May 22nd, 2009

Because of all the false alarms recently, I was hesitant to post this article so read it carefully before spreading rumors across the interwebz please. I’ve received message from numerous tipsters now that their phones are receiving Cupcake updates of some kind… both in the UK and US.

Here are some of the tips:

  • Craig writes in to tell us he has recieved Cupcake update in Daytona Beach, Florida.
  • Ben tells us, “I already run cupcake on T-mobile UK and just recieved an Update. when i clicked on more information it said ‘Security Update’.”
  • Another from a US Android who modded his phone to the 1.5 UK version: “So I manually updated my phone to the 1.5 the night the information was posted on this site ( which I love ) so my phones not rooted. And this morning at about 5:58am I received a info box asking if I want to install an update. Not sure what it did, everything seems to be the same.”
  • Another UK/US split: “Hi, a few days ago I installed the UK Cupcake to my US G1. This morning I received a system update over the air. Apparently the UK got a second update (and so did I in the US), probably some kind of patch for android 1.5”
  • A UK Android fan says, “I woke up this morning to see a new OTA update for my G1. I already had cupcake a couple of weeks ago (im in the UK)- but my phone now has build number of CRB43. No new features as far as I can tell…”

cupcakesUpon further inspection and analysis, it seems that Android owners in the UK running 1.5 are getting an OTA update that is a security patch and does not add any new features. Those in the USA who installed the UK 1.5 Cupcake on their phone are subsqequently SEEING the update occur on their phone because it THINKS it is a UK 1.5 Android. How exactly this is all possible, I’m not positive… and it is just a guess.

Craig writes back a few minutes later saying:

This is a reply to my earlier message, it seemed something odd happened. Well I updated my G1 manually to a UK 1.5 firmware not to long ago. And then this morning it said I had an update, so I thought it must have been the US version update, so I updated. I looked it over and I don’t know what happened. I don’t have the voice search and amazon mp3. From this, I’m guessing I was either given the US update and it didn’t work because of the UK update already being on it, made me reinstall the update, or something completely different. I’m quite confused and trying to find an answer at the moment. Hopefully you might be getting emails of people who got it as well to clear up the confusion.

Something is happening. Probably a 1.5 Security patch for the UK and USA Android owners who installed the UK 1.5 are receiving some collateral damage/advantage. If this is happening to you, leave a comment and lets try to straighten this thing out together!

Thanks for all the tips!

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