boot with 1.5

  18. someone f***ing tell me how to get it on my phone!!!!! lol ive been waiting for this day forever

  19. put the zip file on your phone and follow the instructions for the UK update. Same way.

  20. Instructions:
    You can download the update from:
    Save it to your microSD card and rename it “Update” (no extension : the G1 automatically apply a .zip extension).
    Shut down the G1, then start it again while holding down the Home key.
    The “T-Mobile G1 logo will show up as normal” but wait a bit — still holding down the Home key — and you’ll get a triangular caution icon next to a phone. When this shows up, hit ALT-L.
    This will open a menu of options, one of which is install the contents of “Update.zip”. Do this by hitting ALT-S.
    Wait several minutes while the new firmware is installed. Don’t touch, mess with, or even look too closely at your G1 during this process.
    You’ll eventually be asked to push the Home and Back keys again. (Back is near Home, not the Delete key on the keyboard.) This will restart your device.
    The firmware will be copied into ROM, which takes another minute or so, then your G1 will reboot itself normally.
    Begin breathing normally

  21. Place directly on SD card. Make sure it is renamed Update.
    Power Off phone. Power on phone by pressing home and power button at same time. Hold until it gets to the disk image. Then Press alt+l to access then alt+s to add update. then wait until it finish, press back and home once it all ends and then it’s done!

  22. Someone needs to post a detailed, step-by-step process of how to update it for people that don’t know how.

  23. Sorry for the link, go to this page


    Clic the second link under Cupcake 1.5

  24. Sweet. I’m officially cupcaked US flavor

  25. Thanks very much. Downloaded and installed and now I have the US version. You guys are the coolest.

    Now we need a Phandroid widget for cupcake.


  26. my only question is will this take away google talk and replace it with the old IM app? I would like to keep the dedicated Google Talk app instead of the poor excuse of an all inclusive IM app it shipped with.

  27. ok so how exactly do i get that zip file on my phone and when its on my sd card do i make a folder called update?

  28. I’m updating from my mac and I have renamed the folder update.zip i tried uploading it onto my G1, but it said it failed. I took the update folder off my sd card. which file do i need to put on my phone? (boot.img, system, META-INF, radio.img, check_prereq)?

  29. I tried the jf adp build, it was really buggy, but this kicks butt, totally smooth. It’s amazing that it runs so much smoother than 1.1

  30. i did it but mine wont go pass the android screen :(

  31. So far, no luck here….I keep holding the home and power button, yet it comes up with a phone pic with an exclamation point in a triangle and have to remove battery, then same results…. does it need to be Capital U in the renamed Update or update….update is what I have and i noticed above the cap is used….I’m sorry, I am smart, just a little leary…Please help me with my ignorance………Thanx

  32. Justin: Ifthe directions in the post are too complicated to follow, I would suggest waiting for the OTA to come out.

  33. or rename it Update.zip……….Thanx again….hitting refresh here like a fool……..

  34. ok..how do I download the file for US 1.5 on my pc? I’m soo ready for the update! help please…im new @ this! lol

  35. the triangle is supposed to come up.

  36. then you follow the other directions

  37. Paulzphone did you read my instructions completely?

  38. @jeremy It will have both! h

  39. Am I being crazy, or does anybody else notice the native IM app got better??

  40. i’ve posted a video on youtube to help any1 who’s having difficulties in updating their fones http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90ldmgt0zdk

  41. Thank you for answering my question Alex R. You are correct, the original IM is now lacking the Google Talk part and it is its own which works better than when they were all together. Got Voice Search back. And I must say the 1.5 update has certainly made a difference in the reaction time for the phone. When I was running 1.0 (many months ago)the phone took upwards of a minute to reload the home screen when exiting the browser and now it only takes seconds. Just want to add Thanks to everyone who finds these updates and posts the info for the rest of us who are not rooted. PS I thought about rooting, just been too busy.

  42. I meant, I notice the AIM better. Not GTalk.
    Or am I just imagining things since I haven’t used it in ages??


  44. finally i had my hands on cupcake :) it’s working flawlessly people with nothing missed or accidentally removed and installing it was definitely smooth


  46. mine is running really slow, I have Open Home, does anyone with open home have the same problem?

