Will Sprint Phandroids Bail For The Palm Pre?


palm_preIf you’re an Android-loving Sprint customer, you’ve been waiting a LONG time to get the goods you deserve. Verizon and AT&T customers have been waiting just as long, but there is a difference: On June 6th, Sprint launches the Palm Pre.

In a few short weeks, Sprint customers can get the Palm Pre with an Everything Plan for $199 on a 2-Year contract after $100 rebate. In February, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse reassured customers that a Sprint Android Phone was on the way. But for tech hungry Android Fans on Sprint… has the wait gone on too long?

If you’re a Sprint customer, we want to hear from you. Do you plan on:

  • Bailing on Android, grabbing the Palm Pre on June 6th
  • Bailing on Sprint, grabbing an Android Phone on another network
  • Crying in a dark, solitary corner until your patience is rewarded
  • Other

I’m incredibly eager to see the results of this poll so I’ve disabled comments – head over to Android Forums to submit your vote and give your opinion!

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