Cupcake Safety: Something Is Happening


Because of all the false alarms recently, I was hesitant to post this article so read it carefully before spreading rumors across the interwebz please. I’ve received message from numerous tipsters now that their phones are receiving Cupcake updates of some kind… both in the UK and US.

Here are some of the tips:

  • Craig writes in to tell us he has recieved Cupcake update in Daytona Beach, Florida.
  • Ben tells us, “I already run cupcake on T-mobile UK and just recieved an Update. when i clicked on more information it said ‘Security Update’.”
  • Another from a US Android who modded his phone to the 1.5 UK version: “So I manually updated my phone to the 1.5 the night the information was posted on this site ( which I love ) so my phones not rooted. And this morning at about 5:58am I received a info box asking if I want to install an update. Not sure what it did, everything seems to be the same.”
  • Another UK/US split: “Hi, a few days ago I installed the UK Cupcake to my US G1. This morning I received a system update over the air. Apparently the UK got a second update (and so did I in the US), probably some kind of patch for android 1.5”
  • A UK Android fan says, “I woke up this morning to see a new OTA update for my G1. I already had cupcake a couple of weeks ago (im in the UK)- but my phone now has build number of CRB43. No new features as far as I can tell…”

cupcakesUpon further inspection and analysis, it seems that Android owners in the UK running 1.5 are getting an OTA update that is a security patch and does not add any new features. Those in the USA who installed the UK 1.5 Cupcake on their phone are subsqequently SEEING the update occur on their phone because it THINKS it is a UK 1.5 Android. How exactly this is all possible, I’m not positive… and it is just a guess.

Craig writes back a few minutes later saying:

This is a reply to my earlier message, it seemed something odd happened. Well I updated my G1 manually to a UK 1.5 firmware not to long ago. And then this morning it said I had an update, so I thought it must have been the US version update, so I updated. I looked it over and I don’t know what happened. I don’t have the voice search and amazon mp3. From this, I’m guessing I was either given the US update and it didn’t work because of the UK update already being on it, made me reinstall the update, or something completely different. I’m quite confused and trying to find an answer at the moment. Hopefully you might be getting emails of people who got it as well to clear up the confusion.

Something is happening. Probably a 1.5 Security patch for the UK and USA Android owners who installed the UK 1.5 are receiving some collateral damage/advantage. If this is happening to you, leave a comment and lets try to straighten this thing out together!

Thanks for all the tips!

Rob Jackson
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  1. My favs won’t pop up & I’m trying 2 uninstall the uk version

  2. Yea, same thing with me.. I had UK update, and got a notice about an update this morning. I thought it was just a UK security patch since it didn’t add anything. However Engadget just posted that 1.5 is getting rolled up, and my phone setup version numbers seem to match their screenshot exactly:


    So my theory is that REAL U.S. 1.5 is also getting rolled out, but those of us who did the UK version aren’t going to get it automatically… We will need to wait until someone manually posts the file and install it in the same fashion as we did the first one. Until then, our phone are going to think they are in the UK and we wont get the US app’s back and continue to get UK patches..

  3. I’m tipster #4, :)

  4. I have the uk version of cupcake and I live in the u.s. Got this new update this morning and I still don’t have voice search or amazon. So maybe it was a uk update. or maybe because I have the the uk version on the phone, the u.s version couldn’t update. Dunno but my wife have a g1 phone also so ill just wait until she gets hers (no uk version on hers). If she doesn’t get hers then I’m giving up on the u.s version. And why do the uk get special treatment? I’m not no hater but DAMN what about the u.s?

  5. The same thing happened to me. I updated my G1 to the 1.5 cupcake and then this morning I woke up and it said there was an update. So I did it and I still have the UK version which doesn’t have Amazon MP3 but does have a “web n walk” which I assume is “T-Zones” for T-Mobile UK. Oh and I live in Utah

  6. Have 1.5 UK installed, currently going throuhg the update. Anyone have any idea how long it will take, once the US roll out starts to get a link up for us to go back to 1.5 US?

  7. Do we need to delete the Update.zip file after the update is finished for the manual UK install, or is it required that we keep it in our sd card. I just want to know if it will get in the way of when the US install file comes out. Oh, I got the update this morning too. Seems like some security stuff. But this was reported to be happenening a few days ago so I wasn’t surprised….besides, the file was like 4mbs or something and cupcake was 44mbs so I knew what to expect.