  47. If I update manually what’s happens when tmo sends the update

  48. It won’t let me update. I am running jesusfreak’s boot loader and thedude’s cupcake themed, but I want to run the official one for the amazon music store. It keeps saying that the file is not signed. Anyone know how to fix this or unroot your phone to go official?

  49. Thanx all for your help. I was a little uneasy and all, but it’s up and running great and was a piece of pie….Looks great, but me and my fat fingers think the keyboard sucks….Chompsms keyboard was good….But, I always have an option that alot of phones dont have, I can always slide open the hard keyboard….Thanx for all the solid guidance, and to those that delivered it in the first place…..L8R

  50. It’s really odd that it would run slower, in general, 1.5 is much snappier than the older versions. You know what, I just figured out your problem, I looked at the description in the market, and they have not released a cupcake version. aHome has a beta cupcake version, you might give it a try. To any of you other people having trouble installing the update, hitting alt-L first will bring up the menu. I would also recommend wiping (Alt-W), then installing (Alt-S). Hope it helps.

  51. Can we get the build number, etc. For US 1.5, I’m not sure if mine OTAed or not. Don’t want to go through the trouble of flashing if I’m already running 1.5

  52. Works great I feel extra smart cuz that was my 1st time updating my fone lol

  53. Help I just dropped it and it tells me installation aborted E:Corrupt File: boot.img E: verification failed

  54. So I had the UK version of cupcake before I put this US version on. I installed the exact same way. I cannot tell much of a differewnce between the UK and US version. Also, my IM client is missing….voice search is missing as well. Is this normal?

  55. To clear things up a bit – download the zip file and rename it to “update.zip”. Keep in mind that if you are using Windows to change the name, it is probably best to leave off the extension, as Windows hides the extension of known file types. In this instance, simly rename the file to “update”. Copy the file to the root directory of your SD card – that is, the top-most folder, one which is not in any other folders. If your phone mounts as F:, then the path to the root directory would be “F:\”. Once you have done this, disconnect your phone from the computer and turn it off. After turning it off, boot into recovery mode by holding the red power key AND the home key. Keep holding these two buttons until you see an exclamation point. Now, holding the Alt key, press the L key. This will allow you to see what’s going on. From this moment on, it is important to not interrupt the process – so make sure you’re plugged in or have plenty of battery juice. Hold the Alt key and press the S key, to use the update.zip rom. After a few minutes, a message will inform you that installation is complete. Press the home and back (back arrow) keys together, and your phone will reboot. You’re not quite done yet, however, as the phone will install the new software and reboot a few times. Once you see the new Android loading screen (silver & white), you’re only moments away from enjoy a delicious cupcake, one that’s well deserved. Enjoy!

  56. Peter, I am running open home without issue. Have you checked the Market for an update?

  57. I downloaded the uk version to me us g1 and now the us version is out so of course i downloaded it but when i run it it keeps saying “E:can’t open/sdcard/update.zip(no such file or directory) installation aborted.” help someone

  58. Yes I have the latest version, I just restarted the phone seems to be working alot better now thanks for the help though.

  59. nevermind i figured out the problem, i renamed the file to update.zip but its already a zip file so when the phone read it it came up update.zip.zip so just name it update

  60. I want to thank PHANDROID for bringing us this link. My update is running smooth and is everything I was hoping. Thank you also to GOOGLE… but I’m still hungry…..have any donuts cooking????? Like MULTITOUCH???????????????????? I WANT IT!!!!!!

  61. okay so i have a question for all you guys.. ok so this update is for non rooted g1’s right and so can someone tell me exactly how to put this on my phone and can someone tell me if this is 100 percent safe to put on my phone people say with doing the other stuff like rooting and all that it can ruin ur phone and it breaks ur warninty so does doing this do the same or is it as if t mobile gave it to me. thanks to anyone who can answer my questions this is my first time bieng on this website whoever can answer my question if you could email me the answers to my question i would greatly appriciate it email me at [email protected] thanks all again and special thanks to anyone who answers my questions

  62. Can anyone remember a while ago when the video surfaced about the circular wheel used to zoom in and out on images or the web, and we thought it was going to be in cupcake, looked awesome. Anyone know what happened to that?

