Samsung Galaxy: The i7500 Name Everywhere?


On April 27th, 2009 Samsung made the rumors official: the Samsung i7500 would be the company’s first Android Phone. At least… that MODEL would be the first, but the name? A few days ago we learned that the Samsung i7500 would be called the Samsung Galaxy in France. How about everywhere else in the world?


According to inside sources of PhoneArena, the Samsung i7500 will be called the Samsung Galaxy not only in France, but in the whole… um… galaxy. The i7500 has already passed through the FCC so, if these latest rumors are right, we can hope to see Samsung announce the American-bound Samsung Galaxy in the next couple months.

Galaxy sounds a lot better than the assumed “Samsung Houdini” codename and certainly beats the i7500 model number naming convention. Don’t you think?

PhoneArena also suggests that the Samsung S8000, which some hoped would run Android, will NOT run Android and instead will be a feature phone with proprietary OS. It will go by the name Samsung Jet.

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  1. Galaxy is a cool name, but I usually perfer model number naming conventions over silly names.

  2. Galaxy is a cool name… But I would trade a QWERTY keyboard for the name ^_^

    I seriously hope for it to come ASAP, so I can try it and know, whether I can afford to trade a keyboard and ball for 12mm thin mobile with better display, ledflash, significantly more memory and better batery-life.

  3. come on samsung, i had more hope in you releasing a more-sexy looking phone, however ill wait for your next android phone

  4. Hey… What more do you want… This one is just delightful… Kind of retro-looking, but still fantastic…

  5. they can call it poop 4 all i care
    as long as they release it gosh i cant wait
    will it be released in the middle east

  6. While I would have preferred a qwerty keyboard as a fold- or slide-out option, I find myself liking the design of this phone. Especially the [what appears to be] brushed-aluminum or leather hardware buttons.

  7. Honestly… Galaxy sounds hokey and cheesy to me. I think both i7500 and Houdini are better names.

    The i7500 sounds like a piece of technology. Being as nonspecific as a set of numbers has the advantage of not ever sounding dated.

    Houdini sounds mysterious and hard to put a finger on… Like that does amazing things that can’t be explained by the audience.

    Galaxy sounds like something from an 80’s saturday morning cartoon… Or worse, it sounds like some sort of failed Ford sedan.

  8. WOW Mobile is now distributing the Galaxy I7500 now. And they offer FREE phone service when you refer three people on to the same plan as yourself. Who wants free monthly phone service? And get paid to tell your friends about it!!!

  9. Oops… e-mail me for more info about WOW Mobile.

    [email protected]

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