  8. I Live in the Netherlands, Have a Dutch G1 and am running Cupcake which I received via an OTA about 1,5 week ago.
    And today I received an update too. No idea what it changed. Everything seems the same…..

  9. I manually flashed to the UK version a couple days ago. I have been happily listening to mp3s via bluetooth for almost a week. Last night I got prompted for the OTA update. after it rebooted, I still did not get the im client or amazon mp3 back so I guess I am just getting the fix. I am eagerly waiting for the us version.

  10. Same thing for me: I’m in the US and installed Cupcake UK a few days ago. Got an OTA update this morning presented as a security update. All good AFAIK, and like most security update I know from other platforms, there is “nothing to see” because it’s all under the hood.

    Since I installed the UK Cupcake, I’m happy to see it being maintained the same way it would be in the UK!

  11. I received that update, too, this afternoon. According to the guy from androidandme.com it might be a kernel patch.

  12. I wonder if the security problem the UK version is having is the reason why US version is delayed. I bet US is trying to fix the problem before OTA.

  13. @Alex…no you don’t have to keep it on the sd card. the update is on the phone and it’s not required to keep it on the sd anymore.

  14. Same here, in the US and applied UK cupcake a few days ago. Last night around midnight I got an update but it didn’t seem to change anything except the “Build number” to CRB43. Can’t wait to update to US cupcake!

  15. Same in The Netherlands (EU): several readers informed me of a security update that changes the build number in CRB43. We got the cupcake about 2 weeks ago. No update for people who have the JF installed.

  16. Well, this explains why the U.S. version is on hold. Maybe you guys should “Thank” T-Mobile for beta testing it in mass numbers on the U.K. first! Makes you wonder though, is the security patch something we benefit from or a cool opportunity to exploit being patched from us.

  17. I am getting those reports too as this seems why T-Mobile delayed releasing it in the US.


    ,Michael Martin
    Google And Blog

  18. Just chimming in…

    I’m running the UK cupcake and got the update this morning as well.

  19. By the way I don’t think theres that much to figure out. The phones phone home looking for updates I’m sure. The probably look for different servers based on the particular version or report some information about themselves. However I really don’t see a reason the UK version matters. If the US version doesn’t have the patch when it ships it will get it when it phones home too unless this was something specific to the UK version.

  20. I did the update also and shortly after the lakers lost I got the update as well. I update and downloaded the uk version on wed. I saw nothing new. I need to know if. And when the us version is avail. Am I’m going to have to delete and redownload the us version or is it automatically going to do it. Please let me know. By the way what are all the new things or apps with the uk/us version. Besides the video,copy and paste and animationn when selecting apps. Please list them again. I tried showing someone who hasn’t yet received the 1.5 the new stuff and I was stuck at the aformentioned apps and new things. Please list. By the way phandriod is the best. If it wasn’t for phandroid I was going to sell my g1 for $50.

  21. US User: Tucson AZ

    Non-Root UK 1.5 Update on 5/20 @ 9:30pm
    Received Update 5/22 @ 5:45am


    No known new features

  22. Im running 1.5 in the UK. I got the update this lunchtime. All it said was it was a security update from google. But still version 1.5

  23. Portland, OR
    Yup, Wed (May 20) I received an OTA “security update” to my 1.5 firmware.
    Originally, I had rooted my phone to the JF “Dev” firmware. Then, if I remember correctly, late April, I received one of the first OTA 1.5 updates (and gladly updated). I have not noticed any systems changes or preference additions since the security update.

  24. My boyfriend and I are both US G1 users, and we both have the UK Cupcake installed. Both of us received this update a few moments ago, and no big changes.

    ALTHOUGH, it does seem that when scrolling through menus and such, my phone is much faster. Maybe I’m projecting, but it seems to be way faster for me.

  25. Yup yup, I live in Gilbert, AZ and I woke up this morning @ about 6:45 with a phone call from my girlfriend and when I looked at the screen it asked me if i wanted to update. I did the manual update a few days earlier. I thought it was US cupcake but nothing is different. I then thought that since i had manually put UK cupcake on my phone, the US update was not allowed to take over correctly. But then I came here and it might just be a UK security update to my phone? This is so weird, that they would send an OTA UK update to me because my phone has the UK update when im in USA. Pretty cool if thats the case. Does anyone know when the US cupcake comes out if I will even get it now since it thinks i have a UK phone?