  63. A little help. I know how to do everything once i install the update. My problem is, i am at work and inpatient! The computers here won’t let me recognize my phone when i plug it into the USB, nor will they let me add new hardware. Is there any way to get this from my computer to phone with no memory card reader. I can’t email it, it’s too large. Any suggestions?

  64. @Collin I remember that! I really wanted that. :( Here’s hoping it’s out some day. Also, I wonder what happened to the Global Time thing. 0o;

  65. Just downloaded and installed it, no problems.. Looks and runs great.. Thanks for this post!


  66. Phandroid continues to deliver, thanks for the link. I downloaded the update, renamed it to update, and put it in the root of my SD Card, and followed the instructions mentioned in the post earlier and I now have cupcake and it all works great, though I txt faster with the hardware keyboard vs the virtual keyboard.

  67. LOVE the update. its awesome and the layout looks alot nicer

  68. I did it all on my phone …just get a file manager app like lidia file manager you can renmae and move the file to your sd card from that app and then just reboot and continue like normal

  69. WORKS GREAT!!!!!

    I have never done anything manually before. It was simple just follow the directions found in the UK Thread posted a few days ago. PS. When you download the file change the name to update and then click save. Simple!

  70. Hey I Was Just Wondering When Everyone Installed The UK Version Of Cupcake We Got Updates Dose That Mean We Will Still Get OTA Normally Like Nothing Happen??

  71. What about Google Maps? Did they imrove the app, do we have more features now? We all know Android users got screwed by Google with the most limited Google Maps ever, worse than on ANY mobile platform.

  72. Wow. This was a long time coming for not rooted g1 users. Build # CRB43

  73. Phandroid is the shit. THey are update on evcrything, I mean everything, ANDROID. Thanks guys. Great Job.

  74. I’m trying this I did straight from my g1 its on my sdcard its 46mb in size but its om the downloads section can anyone tell me what folder it should be I’m so I can update I’m running uk version but I want the us one can somebody plz help [email protected] any help will be appriciated

  75. does this include stereo bluetooth and the im app??

  76. any1 try it on aussie g1 yet?

  77. I too would like to know if I will still receive future ota updates after manually installing the cupcake update. I did NOT do the uk one. Just the us this morning. Any help guys?

  78. Will this void my warranty?

  79. has anyone noticed that when charging your phone now it seem like it takes a HECK of a lot longer to charge now then before installing the UK version and now the same with the US 1.5

  80. Hey, so I didn’t see anyone mention anything about if there phone is unlocked…I have unlocked mine for attt..my concern is that when I do the uk update that it will untill all my settings.. does anyone have any thoughts if it will or won’t…I’m dieing to have the update please respond thanks..

  81. Get Download Crutch from the market. You can download
    .zip and other file types directly to your SD card.

  82. Yes. Obeyryan is right it now takes longer to charge

  83. They may have calibrated the OS to read the actual level of batter remaining a little better. I haven’t paid attention to time required to fully charge, but have noticed a great improvement in battery life. A normal days use got me to about 60% when I got home, now I’m at about 80%.

  84. I have cupcake finaly I have the cupcake…

  85. the copy and paste from browser is f*cking brilliant!!! i love android

  86. om nom nom nom!! yum yum cupcake!!

  87. I just updated to the 1.5 cupcake USA manually. Will i be able to recieve OTA updates from T-mobile later on?

  88. Thanks…I was anxious to get US cupcaked…don’t know why.

    I also remember the video of the long touch circular zoom wheel and was anxious to see it. It looks like it has been left out.

  89. Quick question,i’m about to do update and try it all on my phone, one question b4 i do. Does it come with stereo
    bluetooth and video player as they said it would?

  90. Thanks so much! worked like a charm! Finally cupcake!

  91. can anyone tell me if this is 100 percent safe or is there still a chance i could break my phone like they said could happen if you rooted it?

  92. Had root with Jf 1.5 I no longer wanted root so I down graded back to rc29 I added the new us 1.5 to my sd card named it to update and now I have my cupcake and it taste great no problems 100% safe

  93. I just installed it, and it works flawlessly.

  94. Scott,
    This is the official release of 1.5. It has no more of a chance to brick your phone than the standard OTA would, as it is the OTA simply in another form.

  95. Well it worked on my phone but the browser or steel no longer works on my girlfriends G1. It opens and looks like it’s going to open up the webpage and then just closes back to the desktop.

    I’ve tried to flash it again from my sd card and still nothing. I’ve also tried the factory restore and still nothing. Any suggestions?

  96. Jesse,
    I do not believe the Steel Devs have updated the browser for use on Android 1.5. I suppose we have to stick to the stock browser until an update is released.

  97. I can understand that but the default browser is not working either. It’s fine on my mine but not on hers.

  98. I should also note that Opera is working fine. I’ve reset the default, cleared out the cache and browser data. The phone firmware is showing 1.5 and I removed the sd card. When I try to open the default browser, it shows a page loading up and then just goes back to the desktop.

    Everything else seems to be working fine.

  99. Try a reboot. Also, there is a download available from KolbySoft, the makers of Steel. Head over to http://kolbysoft.com/downloads.html and download the updated apk.

  100. I did the reboot and still nothing. Opera is the only browser that works now.

  101. I’ve noticed the same thing with the battery taking longer to charge, but I agree that I think it just reads it better. Before it would get to 100% but would quickely drop 20% without even touching it. I think it has a true reading now.

  102. Is there any way to repair an install of the browser app or maybe re-install it somehow?

    Would it be possible to rollback to 1.1?

  103. I thought that cupcake was coming out with touch screen portait and landscape texting

  104. I don’t have an Android phone. How do I get the update onto it? Is it called Donut? I put the update file onto the hard drive and renamed it to Update and then renamed it to Zip. When the phone got stuck at the android screen I switched it off, and now it is still off. The phone doesn’t seem to be working any more, but I’m scared to switch it on in case the police find me. Help!!!

    Only joking. I installed it without any problems, and it’s just great!

  105. Can anyone properly direct me to the “OMG i just recieved Donut” thread on the forum…………..HaHa

  106. I downloaded it and installed it today. I like the on-screen keyboard and really like the predictive text! I missed that from Windows Mobile. I can’t wait to try out the A2DP Bluetooth stereo with my motorcycle helmet!

  107. The new Google Talk App has a purple background on my bronze phone but a pink background on my daughter’s white phone. What the..? She hates pink, anybody know how to change it?

  108. how do I update from JF 1.5 to official tmo 1.5? I keep getting an error message during the boot process – it seems it’s having trouble opening the update.zip file. do I have to downgrade then go back up?

  109. Does anyone know how to get settings for the onscreen keyboard, so that it vibrates when you press on a letter or that it makes some noise like the ChompSMS keyboard? That would be the icing on the cupcake

  110. Sorry for the double post, but is anyone getting low volume sound when dailing? It’s not as loud as it used to be and I can’t seem to raise that volume on that. Also the ringtones seem to be quieter than before. Any clarifications on this?

  111. @Bruce Dimon
    I have the white G1 and google talk background on my phone is white. So I have no clue on what could be wrong with your phones.

  112. after install my gmail app stopped working. all it says is no connection. and then gives me a retry button. anyone have any way around this.

    [email protected]

  113. Thank you Albucian !!!! WOrks like a charm.

  114. I want to thank you all this is amazing and you all have been nothing but helpful through this process.

  115. Well, it looks like after some troubleshooting that it’s only affecting some websites. I can use the search widget and then depending what site I pull up, it will either show up or it will close out to the desktop.

    Opera mini is still the only browser that works with no problem.

  116. ok i have two questions 1. will i still get the ota update for the cupcake 2. being after i get update on my phone do i have to keep the zip file on my SD card

  117. Does anybody know if the 1.5 update fixes the issues on the email application(POP3 and IMAP) on the G1. I am currently using K-9 email app.


  118. Can I please get the new download cupcake 1.5 for my g1 phone please.Tks

  119. I just tried doing the update on my mac on both my and my girlfriend’s G1, and it worked on neither of ours. I followed the directions very carefully and tried renaming the file to both Update.zip and just Update. After pressing Alt+S it said something (bad) and then said that the installation was cancelled. The only thing it did on mine was take away my ability to make calls and send texts. I restarted my phone, and everything’s back to normal; thank goodness.

    I even googled “manual cupcake installation mac”, found a thread, and followed it exactly. Still nothing. Anyone have any ideas?