  26. I’m using my G1 as a “mini-laptop”, meaning I don’t have phone service on it, I only use wifi. In fact, I don’t even have a SIM card in the phone.

    I manually updated to the UK cupcake a few days ago and then I woke up this morning to this new update… via wifi.


  27. Im in Venezuela and just manually installed the 1.5 UK version in a Tmobile G1/US phone, just after the phone reboot the security update appears and the phone was connected by wifi not mobile APN.

  28. I got that update this morning and it didn’t seem to do anything different to my g1. I’m in Tampa fl

  29. Just got the update. US with manual update of 1.5. One thing I also noticed was that when I updated the UK 1.5, the MyFaves application stopped working.

  30. Got it at 4:00AM sharp!
    People in Poland got it on their Era G1 phones as well, apparently it fixes polish fonts for Android keyboard on their handsets (apart from the security fix).

  31. I got the update last night. Nothing seemed to be affected , so I will wait for the U.S. version for manual update.

  32. I receive it too
    but I m french so … WTF is it for

  33. agree with pretty much everything stated.

    G1//usa//uk manual update//OTA update this morning//nothing appeared to have changed.

    Definitely NOT a USA cupcake OTA

  34. Jup, netherlands here i got the update at about noonish today.

  35. so how do u uninstall da UK CUPCAKE VERSION????

  36. same thing happened to me this mornin..i was super happy thinkin it was the U.S version..but i guess not..nothing happened..i guess it was just a security update…but yea im still waitin for the U.S version tho..hope its soon..BTW – i manually installed 1.5 on my G1 (U.K) no rooting ..just the update file..

  37. I did the UK update a few days ago and noticed this occurence as well. Is there any confirmation that the update was possibly the US version?

  38. same here!

  39. Anyone with the UK 1.5 on their G1 will (or have) received the security update. If you took a second to read the INFO button, you would have learned that it was a security update from Google.

    If you didn’t take the time to look at the INFO button that you were provided on your G1 at the update prompt, then consider yourself the usual below-average end-user of G1.

    They put an INFO button on the main update screen for a reason. Of course people don’t read it, then start whining that it didn’t give them another app or feature… Gimme gimme gimme… Whine whine whine…

    Wow a update?! Why are you guys making a BIG deal out of it. Is Tmobile suppose to call you and ask for permission to send it out to everyone?

    Does Microsoft ask for permission from YOU before they send out a new patch every week or so? Are you alarmed everytime you get a Windows Update? Stop being paranoid kiddies, everything will be OK.

    Be GLAD there are updates. We’ve waited forever for a Android OS update. People complain when they DON’T get an update, and people complain whey they DO get an update.

    Gimme gimme gimme… Whine whine whine…

  40. Guy’s your not going to get the US update running the UK firmware so you will have to manually update just for those who don’t know

  41. I live in Philly and I put the UK cupcake on my G1. Today, when I got home and turned WiFi on I got the security update and installed it. Took a few minutes. I wonder if I’ll have to do the same thing once I go to the US update.

  42. On the Tmobile forum, a g1 customer happened to be in a store and noticed the us version updating on a display unit. he did screen shots and all and seems legit….the build number on it contained an h which they say proves the us version update….can someone check it out and let us know what they think……..Hope its good news…..

  43. It’s just an update for the UK 1.5 update. Which I manually installed and then got this update also.
    So it can explain why the US update received a delay. They didn’t want to confuse people all of a sudden getting two updates. So when the Cupcake update rolls out over here, it will already have this Security Update.

  44. Store demos are receiving the update, ours has. It did not have th uk version, I will get pictures when I get back to the store in the morning.

    Rob Jackson, how do I get them to you? I will be taking them from my phone, so no upload. Need an email.

  45. I downloaded the uk version a few days ago and early am today got the update. I have noticed that since the reboot after install, I have been signed out of websites that should be “remembering” me. Just thought I would add that in there.

  46. Hm, it seems this may be a bad outcome. Nothing currently from my G1 has changed today at all. But, I’m guessing in due time something will happen. This security update does not sound like anything well to come to my T-Mobile G1.
    Preventions, errors, I’m taking things of the top of my
    mind. It seems they are not taking to kind to us updating our G1’s manually or rooting. Just rambling, but I’m
    guessing for sure we will find out as time passes. I’ll
    tell you what happens.