  120. Also I don’t understand why the update itself is said to be 46 MB and the downloaded file is about 112 MB.

  121. has anyone else had ALL their icons gone upon installing and rebooting and everything?? everything seems to be working fine but i just thought it was a little annoying to have all my icons gone when rebooting.

  122. worked awesome on two phones

  123. @Garrett you have to name it just update thats how i got mines to work. cause at first i named it update.zip then i tired update. after finally i just tired update and it work

  124. i manually updated my phone and everything seems to be running alot quicker, less lagg. the camera is alot faster and the video recording works great….i like the soft keyboard and auto rotation of the screen (does not auto rotate on the home screen though) so far A+

  125. How come my email wont work no more?

  126. I think what is confusing many people is that they download Cupcake, and un-zip it before installing it on the SD card. Leave it in the compressed form it arrived in when initially downloaded. Just rename it to “update”. Then follow the instructions. It will work on a Mac. On a mac, add the extension “.zip” after “update. The compressed Mac file looks like a page with a zipper running from top to bottom. Load it on your SD card in zipped or compressed form. This is why there is a size difference, ie: 46 MB vs 112 MB I suppose. 42-46 MB COMPRESSED or ZIPPED. It’s a smaller file compressed and makes for a quicker download.

    Now then, will T Mo still OTA update after we do manual? Haven’t seen that answered.

  127. After typing ALT S, the update process UNZIPS or DeCOMPRESSES the Cupcake file you downloaded.

    I want to see copy and paste all over this OS, and on apps. That is such a useful feature.

  128. I have been trying to manually update without any success. Whenever I try it says that files cannot be verified and cancels upgrade.

    Could anyone advise?

  129. Someone please help. I have done everything. when i get to installing

    the update. it tell me :No Signature :Verification failed.

    What am i doing wrong??

  130. uhm.when i download it, it comes up with about 3 .img files and 2 folders and i dont know which ones to copy to my SD card.and then i tried copying them all into one folder and saving it to my SD card and carrying out the procces from there and it said “unable to find update.zip” on my G1 when i did all that shit it said to do ( ALT+S, ALT+L etc.) so someone please help. thanks

  131. Dakwan- it sounds like your browser, or whatever you downloaded it with, also decompressed or un-zipped the file upon download. You may have to check browser settings so it retains it’s zipped/compressed form. You need to copy it to the SD card as the zipped file (Mac- little page with zipper on it), or stuffed/compressed (Windows- a cube looking icon).

    Maybe use a different browser to download.

    Use Stuffit to recompress all the files into one. Or Zipit to rezip it all into one.

  132. Anyone notice that the ability to download pictures with email is gone? I get email from Amazon for instance and there isn’t even the option to show the CD covers. Is there a global change you have to make?

  133. Thanks alos, olypdd, and everyone else who’s been helping all of us out. I downloaded a zip program, rezipped the file, changed the name, and retried everything. The update process got further than it did before, but now it’s saying “no signature” and stopping. Has anyone gotten this message and made it work after.

    I also just tried downloading and installing the file to my G1 from my brother’s Acer laptop. That time I got the (bad) error message. This is out of control.

    Thank you all again.

  134. *************************READ****************************
    I got G1 Update in the US VIA TMobile at 9:00pm EST…It here for the US WOOT!

  135. Another thing I did before the update. I purchased a new 8 GB SD card and formatted it FAT32 off the Windows partition of my dual boot Macintosh. Or you can use Macs disk utility. Then I put the zipped update file on that newly formatted sd card and the update went off without a hitch. I had read that some people were having trouble using the 1 GB SD card that came with their G1

    I’ll get a 16 GB sd later when I can find a class 4 or better.

  136. Yeah! Works great, virtual keyboard, new zoom, video recorder, etc… Thanks for the link and instructions! Also it’s worth noting, I didn’t loose any data or app in the process!

  137. autorotate? Not sure it works?

  138. I just got my OTA update for 1.5 (US) around 10pm here in LA.

  139. @charles go to Settings > Sounds & Display, you should be able to find the “Oriantation” to enable the automatic switch orientation, you can also find “Animation” option which makes those animations on switching between screens

  140. ok hi i manually downloaded cupcake and it worked, at first. then when i was having issues with dxtop i decided to restart my phone. now, it keeps getting stuck on the android screen and won’t start. i’m freaking out! what do I do? i’m about to factory reset my phone but i don’t really want to. HELP!

  141. ok i even reinstalled the 1.5 update just to see if it works, but so far over 4 minutes on the android screen and no change. every time it looks like it might load up the shimmering on the word android freezes, and then it starts to shimmer again. but that’s it. aaarggghhhhh!!!!!

  142. @ olypdd Oh yeah, that’s probably the problem; both my and my girlfriend’s phones still have the original 1 gig sd card.

    I’m just going to wait for the ota since it looks like people around me are (finally!) starting to get it. Thanks again.

  143. im having an issue with charging. it only displays that my phone is bein charged to like 72% no matter how long i keep it onthe charger. if i reboot the phone it shows 100% charge but i have to reboot every time i charge it to show 100%. anyone else having this issue?

  144. Hey i recently upgraded to the UK version once it became available for dwn ld…that worked fine..now i want to switch to the US version, i just dwn lded it to my g1 but i still have the other UK file stored on my sd as well…

    Can anyone tell me how do i know which version im running now that i updated???

    o im a US user

  145. ok well i factory resetted my phone, which i had hoped would also reset the firmware. it didn’t. DOH! but at least my phone seems to be working now. i’m just afraid to shut it off because i don’t want another problem starting it up. at one point i had the phone stuck on the android load screen for almost 10 minutes. will this be a recurring problem now that i have the new firmware? i’m still worried about my phone.

  146. i have a mac and went to the link and used my USB to download what had downloaded onto my mac onto my phone. i turned my phone off and saw no difference – no widgets, touch keyboard, etc.
    any suggestions about what i should do?

  147. bjones….you don’t say if you followed the procedure to instruct your phone to update off the file you transferred to you sd card. On a Mac, you have to rename the downloaded file to “update.zip”. The G1 system is designed to look for a file named “update.zip” to open. If it is named something else, or unzipped already, it won’t work.

    Then transfer it to your sd card, disconnect/eject the g1 from the mac, and follow the instructions above to restart the g1 and update. good luck.

  148. Hey Guys,

    Thanks to everyone for the directions. The video was also helpful. It’s done, I’m taking cupcake with me to bed. :) The upgrade went smooth, painless and quicker than expected. Cheers, thanks again!


  149. just to let everyone know… I am in the US Murfreesboro TN and I got the OTA update for cupcake today. (May 28th). Looks like the rollout has begun.

  150. I tried the procedure, but it didnt work. it said update aborted.
    I am currently trying again. Plus, my G1 only has like 32 MB of space left, and i cant figure out how to eliminate some of the excess MB. i think i downloaded the file too many times without renaming it. UGH so frustrating. any suggestions?

  151. I would use a new empty SD card formatted Fat 32. Then you’re cooking with gas.

  152. Thank you, and sorry to ask so many questions but what is Fat 32?

  153. It’s just the format option recommended. When you format it in Windows, or with Mac’s disk utility, you’ll formatting options. Use Fat32


  155. Do not update to cupcake! it suck, the features are great but your battery dies so mcuh faster than normally and it restarts alot on its own, the battery charge sucks and u have to reboot to make it fully charge and so many good features from the 1.1 build are missing. i reverted back to RC29 and back to RC33 after the update because the update just made my phone suck…idk if these problems are because its manually updated, but i sure hope tmobile is working on these problems for theyre rollout to other G1 owners. Is anyone else with the update having these problems? if you recieved the Update OTA from tmobile can you please tell me if therse problems are occuring for you?

  156. Geez–My wife gets her’s but I am still waiting!


  157. I manually updated and haven’t noticed the problems you did. I do see it behaving a little sluggish when returning to the home screen from the browser. The battery life doesn’t seem poor, but then I am using one of the larger batteries from Seidio.

  158. Did it,works great just wondering like others.Will I get future OTA updates,any clue?

  159. I have a question.. I manually updated to android 1.5 cupcake and its made my phone laggy so I just wanna go back to the rc33 version that I was on before and receive the update over the air is that possible??

    Btw I my phone is NOT rooted and I’m in the us and updated to that us version.

  160. I manually updated to the U.S version of 1.5 and I was wondering what do I do when I actually receive the OTA? I’m scared.

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