  47. Im tipster 5- how exciting :P

  48. I have the UK 1.5 update on my phone I live in the US I want to go back to the RC33 so I can recieve the US update can someone please give me directions on how to do this. my email is [email protected]

  49. Heres the link to the proposed US release info…..Tell us what you think(or know)……thanx


  50. If you Wanna Downgrade To RC33 Or 1.1 Or Whatever.. If You Want To Take Off Cupcake. Here Is The Link : http://forums.t-mobile.com/tmbl/board/message?board.id=AndroidDev&message.id=4342&query.id=15118#M4342
    Ive Already Done It It Works So There you Go Good Luck!!

  51. All you FAKERS. This is LETHAL with the REAL USA CUPCAKE UPDATE. BEHOLD: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sj9v7FVzA8c

  52. Hey does anyone know how I can get the update off our store demo so everyone else can get it?

  53. I’m in the UK, and the update screwed up my phone for about 16 hours as it said it was checking for SD card errors. When the check was finally done, it informed me my SD card is corrupted and I need to reformat it. Which means losing all info and apps on my phone. Not fun.

  54. Got the update yesterday on my UK cupcake (i’m in Sweden) over the “3” network. Noticed nothing different.


  55. I actually receive cupcake update a week and half ago and I’m in boston mass I like it the on screen keyboard is well responding video recorder is good as well

  56. Got the official OTA Update to 1.5 in Germany some time ago. And I got another security update this morning…I dont know what this is about though…

  57. The update u guys got was just a patch it didnt update anything other than the build number, i downloaded the uk to mine and my step dads phone then the nex day he got the update so i was thinking he got the official us update, but then im going through his phone and theres still no amazon or im so i looked at the build number and that was the only thing different between mine and his then a couple minutes later i recieved the update and checked my phone and the build number was CRB43 and after i recieved that my phones been running even better, so its just a patch nothing big to worry about

  58. This is the link to US cupcake update. It has voice search, amazon MP3 and the IM client, so it is the US version. I installed it yesterday and everything is running great, love the speed, seems a little faster and love the camcorder now.

  59. I’ve got a G1 on ERA (effecvtively T-mobile) in Poland and I received 1.5 Cupkace update about 3 weeks ago. I have also received this mysterious “Security update” last week. Accepted it as it was nagging every couple of hours. Installed and don’t see any obvious differences…

  60. if i use your update i do not have to root rite?

  61. well i have the us cupcake and it works fine :D

  62. to the retards from early may who are obvious noobs who read too much noob comments online, Why do you think you are going to get updates when you put a whole other countries setup on your phone? and then 99% of you say THE EXACT SAME POST AT LEAST 30 TIMES, FOR WHAT TO BRAG YOU UPDATED IT YOURSELF I AM GUESSING (no other reason) no one cares, and also no one cares youre missing voice search and other stuff you tools…wow, amazing! stupid kids with more time to waste doing pointless stuff….

    I just got the real 1.5 about 2 hours ago and its badass I must say..especially the browser with better options and more useful tools. Runs a bit smoother and looks more sexy.

    The only problem is I only put a few mp3s on my phone and now after the real cupcake 1.5 update It is reporting my sd card is corrupt in the top bar….wtf an update that corrupts my card? It wants me to format…wow uhhhhh…..what do I do with this problem? sigh…

  63. The UK Cupcake had Voice Recognition stripped out of it – the rumour mill says it is because of the UK operators asking for it to be removed, but I don’t know exactly why. So if any US users install the UK Cupcake they will lose at least that facility.

  64. just to confirm my g1 updated from g1 1.1 US to the real ota 1.5 cupcake.. it was about 32 megabytes and it started after I put my phone on the charger after it shut off @ 0%. When I got back about 4 hours later. I turned on the g1 and noticed my download and upload were going lit for 30 seconds and I hadnt done a thing and I only had 2g on. I thought it was a prog I got earlier so I deleted it…nope still download/uploading like mad….I looked at the update page in settings and there it was, about 50% done… its noooooice you guys, you UK suckers really messed up….hahhaa

  65. Hey what’s up I got cupcake update june 5 but last night I got a google update but it did nothing the number was crc1 an don’t know what’s going on any news let me know any one [email protected]. let me know thanks

  66. Anyone knows where to get this patch for my HTC Magic?

  67. THIS LOOKS TASTE!!! YUM IN MY TUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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